5 Features of Academic Writing Style

5 Features of Academic Writing Style

So, what is academic writing? This form of writing is a formal process used in different educational institutions and scholarly publications. As a student, you’ll encounter it in articles, assignments, and books on academic topics. Where you’ll need to undertake research papers, essays, and dissertations in the right academic style for your discipline.

Generally, the academic writing style is a unique writing process with specific features of content, style, and structure. This is why Eduzaurus shares paper samples for free to assist students to meet the right requirement for essay samples. And help them get better grades by using their free service to share professional academic content for download.

Moreover, academic writing must show the writers’ expertise through defined intellectual boundaries of a particular discipline or subject matter. And to do this, the content must satisfy certain characteristics of academic writing. This review will show you 5 features every academic writer must fulfill. We’ll also share some great tips to complete your next school assignment with flying grades.

Features of Academic Writing Style

Most higher-level scholar research papers and writings require plain and detailed attention to the following crucial features;


A writer or researcher’s tone plays an important role in any academic assignment. And it refers to the overall attitude expressed throughout the paper. This makes it important to convey an appropriate narrative tone to clearly state your arguments or points fairly. As an author, you must be able to declare your point of view with well-researched content to confidently clarify your points with a neutral tone.


Especially when it comes to research papers, academic writings are sometimes difficult and complex. Therefore, the author must use irrefutable language. Making sure your language structuring is formal and precise is another criterion to completing a professional research paper. 

Also, avoid the use of generalized expressions like they, we, this person, or its likes. This gives the reader a false expression that is not precise enough for the reader to understand your points.

Academic Conventions

The importance of citing sources in the body chapter of any essay is a more basic feature of any academic writing. Since plagiarism-free content is very crucial to paper tasks, it is essential to always admit the sources of any point, data, and research findings. This will prove defense against any form of plagiarism implications.

The convention of academic writing stands as another important feature of writing because it allows the reader to verify your research. Some other convents include avoiding slang or colloquial language, avoiding wrong use of headings and subheadings, punctuations, and many more.


From the Merriam-Webster dictionary, diction simply means the clearness of a person’s speech. It also refers to the appropriate choice of words in different contexts of the paper. Any academic writing must contain clearly-stated words and how they relate to the particular topic or discipline.

So, writers must use concrete wordings to directly show the reader what any word or phrase is referring to in a context. Ensure your word choices are clear enough not to confuse the reader but share your points vividly on a particular subject.

Thoroughly-researched Evidence

Assignments sometimes require the author to share his perspective about a research problem. Especially for research papers, academic tasks are centered on making researchers tackle a subject problem and make a collection of ideas.

And to do this, the author needs to support his points with thoroughly researched evidence from relatable sources. Discover new ideas and validate these ideas by convincing your recipient to read and flow perfectly with your proposed points and solutions.

Tips For Students To Write In Academic Writing Style

Completing academic writing tasks battles many learners despite knowing their main goal. This is mainly because they have no one to guide them through the process. If you’re in this position, just think of this article as an older sibling as we’ll be sharing 5 great tips. Let’s go!

●       Apply formal vocabulary, verbs, and grammar structure to professionally share your viewpoints.

●       Provide clear and precise statements to give your paper the right validation.

●       Support your evidence and points by citing and making valid references.

●       Apply transition words to make your essay content fascinating to your reader.

●       Confidently write by using impersonal language like “There is” rather than “I think”


Academic writing is a formal writing style many educational institutions expect from scholars when assigning essay tasks or dissertations to them. If you read this article, you now know the 5 basic features of completing successful academic writing. Good luck!

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