Why Put Rubber Bands on Doorknobs

Why Put Rubber Bands on Doorknobs

We all have that one door in our homes or offices that constantly slams loudly. And that sudden slamming of the door often breaks the peace and tranquility. It can wake the sleeping child or interrupt your Zoom call. Even if you are used to it, sudden door slamming can still be annoying. Therefore, you should fix the problem as soon as it appears. 

Luckily, stopping a door from slamming isn’t an expensive or time-consuming job. There are some quick and cheap tricks to prevent the door from slamming just like putting up rubber banks on doorknobs. 

Yes, you heard that right. Just take a rubber band and wrap it around the doorknob to stop your door from making a loud sound when closing or opening. 

Stick around as we will tell you in detail how to prevent your door slamming with a rubber band and a few other tips and tricks.

Wrapping a Rubber Band on Door Knob. Does it Really Work?

The sound of a slamming door is loud and obnoxious. A trick to fix the problem: a simple rubber band.

Here’s what you need to do:

Wrap the rubber band around the doorknobs on both sides of the door twisting it in the middle, just make sure it doesn’t interfere with the latch. The band will create a bumper and prevent the door from hitting the frame.

This way you will be able to open and close the door with no noise. Any wide rubber band will do the work and you will be done within 2 minutes.

You can now let your babies sleep and attend your Zoom meetings with no interruptions. 

Why Put Rubber Bands on Door Knobs?

The trick is simple, the rubber band acts as a cushion and prevents the door from hitting the frame. When you wrap the rubber band in an ‘X’ shape over the doorknobs it prevents it from latching every time you are coming in and out of the door with your hands full of stuff.

When you open the door with rubber bands wrapped on its doorknobs, a simple rubber band will lessen the slamming noise. A rubber band can definitely make your work easy and convenient. 

What Are the Other Ways to Prevent a Door From Slamming loud?

Dampen the Noise with Felt Pads

Felt pads can be used for cushioning the blow of the door closing. Felt Pads prevent the door from making a loud noise when a door suddenly hits the frame. 

Felt Pads are generally used on furniture to prevent them from scratching the floor. Attach two of the pads a few inches above the handle, and attach the third piece to the inside of your door frame. 

The best part about Felt Pads is that they come with a self-adhesive surface so you can stick them easily on any surface. That way, your door won’t slam loudly. 

Self-Adhesive Bumper

Another way to protect the doorknob from hitting the wall when the door slams is by installing a self-adhesive bumper. A bumper is made up of rubber, plastic, or foam and can be attached to the wall where a doorknob hits.

The best part about the bumpers is they are very cheap and you can easily find them in any hardware store. They are mostly transparent, so you can even paint them if you like. 

Foam Strips

Another way to lessen the loud sound of a slamming door is by using foam strips. The foam will protect the door from slamming even when you close it forcibly.

Foam strips come in a variety of shapes and sizes and you can cut them as per your door frame. Pull out the few inches of the adhesive and place it directly on the door frame. Now, align the strips properly, and when the strip is properly positioned use your thumb to press it against the frame. 

This way, your door won’t make loud noise whether it slams shut from the strong breeze or you do it yourself. 

Install a Door Closer

If your door does not already have a closer, consider installing one as it will prevent your door from slamming badly. You won’t have any problem installing a door closer if you read the instructions carefully. 

If you’re considering installing a door closer, make sure you choose the steel or aluminum one as they both are more durable than the plastic one.

Replace the Door Hinges

The door hinges get damaged or worn out with time. And if they are damaged or installed incorrectly they can cause a door to slam shut loudly. Make sure the door hinges are straight. 

If the hinges are damaged, replace them with new ones. And if you notice that hinges are not screwed properly, tighten them using a screwdriver.

Sticky Gel Bumper

When a door opens with pressure, it can create a dent in the adjacent wall and the best way to protect the wall from the doorknob is by sticking the door bumper.

These bumpers are self-adhesive and transparent, you can stick them on the door edge or its frame. Gel bumpers will absorb the impact and reduce the sound.


A door slams for many reasons but when it slams loudly, it can really be very frustrating. One of the easiest ways to prevent a door from slamming is by taking a rubber band. Wrap it around the doorknobs while twisting in the middle. This will allow you to close or open the door without any sound. You can also try out some other alternate methods discussed in the guide to prevent the door from slamming loudly.

Do let us know which method worked best for you. You can also share some more methods to prevent the door from slamming loudly in the comment section. 

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