Can You Play Steam Games On PS4? Changing Your Steam Gaming Device

Can You Play Steam Games On PS4? Changing Your Steam Gaming Device

Gaming has become a big part of many people’s lives in this age of modern technology. Even the classic games and consoles still have a sacred place in this world—This Website makes sure of that. While the NES and SNES are seldom seen these days, they have definitely paved the way for some of the most prolific names in gaming.

Steam technology is a fantastic platform for PC games, and PS4 is a console option. What if you could combine the features of Steam with those of PS4? 

Integrating the games from Steam with the superior graphics offered by PS4 would make for an amazing gaming experience. So let us get right into it and see if this is possible and how you can do it;

Can You Play Steam Games On PS4?

Yes, you can play steam games on PS4 if you have a Steam account and a fast, stable internet connection. 

The internet connection is vital for both downloading and playing steam games. You can buy Steam games on your PS4, and you would be able to play them like any other PS4 game.

How To Play Steam Games On PS4

You can play most of the Steam games on your PS4 to get a better mood than gaming on a PC. A PS4 can handle the graphics and quality so much better than a PC, especially if it is not a gaming PC.

Using a PS4 means that the rendering will be much better, and the screen will allow you to game for a longer time than a PC would. Here is a guide on how to get and run Steam games on PS4.

  1. Power on your PS4 and wait for the home screen to become visible, then scroll to the right and open the internet browser.
  2. Search for the Steam store on the browser and click on the link for it.
  3. Once you are on the Steam store homepage, log into your Steam account to purchase the game you want.
  4. After the login, you could pick any game you want and buy it. To buy a game, click on it, then in the next window, click on add to cart. A new window will come up, and here you can click on” Purchase for myself “
  5. In the next window, you will provide a payment method to buy the game, and when that is done and submitted, the download will start. Most of these games are as big as 15GB or more, so you need a fast internet connection to save on download time.
  6. Once the download is done, the game will be added to your library, and you can use it whenever you want to. This method will work for virtually all Steam games, and it has good quality graphics.

Having an unstable internet connection will cause lagging in any games you play, especially Steam games. 

Some good news for Xbox users, you can also stream Steam games on your console, and you will use one controller to play. 

Microsoft released a newly updated Wireless display app that allows streaming Steam games and other PC games directly on Xbox one.

This will allow you to use the Xbox controller and presentations as you play your Steam games. The app uses miracast to connect the PC and the Xbox console, enabling you to cast to the Console using the Windows key + p combo.

The problem with the app is that it does not support keyboard and mouse input for most games. Microsoft has been releasing games with keyboard and mouse support, but there are still many games you can’t use with this app unless you have a controller.

How to Use A PS4 Dual Shock Controller On Steam

PS4 has a controller that is one of the best on the market. You could want to take advantage of this and use their controller on Steam games. 

In recent years Steam has worked hard to make their platform more compatible with external controllers such as the PS4 dual shock controller.

To use a PS4 controller, you need a micro-USB cable to connect the controller to your computer. 

You need to know that not all games on Steam support the use of controllers. After configuration, you will see which games can play and which ones can’t.

Here is a guide on how to use your PS4 controller to navigate and play games on Steam;

  1. Connect your Controller to your computer using a micro-USB cable.
  2. Launch the Steam app on your computer. You will land on your home screen.
  3. Click view in the menu on the top left side of your home screen to get a drop-down menu.
  4. On the drop-down menu, click big picture mode. This will open a different mode on your computer.
  5. Click settings on the upper right corner of the screen.
  6. In the settings window, click controller settings.
  7. Click on the checkbox under PlayStation Configuration Support.
  8. There will be your PS4 controller on the list of detected controllers.
  9. Click onto the controller and then the register button in the next window.
  10. You could personalize the controller by changing the name, light color, brightness, and saturation, then click on the submit button. At this point, you can automatically use a PS4 controller to play any games that are configured for it.

How To Play Steam Games On Your Phone

You could use your phone or any other device to play Steam games for free. This would be useful for you when traveling or away from your computer, but you want to game. All you need is a Steam link which is free to download and use.

  1. Go to your mobile device’s app store, whether Android or IOS and download the steam link app. It has a blue icon with a controller on the inside.
  2. Install the app and launch it on your device. Tap on the blue ‘Get Started’ button.
  3. The following window will ask you to pair a controller. You could use the touch screen controls, but an external controller is a much better option.
  4. After the controller is connected, you would need to connect the computer. Launch Steam on your PC, then go to steam on the top right corner, then go to settings. 
  5. Under settings, go to remote play and click on the checkbox to enable remote play. While doing this, ensure that your mobile device is on the same network as your PC.
  6. Once you have enabled remote play, you will see an option on your mobile device to connect to your computer. You might need to rescan or go to another computer and enter a four-digit code to get the right computer.
  7. Click on your PC on the mobile device, and it will show you a 4-digit pin.
  8. Go back to your PC and launch Steam; you will be provided with a window to authorize the device by entering the PIN provided on your phone.
  9. The mobile device will then test your network. How well the Steam link app works depends on the Internet speed. Having a strong connection will make everything a lot smoother.
  10. Once the network test is complete on your phone, tap on ok, and a new window will pop up. It will show your PC, controller, and an internet connection, all with a green button with a tick.
  11. If you go back to your PC under Stem settings, you should see that your mobile device is paired. If you want to remove a device, click on “Unpair devices” on your PC, and it will disconnect the mobile device.
  12. To start playing your game, go back to your phone and click on the big blue button. You will then go through the controller settings then click continue.
  13. You need to have both the PC and mobile device running Steam simultaneously to work since the phone mirrors what happens on the PC.
  14. You can use the controller to navigate your library and select the game you want to play, and it will load it as it would on a PC if you did everything right.


You can play steam games on your PS4 to get the graphics and mood offered by a larger screen and the controller. 

All you need to do is log into your Steam account and buy the game. Playing on a PS4 will be more fun than using a PC with a smaller screen and more inferior graphics.

You could also use a PS4 controller on your steam games if you want to. All you need is to have the controller and a micro-USB cable to connect the controller to your PC. 

Some steam games will not work with the controller. You could also pair your PC to a mobile device and use steam remotely. 

The phone will mirror whatever is on the PC, so you need to ensure that Steam runs on both devices. The Seam link app is available for both android and IOS devices.

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