Why Does My Nail Polish Bubble?

Why Does My Nail Polish Bubble?

You’ve put together the perfect manicure, but to your horror, the nail polish is ruined by air bubbles before you even had the chance to show it off.

Now, all your efforts are in vain. It is one of the most annoying things in the nail world. You must be wondering, why does my nail polish bubble?

And the worst part is unlike smudges or any other imperfection, there are not even quick fixes for trapped bubbles in your nail polish. 

Bubbles are bound to spoil your nails for that special evening or date night. All the hard work gets wasted and you even have to spend another hour to make nails right again. It’s a buzz kill. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what exactly causes nail polish bubbles and what can be done to prevent them?

This guide is all about nail polish bubbling and some ways to prevent it. So, keep on reading to enjoy the bubble-free nail polish.

What Causes Bubbles in Nail Polish?

Bubbles are seen in the nail polish because of air trapped between the layers of polish during the drying process. It’s frustrating as there’s no quick fix and you have to devote another hour to make your nails right.

But what causes bubbles in nail polish? There are many reasons for bubbles trapped inside your nail polish and some might even shock you. 

Nail polish can form air bubbles if it is too old, expired, or of cheap quality. Another reason is that you applied a fresh coat when your nails were wet or you applied the same coat many times.

Shaking, waving, or blowing on nails and holding them in front of a high-speed fan are also other reasons that cause air bubbles in the nail polish. Bubbles can also appear when you apply the topcoat without applying the base coat.

Some Reasons Why Bubbles Appear in My Nail Polish

Bubbles in the nail polish are irritating but happen to most of us when we make the following mistakes. Take a look at some reasons that cause nail polish bubbling.

Greasy or Unclean Nails

Before you start applying nail polish, you need to prepare your nails. Clean up your nails, cuticles, and side walls properly.

Dirty or greasy nails will not allow nail polish to sit and can result in bubbles.

Hot Temperature

Never apply nail polish in a hot or humid temperature setting. Also, do not apply nail polish if your body temperature is high.

Especially if you are applying wet nail polish, high temperatures can cause bubbles in nail polish.

Fan or Air Conditioning

If you dry up your nails under the high-speed fan or air conditioning, this environment could cause nail polish bubbles.

Therefore avoid applying or drying up your nail polish under a fan or strong wind.

Shaking of Nail Polish

Shaking the bottle of nail polish way too many times before applying it to the nails will let air bubbles in the nail polish. This will cause larger and visible bubbles on the nail surface.

Applying More Layers

Many people apply too many layers of nail polish. Applying too many layers gives more chance to the formulation of bubbles in the nail polish. 

Dripping the Brush into Bottle

Rapidly dripping the brush into the bottle means kneading the polish. It results in larger bubbles in the bottle which get transferred to your nails when you apply the nail polish.

How to Prevent Nail Polish Bubbling?

Always Start With Cleaning Your Nails

Your hand skin releases moisture and oil that mitigate to the nails, creating an acidic layer that can cause problems with the nail polish.

To avoid this, wash your hands properly with soapy water. After that rub white vinegar in your nail polish as vinegar can remove the oily residue. 

Prior to washing and cleaning your nails, wait for your nails to dry off completely. Once your nails are properly cleaned, avoid touching your hair or face. 

Apply a Clear Base Coat on Nails

Before you apply the color of your choice, it is important to apply the base coat to seal your nail’s natural oils.

This baselayer prevents il from spoiling your topcoat. Basecoat extends the life of your manicure and also prevents dark colors from staining your nail beds.

Alongside preventing bubbles, a base coat will give nail polish something to grip therefore you must always invest in some quality base coat. 

Use Only High-quality and New Nail Polish

You can’t expect an old or expired nail polish to give you a smooth finish. Therefore, test the nail polish beforehand to check the consistency. If the consistency of the nail polish is thick or sticky, either thin it out using a thinner or just throw it away.

If you’re satisfied with the nail polish, start applying it to your nails. Just make sure you apply only the thin layers. If there’s too much nail polish on the brush, it is definitely going to mess up. Lift the brush as little as possible and only apply the second layer once the first layer is dry out completely.

Avoid Shaking the Bottle

We all shake the bottle when we apply the nail polish. We all need to withstand the habit of shaking the bottle. Shaking the bottles creates too many bubbles that get transferred to the nails. If you have shaken a bottle, let it settle down for at least a day before applying it again. 

Store Your Nail Polish Carefully

If you want to prolong the life of your nail polish, you need to store it in a cool and dark place where the temperature is consistent. Always wipe off the neck of the bottle with a cotton swab before storing it away. 

Final Thoughts

These were some simple tips and tricks to avoid bubbles in your nail polish. However, if you find bubbles even after trying out these tips, maybe it’s time to toss the bottle out. 

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