7 Steps to Pick the Best Diamond Jewelry for You

7 Steps to Pick the Best Diamond Jewelry for You

Precious gemstone jewels are especially coveted and desired especially with women. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but men too can appreciate these valuable gems when placed in an appropriate masculine setting. Use this jewelry specialist guide, consisting of 7 steps, to pick your favorite diamond jewelry

1. Fix a Budget

These gorgeous gemstones can be on the higher end of the price range for jewels. It is essential to fix a proper budget before embarking on a shopping excursion. Take some time to carefully research the different styles, settings and other gem characteristics. This will help to keep your budget honest and affordable. In addition, researching and sticking to your budget can help avoid impulse shopping, as these sparkly and high-end jewels are alluring in their beauty and timeless charm.

2. Choose Your Diamond Shape

The shape of these enchanting gems plays a huge role in the overall vibe and look that your ring or other jewelry piece will have. Some examples include round, considered the most popular shape and known for its brilliant sparkle effect, oval, often seen as unique and authentic, princess cut, largely appealing due to its romantic aura or a cushion cut which gives an elegant and vintage flair. A marquis or pear-shaped gemstone can also be magnificent.

3. Fix Your Carat Weight

The carat weight of these stunning gemstones helps to determine how large the stone will appear. Other factors also are involved in this jewel’s overall look and feel. Decide on your carat weight prior to buying, and remember that the cut of the gemstone, its shape, clarity and cut will all factor in the end result. Note that the higher the carat weight the higher the price. Also, the jewelry piece’s specific setting also needs to be carefully considered for best end results.

4. Choose Cut Quality

The cut quality of these and other precious gems play a huge part in how sparkly and attractive the jewelry piece will be overall. The cut quality is one of the most crucial characteristics that can add or take away from the beauty of each unique gemstone. Ideal and excellent cut quality are usually the better choice.

However, many jewelers and jewelry vendors do not follow a standardized cut quality. This too is an area that is critical to research ahead of time to help ensure that you get the best value for your beloved gem without sacrificing those enchantment details.

5. Determine Color Grade

Most jewelry enthusiasts desire a white color grade for these clearer gems, as this is considered the most beautiful choice. Many jewelers recommend going with a D or E gemstone to get that coveted white appearance others will envy. This option is going to be pricier. When carefully researched and considered, gems that range in the color grades of G to I are often white in visual appearance with a significantly lower cost.

6. Inspect Diamonds for Cleanliness

Another key factor in successfully selecting the right precious gemstone of this category is how clean the gem looks to the naked eye. A jeweler may be able to find small inclusions or other flaws when they examine these stones under a microscope, loupe or special magnifying glass. However, the average person will never spy those imperfections when they adoringly gaze upon your cherished jewelry piece without a magnifying lens.

7. Examine and Verify the Certificate

Expert and ethical jewelers will always have and display what is known as a gemstone grading certificate to assure customers that they are getting what they pay for in worth, quality, clarity, polish and other gemstone characteristics. Most gemstone experts on precious jewels strongly recommend only dealing with a reputable gem dealer for best results and satisfactory precious gemstone purchases.

Look for GIA certified gems and AGS certified loose stones to help you pick your best precious gemstone. There are other gemstone grading certificates, but these are not always fully reliable. HRD, IGI and EGL precious gemstone certification types, as it is known that these gemstone grading certificates can be extremely inconsistent in their descriptions.

Bottom Line

Customers interested in top-quality and gorgeous precious gems should follow the above 7 steps to find their perfect gemstone jewelry piece or loose gem that will best suit their personalities and jewelry preferences in design, size, shape, clarity, cut and color.

Do the research and compare different gems to increase chances of buyer satisfaction.

If it sounds like a lot to do, try locating a reputable jewelry store near you and let the professionals guide you through all of these steps.

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