enables you to extract textual data from images- Work procedure enables you to extract textual data from images- Work procedure

There was no such way to extract textual data from images, but today things have become much more advanced and easy because of modern tech and tools. Today, you have access to hundreds of tools and software programs that can help you extract data from images. Not all of them are free and easy to use, which is why we have discussed the best one for you in this post.

SmallSEOTools is the home to hundreds of digital tools that serve multiple purposes. One of the top-rated tools offered by this platform is the image to text converter. If you want to scan an image and get a text from it, you certainly need to try this converter. Below we have reviewed this tool in somewhat detail.

Image to Text converter by SmallSEOTools

The image to text converter by smallseotools is an easy to use tool. This tool is based online, so you need a browser and a solid web connection to utilize it. The picture to text converter uses AI, OCR, and other advanced algorithms to recognize and extract images’ text. 

This free online image to text converter can easily translate text on an image into electronically designated characters. You had to type down text from an image in the past manually. Still, today you don’t have to worry about putting manual efforts as you can make the extraction digitally and save text into word format without any effort. 

This tool is quite handy and can cater to all image formats. If you want to extract text from images and know how this tool works, you can read the next section to understand the working procedure. 

Working steps of the image to text converter!

As we have told you before, the working of the converter is quite straightforward. Even an inexperienced person can utilize this tool without any hassle. Here we have listed the steps that you have to follow to convert your images to text:

  • First of all, open this OCR online tool on your browser. You can easily find it on the main interface of the website.
  • Once you open the tool, you will see an upload box in the tool. In this box, you can enter image files. 
  • You have to enter the image file or enter the image path in the tool. The tool also allows you to add images from your local gallery, Dropbox, and Google drive.
  • After inserting the input data into the tool, you must click on the ‘convert’ button. The tool would take a few seconds to analyze the image’s contents and convert them all into textual form.
  • You can download the extracted text in word or textual format. You can save the document files for free.
  • The tool also allows you to check the extracted text for grammatical mistakes before saving it.

In four to five simple steps, you can accurately extract text from all images. 

How does OCR work?

If you want to know how the tool converts the image file to text, you need to know that the image to text converter uses OCR technology. The optical character recognition technology allows the tool to scrutinize a picture and analyze all its text. It doesn’t matter whether the text on the image is –printed, handwritten, or typed; the tool can understand it quite easily. 

OCR is an error-free technology that scans all image contents and converts them into binary codes. Each visual of textual data has a set binary value according to which the extraction is made. After the code is generated, the OCR tool changes it into text and presents your results. 

Key Features of the picture to text converter 

Here we have discussed some of the notable features of this converter that makes it a better choice than other tools in this league.

Free to use

The picture to text converter is free to use. You don’t have to spend a penny extracting text from images. This is one of the only reliable and free tools you can use for text extraction.

Multiple language support

Another key feature of this tool is that it works in different languages. Know that this converter tool works in dozens of different languages. So you can convert text other than in the English language with this tool.

Uses AI and OCR

You can find hundreds of image-to-text converter tools on the web, but not all can provide accurate results. The tool uses AI and OCR, making its results more than 95% accurate!

No restrictions 

You don’t have to worry about any restrictions while using this tool. With this tool, you can convert thousands of images to text without any trouble!

There are many more features of this tool that you can enjoy once you start using it!

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