5 Smart Ideas You Can Consider for Your Yarn Storage

5 Smart Ideas You Can Consider for Your Yarn Storage

Hobbies started to arise during this pandemic period. One of the most popular hobbies that brought out creativity in the life of people during this pandemic period is knitting or crocheting. You will be surprised to know that a whole bunch of people purchased needles, different colors of yarns, and hooks to ease the boredom during this pandemic period. Crocheting was pretty famous in the past, but this time when everyone was in quarantine, crocheting was back to modern life.

In this article, you will be specified with yarn storage ideas. Not only because you have yarn storage after use, but your workplace or room will look a lot better and will be more comfortable to work on. Apart from providing you with some yarn storage organizers, included in this article are some of the reasons why you should get one.

Some Ideas for Your Yarn Storage Organizer

If you are so into crocheting and knitting, you know excellently that your beautiful end product is equal to a tangled, messy workplace because of the messy threads. It is not going to be easy. It is a handful of work if you are going to place it anywhere. So here are five yarn storage you can choose from. 

Knitting Bag/Yarn Organizer by Looen

This yarn organizer is a perfect gift for crochet lovers who usually travel a lot and even to one who doesn’t, of course, because it is lightweight and very handy. This large-sized knitting bag is very useful because it has three keyholes to prevent your yarn from knotting. 

It also has a separate pocket for your needles, hooks, scissors, and other knitting supplies. Plus, it’s so classy because of its design, quality, and appearance, so this will add up to your creative personality.

Thread Storage with Hanging Hook by Mooace

If you love seeing them as organized and neat as possible, this creation of Mooace will fit you. You have two options for this thread or yarn holder: you can mount or install it on your wall, where you can save some space. Or, you can simply let it stand on your working table. 

You are assured of its durability and sturdiness because it is made out of beech wood. And if you have a lot of yarn and thread already, this is a perfect choice for you. It has 60 bobbins or spools that can hold your thread spools and it can allow you to see your color of choice easily.

3-Tier Utility Rolling Yarn Storage Organizer by Asoopher

Yes, you read it right. This yarn storage organizer is perfect for crochet addicts. You can now bring your crochet supplies to the bedroom, in the living room, or the work area because you can simply wheel this around.

It has 3-tiers, so you can place a lot of your crochet supplies here, yarns, threads, needles, scissors, and other stuff because it has a lot of room. It is multifunctional as you can not only use it as storage for your yarns but also storage for everything like books or toiletries. 

One of the highlights of this yarn organizer is the hollow-shaped to encourage airflow and prevent spoiled odor when being used as storage for vegetables and fruits. In addition, it comes with a user manual and tools that allow you to easily assemble this rolling storage organizer without any professional help.

Craft and Yarn Organizer by Innovative Home Creations

From the name of its manufacturer, Innovative Home Creations, this craft and yarn organizer is very innovative because of its classic design and the number of storage it has. You can put this inside your closet because it doesn’t occupy too much space. 

It has six storage spaces for your yarns supplies which you can organize separately and also side pockets where you can store your needles and pins safely. You can organize them by color to make it easier for you when you start your design of choice.

Latching Lidded Storage Organizer Tote by Iris USA

Clear, clean, and classic as you can describe it. Use this as a yarn storage organizer as you can easily see your crochet supplies. You can organize them separately; have a bin for the threads, the yarn, the needles, and other supplies. Plus, it has a stackable design that allows you to maximize your space. Also, it will save you time in looking for things that you needed because it is in clear storage. The USA crafted it with the assurance of its stability and durability because of its durable and anti-break polypropylene material.

In addition to these, environmental-friendly certified by Green Circle with airtight features. Its plastic is BPA Free, making it an advantage as you can also use it to store food if in case you will no longer be needing one of these containers as your yarn organizer.

Why Should You Use Organizers to Store Your Yarns/Threads?

One of the very reasons why you are getting one is to avoid wastage because whenever your yarns are locked due to so many knots. And then you get so impatient and started to think of throwing them away. Also, when yarns or threads are exposed to sunlight or too much heat from the sun, the fiber usually loses its luster, and the quality of color becomes poor as it can fade instantly. 

Moreover, you must get your self-storage for your yarns because if not stored appropriately, moths may lay eggs on your beloved yarn supplies as it attracts as a ground where they can multiply.


Getting yourself yarn storage would help you organize your yarn supplies after each use. Putting your yarn supplies in order means that you get to find them immediately when needed and as organized as you can. Feel free to browse other designs of yarn storage on Storage.com. So feel free to choose based on your preferred personality, taste, and workplace.

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