Does Amazon Deliver To PO Boxes? A Must-Read For Online Shoppers 

Does Amazon Deliver To PO Boxes? A Must-Read For Online Shoppers 

If you’re among those asking, “Does Amazon deliver to PO Boxes?” This article is for you. Consumer Intelligence Research Partners’ estimate shows that Amazon has a whopping 147 million prime members in the United States. And there are 200 million prime members worldwide. 

What does that tell you? Amazon is now the biggest online retailer worldwide. And their modus operandi contributed to this greatly. 

Amazon offers diverse delivery options to customers. The company also puts its customers first, a practice that endears them to online shoppers. 

Amazon also offers diverse shipping options to customers. Their goal is to provide convenience and ensure customer satisfaction.  

Now, let’s go back to the question. 

Does Amazon deliver to PO boxes? 

Yes, the company does. But how you fill out your address will determine if you’ll get your parcel to your PO Box or not. 

So, if you want your package sent to your box, let your PO Box be on your shipping address 1 line field. 

That is, let your sole shipping address be your PO Box. This tells Amazon that you would prefer them to send your package via USPS to your box.   

So, that’s the answer to the question. But there’s more you need to know. Continue reading. 

Can Amazon Deliver All Packages To PO Box?

Firstly, Amazon does ship to PO Boxes. Just provide the PO Box in the shipping address, and Amazon would do the needful. 

However, you may be concerned that your package is too big for your PO Box. Anyone in your shoes ought to be. 

Now, here’s the thing. You do not need to be worried. If your package is too large to contain your PO Box, post offices have a way of handling it. 

Firstly, you’ll receive a notification in your PO Box stating that your package was delivered but was too big for your PO Box. 

You’ll be notified to pick up the item in the post office at the counter. You’ll have 15 days to pick up your item. 

The first thing that post offices do to a larger parcel that doesn’t fit into a box is to place it in a parcel locker and leave the key to the locker in the owner’s box. 

If the parcel appears to be larger than the biggest locker, you’ll be asked to claim it at the counter. 

Another reason a post office may choose to leave a notice in your PO Box instead of the actual parcel is when the item requests a signature upon delivery. 

A Handy Tip: Private carriers or shipping companies such as FedEx, DHL, and UPS don’t deliver parcels or place mails in a PO Box. So, please don’t make the mistake of approaching any of them.

Only USPS (United States Postal Service) can deliver parcels or mails to a PO Box. They consider the PO Box as a physical address. 

Unfortunately, FedEx, DHL, and UPS require physical location and don’t consider PO Box as such. 

How To Use PO Box As Your Shipping Address On Amazon

If you’re eager to get your parcel delivered to your PO Box, you have to fill in your shipping address in the right way. 

Amazon is one of the most organized e-commerce stores on the planet. And that you’ll figure out when you visit the store online to make a purchase. 

Amazon will inform you if an item can be sent via PO Box or not. You’ll find a pop-up on your screen containing this information before you make a purchase. 

Here’s how to fill in your shipping address to let Amazon know you want the item delivered to your PO Box. 

Step#1: Access your Amazon account:

You must be a member or own an account to buy items from Amazon. So, let’s assume you already have an account with the company. 

If you don’t, there’s no problem. You can visit the platform to sign up. The process takes a few minutes. And remember to use a valid or active email address. It’s better to use one you have access to or can remember its login details. 

Once you have logged into your Amazon account, progress to the next stage. 

Step#2: Head to checkout:

Well, this is very straightforward. Firstly, go to the option “Your Amazon cart” located at the top right-hand corner. Then hit the “Proceed to checkout” icon. 

Now, you’re done with this stage. Proceed to the next step.

Step#3: Fix your shipping address:

Your PO Box should be in the Address line 1 field. Make the changes on checkout.  

What about Address line 2? Don’t bother about this. In other words, don’t add any address on this line. 

If you do, Amazon might skip your request to deliver to your PO Box and choose the line 2 address by default. You don’t want that. 

So that’s it. You have instructed Amazon to deliver your parcel to your PO Box, and they will do just that. 

Shipping From Amazon To PO Box: Pros And Cons

Whether you are buying the product for personal use or reselling, you need to decide how you want Amazon to ship your item, considering shipping cost. 

However, most persons prefer delivering items to their PO Boxes because of the benefits. But let’s not forget PO Box also boast diverse cons. 

So, before taking the final decision, it’s best to weigh up the pros and cons of PO Box delivery options. Let’s run through them quickly. 

The Pros:

Faster delivery: The U.S Post office hosts PO Boxes. Therefore, delivery would be much faster for direct mail and packages.

The reason is that USPS personnel don’t have to travel hundreds of miles to an office or residence to make a delivery. 

Steady address:  Even if you’re someone that changes location a lot, you’ll have a steady address, thanks to owning a PO Box. 

This means you won’t miss any important mail, whether it’s from the government, an institution, or a potential employer.

Easy access to mails: One advantage of owning a PO Box is that you can access your mail anytime in most locations. They operate 24 hours a day. 

Notification: If you’re using premium PO Box services, you’ll be getting notifications whenever your parcel arrives at the post office. 

Easy to manage: Technological advancement has made it possible for users to manage their PO Boxes online. And you can perform that from your home. 

Better security: If you’re looking for the most secure place to send shipments, PO Box is a wise choice. The PO Boxes are located in the post office, which is usually under tight surveillance. 

Access to the box is also via key or a combination lock. So, rest assured that your item would remain safe in your box until you arrive to claim it. 

Your personal information and home address are also protected from the public.

Great for independent business owners: If you’re a business owner that doesn’t fancy using a home address as a business address, PO Box is a wise choice for you. 

It will not only keep your mails secured, but it’s much more affordable to maintain. 

The Cons:

Limited shipment options: Only USPS can deliver mail to PO Box. DHL, FedEx, and UPS can’t. 

Size limitation: There’s a limit to what you can store in your box, owing to its size. USPS will also set your item aside if it doesn’t contain your PO Box. 

Age restriction: All individuals must be over 18 years to own a PO Box. 

Raises doubt in sellers’ minds: Imagine asking a seller to ship a T-shirt to your PO Box address. Being private is great, but most sellers might take it the wrong way. They might see you as a fraud. 

With the increased rate of fraudulent activities in the e-commerce space, consumers or buyers are now more than ever eager to check every detail before approving a deal with a seller. 

The lack of a physical address in your contact information would send a signal that you’re a scammer. Most buyers won’t care to find out if it’s a PO Box address. Some don’t even know a PO Box address is your preferred choice. 


Does Amazon deliver to PO Boxes? That’s the question. And the answer is yes. However, know that not all carriers ship to PO Boxes. Shipping companies like DHL, FedEx, and UPS require a physical address. PO Box isn’t a physical address. 

USPS happens to be the only company that ships to PO Boxes. It treats the PO Box as a physical address. So, if you’re looking to ship items to a PO Box, understand that you have limited options. 

Finally, we also discussed how you could cause Amazon to choose your PO Box by default, including the pros and cons of using PO Boxes. 

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