Why Computer Is Important? Can You Live Without It?

Why Computer Is Important? Can You Live Without It?

We are now living in an era where technology has an important role in our life. And among all of the wonders of modern technology, the computer is one of them. It is considered to be a device that can make our lives so much easier. However, how does it make our lives easier? Can you live your life without it?

Well, alongside describing why computer is important, we are going to focus on answering the questions that we have pointed out above. So, hopefully, after going through the entire article, your idea regarding computers and what they can bring to the table will be as clear as water.

Computers And Its Presence

Before we get into the importance of computers, allow us to give you a brief idea regarding their presence. First of all, you are reading this article through a phone or a digital device.  But did you know that this device is also a computer? Well, if you did not, let us elaborate on what makes something a computer.

From the definition, any electronic device with the processing power to process and handle data is called a computer. And the device that you are using to read this specific line has the processing power to process the data that is shown here, which is why it is on the screen in the first place.

Aside from just processing data, computers can store data as well. You are most like viewing this page from a browser. And do you know where the browser is stored? In the hard disk or the storage chip. But how did it get there? Well, it went there through your instructions and for the ability of the device to store data.

That being said, the browser is not the only thing that is stored on your device. It might also contain other applications, files, and documents. All of them went to a specific location for the instruction that you gave.

On that note, we are also trying to express that the computers do not run on their own. They rely on the instructions give to them. And those instructions can be from the user or from the developer of the application.

Other than that, the device is not the only computer that is around you. The television itself is a computer as well, at least, according to the definition. So, if we consider the actual definition, even the microwave and other electronic devices in your home are also a computer!

Why Are Computers Important?

There are plenty of reasons why computers are important in our life. And we are going to go through the most crucial ones in this segment.

Currency Management and Banking System

It goes without saying that currency management is one of the things that most o nations focus on. The ability to keep track of money and where it is going are something that the government has to do. But how does one actually keep track of money? Well, the banks and their systems come into play in this act.

The banks will keep a record of all the money that people are transacting through their system. And as most of the transfers and transactions are through banks, the record of one’s money can be easily kept through banks. 

However, whenever you go to a bank, do you see someone having a desk full of record books? No, right? Well, that is because it is not necessary to write each of the transfers into papers manually. It would be impossible, too. Instead, what they rely on are computers. And as you know, computers can store data.

The computers in banks are also responsible for doing different calculations. And they eventually provide the speed and the convenience required to keep the bank functioning normally.


Through computers, it has become quite easy to communicate. Whether you are trying to communicate to someone who is thousands of miles away or few kilometers away, there is really no need to send a letter anymore. 

All you need to do is connect to the internet and make sure that the other person is connected. Once that connection is established, you can call, text, or send an email through different mediums.

On that note, you might have already heard this, but the internet has made the entire earth a global village. That means each of the people living under the same sun has the ability to connect to one another. And all of this became possible for computers and the advancement of their technologies.

Due to the wonders of computers, there is really no need to wait for days or weeks just to convey a message to someone. It can be done within an instant. And that is what made us highly efficient and progress at a rapid speed.

Research and Education

Thanks to computers and people using them on a regular basis, everything can be found on the internet. And due to everything is easily accessible, there is really no need to go through the hassles of collecting pages and writings of other persons just to gain knowledge about something.

Instead, all it takes is one search, and you will find yourself having access to thousands of lines of words regarding any topic you can ever think of. For that reason, progress regarding research of anything can now be made at a rapid speed. Those would take thousands of years without computers.

However, research is not the only thing that has been made easier with computers. The education sector has seen a massive improvement due to computers. Nowadays, classes can be conducted through computers. In fact, the presence of online educational institutions is now possible due to computers.

Alongside that, just like the things regarding research, physical books are not really a requirement at this age. There are E-copies readily available. Also, there is a lower chance of these copies of books getting destroyed. And those are making a great impact in saving the forest!

Media And Entertainment

All the things that you see on televisions and on the internet have been made possible due to computers. Without them, capturing and combining the audio and the video would not be possible. Also, without the software, it would be impossible to present them properly on the screens as well,

Additionally, thanks to the whole world using computers, there are plenty of entertainment sources available. And as most of the people are using it in the right way, most of the entertainment sources are educational as well.

Medical Sectors

Thanks to the advancement of computers, the medical sector has seen massive growth throughout the past years. Now, research regarding anything can be done pretty easily. Also, computers are aiding in terms of diagnosing different types of diseases.

In addition to that, doctors can now properly study the organs and their actions all because of computers. Also, computers play an important role in terms of surgeries and other critical medical activities.


Booking tickets by going to the ticket station is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Now, the ticket booth sees less traffic, and the person working there has to handle less pressure. But how did we get into this stage? Well, for computers!

Due to the connection that the computers can make, it is now possible to easily reserve seats and keep a record of the reservations. Also, calculating and processing the seats that are vacant can be done within seconds. Doing that manually definitely took hours back in the past.


Because of how the technologies regarding computers are evolving, there are new forms of sports available. You might not know this but e-sports are now a big thing. And e-sports events usually have millions of prize pools, and people from all over the world enjoy watching them.

Other than just e-sports, computers have made an impact in regular or physical sports as well. For their wonders, it is possible to simulate things and conclude in terms of making different decisions related to sports.

Additionally, for computers, it is now easier to predict weather conditions. This allows the management team of physical sports to ensure that the field will be adequate for playing.

Daily Life

As we have mentioned, computer devices are all around us. In fact, many of us can not imagine living a day of our life without using microwaves, washing machines, and other electronic devices. They have made our life much easier, and it has made doing different tasks feel effortless.

Final Words

As you can see, we have come to a point where we are highly dependent on computers and looking at why computer is important; it can be said that it will not be possible to live our lives without computers. Even if tried hard to get rid of them, you will find yourself going back to them for the conveniences they offer.

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