Lebron vs. Jordan – Who is the Better NBA Player?

Lebron vs. Jordan – Who is the Better NBA Player?

History of LeBron James and Michael Jordan

Since LeBron James was named The Chosen One there has been much discussion about whether he can surpass Michael Jordan as the greatest player of all time. LeBron grew to idolize MJ. LeBron modeled after him and wore his shoes. He also studied his play style. He even wore the number 23 after he joined the league.

LeBron was recently in the eighth consecutive NBA Finals series. He now has a record of 4-6 after he has already won ten. As we all know Jordan has six rings in six appearances. The rings argument often puts MJ ahead LeBron when it comes to deciding who is the GOAT. Rings shouldn’t be that heavy. Bill Russell, who won 11 titles in his 13-year playing career, would have been the greatest ever player if they did.

Because of the influence one player can have on the game, it is important to know who is the GOAT of basketball. Basketball teams can be changed entirely by one player, unlike football which has 53 players. To end the debate about who is the greatest, we need to examine the key factors that determine who the greatest.

LeBron Sports Illustrated Magazine Cover

Jordan and James Career Awards

LeBron JamesMichael JordanAdvantage
Future Hall of FamerHall of FamerEqual
4x NBA Champion (4-6 Finals Record)6x NBA Champion (6-0 Finals RecordJordan
4x NBA Final MVP6x NBA Finals MVPJordan
4x MVPMVP 5xJordan
17x All Star14x All StarJames
17x All NBA Team11x All NBA TeamJames
6x All Defensive player9x All Defensive player (87-88 Defensive Players of the Year).Jordan
03-04 Rookies of the Year84-85 Rookies of the YearEqual

Michael Jordan Trophies

Why Michael Jordan is the GOAT

Jordan currently holds the lead in all accolades except Rookie of Year, All-Star appearances and All-NBA Team. LeBron has a better Finals record and he has two more rings. He has also been awarded three additional All-Defense selections as well as one MVP award. James has never been able to achieve the Defensive Player Of The Year award. LeBron still has a long way to go but his dominance in acquiring his fourth ring has brought him closer to his goal of six rings or more.

LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan Stats

PlayerPoints per GameRebounds per GameAssists per GameField Goal PercentagePercentage of three-point field goalsNo Charge Throw PercentagePlayer Efficiency RatingSteals Per GameBlocks per GameTurnovers per Game
LeBron James27.17.47.450.434.573.427.
Michael Jordan30.16.25.349.732.783.527.

LeBron James vs Michael Jordan Finals Stats

PlayerRecordPoints per GameRebounds per GameAssists per GameField Goal PercentagePercentage of three-point field goalsNo Charge Throw PercentageSteals Per GameBlocks per GameTurnovers per Game
LeBron James4-628.410.27.848.435.
Michael Jordan6-

Why King James is the GOAT

Statistics for LeBron James show that he is an overall better basketball player. Jordan was better overall but LeBron scored higher. LeBron, however, is more efficient and shoots better from the two- and three-point line. LeBron is also an excellent rebounder and passer than Jordan. MJ’s free throw percentage is much higher than Jordan’s, which helps boost the points per game statistic. They are nearly equal in efficiency ratings. Michael is first in NBA history and LeBron is second. Michael had more steals per match, while LeBron was second. However, both are dead in blocks per match. LeBron also turned the ball over more often per game. These career stats prove that King James can excel in every aspect of the game.

LeBron’s shooting efficiency is slightly reduced in the Finals. He is even at two-point field goal percentage. However, he excels in rebounding and passing, surpassing Jordan by a significant margin. Jordan has a disadvantage defensively as LeBron leads in blocks and almost equals him in steals. Jordan won more games, and has an overall better record in the Finals. LeBron is a better performer than Jordan on an individual level in both their regular-season career and the Finals.

Jordan LeBron Game Winners

Which was more clutch: LeBron or Jordan

Being able to make the big shots for your team is one of the most important aspects of basketball. You must be able to win games with your teammates and be the alpha male. Jordan is a legend for being one the most clutch players of all time. LeBron on the other side has been criticized throughout his career for not being as “clutch” as MJ and Kobe. I compiled all LeBron’s playoff statistics, and compared them to games in the elimination round as well as games where they could eliminate their rivals. These are the results:

Statistics on LeBron and Jordan Clutch

Field Goal %Free ThrowTotal ReboundsTotal AssistsTotal StealsTotal BlocksTurnoversPointsWin/Loss
Michael Jordan Career49.7%83.5%
Jordan Eliminating Opponents40.7% (-9%)84.6% (+1.1%)4.8 (-1.4)3.2 (-2.1)1.5 (-.8).2 (-.6)1.9 (-.8)29.8 (-.3)30-10
Jordan Facing Elimination48.1% (-1.6%)77.8% (-5.7%)7.9 (+1.7)7 (+1.7)1.6 (-.7)1.3 (+.5)4.2 (+1.5)32.8 (+2.7)5-7
LeBron Jam Career50.4%73.4%
LeBron Eliminating Opponents47.5% (-2.9%)73.2% (-.2%)9.1 (+1.7)7 (-.4)1.7 (+.1)1 (+.2)3.528.4 (+1.2)36-11
LeBron Facing Elimination53.9% (+3.5%)66% (-7.4%)13 (+5.6)9 (+1.6)2.4 (+.8)1.8 (+1)2.2 (-1.3)36.4 (+9.2)14-10

LeBron is more klutch than Jordan

Statistics show that LeBron is far more dominant in the clutch than Jordan. Jordan won 75% of his chances to defeat an opponent when he was faced with a 30-10 record. Except for turnovers and free throw percentage, Jordan’s numbers fell in all eight statistical categories. His shooting was 9% worse. He had 1.4 fewer rebound, 2.1 less assists and.6 more blocks. He had.8 fewer turnovers during such games, which was his only notable improvement. He was unable to score efficiently, assist or rebound, or defend his team in games that were close to his opponents.

Jordan was able to step up when faced with elimination. Jordan is now a 5-7 player in elimination games and has a 41.6% winning percentage. Jordan’s field goal percentage and free throw percentage all declined as he faced elimination. He also had fewer steals and more turnovers. He saw improvement in his rebounds, assists and blocks as well as points. He shot slightly worse, but he still scored 2.7 points more per game. He had 1.7 more assists and rebounds per game. He missed 5.7% more free throws and turned the ball over 1.5 times more per game.

LeBron has a record of 36-11 or 76.6% when he is facing an opponent. He improved in four of the eight major statistical categories while remaining the same in one. He saw an improvement in his rebounds, steals and blocks as well as the number of points per game. He had 1.7 more rebounds, 2.2% more blocks and 1.2 more point. His free throw percentage is only.2% and his overall field goal percentage is 2.9%. He also turns over the ball exactly the same way he did throughout his career. James is more involved in games that allow him to finish his opponents. However, many of his numbers do not change much in these situations.

James’s elimination can cause him to completely change. He improves in seven of the eight major statistical categories. He shoots 3.5% higher, adds 5.6 rebounds per games, 1.8 assists, 1 block per game and 1.3 less turnovers to his total score. The only problem is that his free throw percentage drops to 7.9% when he faces elimination. When facing elimination, LeBron performs at a completely new level. LeBron improves his court efficiency in all areas: scoring, rebounding and getting other people involved. He also greatly improves his defense and turns the ball over less.

LeBron is more clutch than Jordan, in conclusion. LeBron is 1.6% more likely to win when the two men smell blood and have a chance at eliminating their opponents. LeBron is 16.7% more likely to win when their backs are against a wall. Jordan did not make any improvements in some categories after being eliminated. LeBron showed remarkable improvement in nearly every category, and was even more impressive when faced with elimination. It is absurd to say that LeBron does not play better in crucial situations. LeBron James also has more buzzer beaters than Jordan and more decisive shots with five seconds left in the game. These shots also have a higher field goal percentage than Jordan’s. Below are the statistics for each shot.

LeBron vs. Jordan Clutch Shots postseason

Field GoalsField Goal %Buzzer Beaters

Which is more klutch: LeBron or Jordan

Crying Jordan Meme

Jordan played in a Weak league?

Michael Jordan won six rings in 1991. Two of his three-peat wins were separated by a brief stint in baseball. Many believe he is the best, but they fail to consider the rest of the league around him.

The NBA grew between 1988 and 1995. Six new teams were created: Hornets (88), Heat (89) Magic (89), Timberwolves (89), Raptors 95, Raptors 95, and Grizzlies 95. These stats are based on the time period between their creation and their first playoff appearance. These stats will include their total game record, their number of games against Michael, their overall record against Jordan in those years and, if applicable, their playoff record against one another.

Charlotte Hornets make their first playoff appearance in 1993

  • 1988-1993 (Combined Record of 140-270).
  • 88-89: 5 Games, 4-1
  • 89-90: 2 Games, 2-0
  • 90-91:5 Games, 5-0
  • 91-92: 4 Games, 4-0
  • 92-93: 5 Games, 3-2
  • Playoffs: N/A

Miami Heat: The Miami Heat’s first playoff appearance since 1992

  • 1988-1992 (Combined Record of 95-233).
  • 88-89: 2 Games, 2-0
  • 89-90: 4 Games, 4-0
  • 90-91: 4 Games, 4-0
  • 91-92: 4 Games, 4-0
  • Playoffs: 3 games, 3-0

Magic: 1994, First appearance in the playoffs

  • 1989-1994 (Combined record of 106-249)
  • 89-90: 5 Games, 3-2
  • 90-91: 2 Games, 2-0
  • 91-92: 4 Games, 3-1
  • 92-93: 4 Games, 3-1
  • 93-94: 1 Game, 1-0
  • Playoffs: N/A

Timberwolves: The Timberwolves make their first playoff appearance in 1997

  • 1989-1997 (Combined record of 192-464).
  • 89-90: 2 Games, 2-0
  • 90-91: 2 Games, 2-0
  • 91-92: 2 Games, 2-0
  • 92-93: 2 Games, 2-0
  • 93-94 : 0 Games
  • 94-95: 2 Games, 2-0
  • 95-96: 2 Games, 2-0
  • 96-97: 2 Games, 1-1
  • Playoffs: N/A

Raptors: The Raptors make their first playoff appearance in 2000

  • 1995-2000 (Combined Record of 135-243).
  • 95-96: 4 Games, 3-1
  • 96-97: 4 Games, 3-1
  • 97-98: 4 Games, 4-0
  • Retired at 98-99
  • 99-00: Retired

Grizzlies make their first playoff appearance in 2004

  • 1995-2002 (Jordan was officially retired in 2002). (Combined record of 101-418).
  • 95-96: 2 Games, 2-0
  • 96-97: 2 Games, 2-0
  • 97-98: 2 Games, 2-0
  • 00-01: 1 Game, 1-0
  • 01-02: 1 Game, 0-1

Michael was part of a league that had been watered down over his entire career. New teams began to flood the league as the expansion teams reached the playoffs. Many didn’t stay for long. In 1988, LeBron played for at least three teams with five years or less experience. LeBron has received criticism for his play against inferior talent.

Jordan played in a Weak league?

Crying LeBron Meme

Is LeBron a player in a weak conference?

Although Jordan might be considered to have played in a league that was weak, many people believe LeBron played in a weak conference his entire career. Nearly every LeBron season in the league has seen the East outpace the West. This is the list of head-to-head wins between the two conferences. In 14 of James’ seasons, the East has won more games than James.

  • 03-04: West with +12 wins
  • 04-05: West with +62 victories
  • 05-06 West with +54 victories
  • 06-07: West with +64 victories
  • 07-08: West with +66 victories.
  • 08-09 East with +12 victories
  • 09-10: West with +42 victories
  • 10-11: West with +72 victories.
  • 11-12: West with +42 victories.
  • 12-13: West with +74 victories.
  • 13-14: West with +118 victories
  • 14-15: West with +76 victories.
  • 15-16: West with +14 victories
  • 16-17: West with +42 victories
  • 17-18 West with +24 victories
  • 18-19 West with +54 victories
  • 19-20 West with +33 Wins
  • 20-21 West with +34 victories

Despite winning more games, the West has not been able to win as many. However, the East has won eight of the 18 championships since LeBron joined the league.

LeBron James also has only two losing seasons against Western Conference. He lost his rookie season, when he played 6-22, and his first season playing for the Lakers, when he was 25-25. In the 2017-2018 season, he tied the conference at 15-15. LeBron has a winning record every other season against the West, and overall James has a record 344-197 against Western Conference over his entire career. LeBron played in the West’s weaker conference most of his career but he has never been able to beat the West.

LeBron joined Western Conference after he signed with the Lakers in 2018.

Is the East more tolerant than the West?

Finals and Playoffs for Jordan and LeBron

Chris Broussard claimed that Michael Jordan faced only 9 Hall of Famer during his championship games in 2017. LeBron has faced thirty opponents so far. Below are the Hall of Fame opponents, as well as potential future ones, that LeBron has faced.


  • Magic Johnson
  • James Worthy
  • Clyde Drexler
  • Charles Barkley
  • Gary Payton
  • John Stockton x2
  • Karl Malone x2

Total: 9


  • Tim Duncan x3
  • Tony Parker x3
  • Manu Ginobili, x3
  • Dirk Nowitzki
  • Jason Kidd
  • Kevin Durant x3
  • Russell Westbrook
  • James Harden
  • Kawhi Leonard x2
  • Steph Curry x4
  • Klay Thompson x4
  • Draymond Green x4

Total: 30

Although not all these players were at their peak, they played against excellent competition. This doesn’t show their playoff paths to the Finals but it does highlight the best talents each player faced on that biggest stage. LeBron has been faced with two dynasties seven times in both the Spurs or the Warriors. The playoffs are a lengthy list of players that MJ and LeBron faced, many of whom were Hall of Famer. Here is a list of Hall of Famers each player has faced in the playoffs, leading up to the Finals.


  • Larry Bird 0-2
  • Kevin McHale 0-2
  • Dennis Johnson 0-2
  • Robert Parish 0-2
  • Bill Walton 0-2
  • Isaiah Thomas 1-3
  • Joe Dumars, 1-3
  • Adrian Dantley 0-2
  • Dennis Rodman, 1-3
  • Patrick Ewing 5-0
  • Charles Barkley 2-0
  • Dominique Wilkins 1-0
  • Alonzo Mourning 3-0
  • Shaquille O’Neil 1-1
  • Dikembe Mutombo 1-0
  • Reggie Miller 1-0

During the playoffs, Michael Jordan was faced with 16 Hall of Famers. He had a winning record against 6 out of 16 Hall of Famers, a tie record with 1 and a losing record against 9 out of 16. His record against Hall of Fame opponents in the playoffs was 17-22. Ten of his 17 wins were against Alonzo Morning, Charles Barkley, and Patrick Ewing.

His Finals appearances meant that MJ had to face 24 Hall of Famer on 48 occasions. This gives him a total postseason record of 26-22 (or 54%). This is where the problem lies: 20% of his postseason wins were against three players who have never won rings.


  • Ben Wallace: 1-1
  • Chauncey Billups: 2-1
  • Vince Carter 1-0
  • Allen Iverson 1-0
  • Jason Kidd 1-0
  • Ray Allen 2-2
  • Kevin Garnett 3-2
  • Paul Pierce 3-2
  • Dwight Howard 0-1
  • Derrick Rose* 3-1 (These matchups were before injury against MVP-caliber Rose).
  • Carmelo Anthony 1-0
  • Paul George 3-0
  • Jimmy Butler 3-0
  • Pau Gasol 1-0

Throughout the playoffs LeBron was confronted by 14 Hall of Famer or future Hall of Famer players. There were many other players who could end up there, which is why this page doesn’t contain them. These 14 players he faced on 34 occasions. He had a winning record against 11 out of 14 and tied with 2 others. Dwight Howard was his only loser with one matchup. His record against Hall of Fame players in the playoffs was 25-9. He had no more than three wins against one opponent. LeBron was faced with 25 Hall of Famer opponents on 66 occasions. His final postseason record was 35-31 (or 53%). Seven of those 25 Hall of Famers were responsible for 17 of LeBron’s matchup losses. They were the Warriors and Spurs dynasty.

We can conclude that both players won more games than they lost. Jordan did not beat the dynasty Celtics during the playoffs, and had a 25% win rate against the Bad Boys from Detroit. His postseason victories were against Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing; men who have never won a ring. LeBron won against several Hall of Famers at a good rate. Only one Hall of Famer was he against in the playoffs. Michael Jordan lost to 9 Hall of Famers in the playoffs, six of whom he did not beat in the postseason.

Only 9 of the 48 Hall of Fame opponents Jordan faced were in Finals.

33 of the 66 Hall of Fame competitors LeBron James faced were in Finals, 50%.

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Postseason: LeBron vs. Jordan

LeBron’s Teammates vs. Jordan’s

It doesn’t matter who they played with, but it does matter who they played with! Many credit LeBron for the creation of modern-day super teams. He had to find help to win. This was evident when he went to Miami with Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, and Dwayne Wade. He was able to continue his efforts when he returned home to Cleveland to play with Kyrie Irving. Kevin Love was also recruited. Who were the best supporting players in their careers? Below is a list of All Star teammates (Jordan and LeBron were there) and Hall of Fame (or future Inductees), for each player.

Jordan’s All Star Squad

  • Scottie Pippen (6x)

LeBron’s All Star Squad

  • Zydrunas Ilgauskas
  • Mo Williams
  • Kyrie Irving (2x).
  • Kevin Love
  • Chris Bosh (4x).
  • Dwayne Wade (4x).
  • Anthony Davis (2x).

Jordan’s Hall of Fame teammates:

  • Scottie Pippen (10 seasons)
  • Dennis Rodman (3 seasons).
  • Artis Gilmore (1 Season).
  • Robert Parish (1 Season).

LeBron’s Hall of Fame teammates:

  • Dwayne Wade (5 seasons)
  • Chris Bosh (4 Seasons).
  • Kyrie Irving (4 Seasons).
  • Kevin Love (4 Seasons).
  • Shaquille O’Neil (1 Season)
  • Anthony Davis (2 Seasons).
  • Dwight Howard (1 season)

LeBron had many All-Stars who helped him throughout his career. LeBron had more Hall of Fame seasons than Jordan despite some of his help being past their primes (e.g. Parish, O’Neil and Gilmore). Jordan has the advantage of having less talent than LeBron.

Cavaliers Championship Ring

LeBron’s 4 Rings vs. Jordan’s 6 Rings

Michael Jordan has six rings in six attempts. This is clearly more than LeBron’s four rings in ten tries. Not necessarily. Jordan has a better Finals record than most and more rings. However, that doesn’t automatically make him better in the postseason. Based on the number teams that have been admitted to the playoffs you can be ranked 16th at worst or ninth best. During the second round, that ranking rises to eighth or fifth. You could be ranked either fourth or third worst if you are eliminated in the Conference Finals. You are considered the second-best team in the league if you lose in the Finals. Here is a list of rounds LeBron or Jordan lost in the playoffs.

  • 1st Round: Jordan 3, LeBron 0
  • 2nd round: Jordan 2, LeBron 3.
  • Conference Finals: Jordan 2, LeBron 1.
  • Finals: Jordan 0, LeBron 6
  • Wins: Jordan 6, LeBron 4

In ten of his 17 seasons, James was either the best or second-best. This means that James would finish the season in the first or second position 58.82% of times. He would rank third or fourth in 5.88% of his time. He would rank between fifth to eighth 17.65% of all the times. When he reached the playoffs, he has never been ranked higher than ninth. James has been unable to make the playoffs three times in his career. This means that he was on a team that was 17th or worse 17.65% of all the time.

Jordan finished first or second in six out of his fifteen seasons. He was the league’s best player 40% of the times. He was third or forth 13% of time. The same applies to when he ranked between fifth- and eighth. He was ranked 9th or lower 20% of all times. Jordan missed the playoffs two times during his career. This means that he was on a team that was ranked 17th (or worse) 13.3% of the time.

Jordan had a higher chance of being the absolute best but also had a greater chance of being among the worst teams in the playoffs. LeBron’s winning streak has been much stronger throughout his career, even though it wasn’t the championship.

Which is the greatest basketball player ever?

LeBron James is statistically better when it comes all-around basketball. Michael Jordan was however a better scorer. Although he won more on the largest stage, he failed to win often in the playoffs. He also lost to many of his most formidable opponents. Jordan had better teammates than James. MJ played in a less competitive league than LeBron, but he played in a stronger conference for most of his career. Who is the true GOAT?

Who is the GOAT of NBA?

Is Jordan overrated?

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Multiple facts support an opinion.

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Do not take Jesse Unk’s opinion seriously..Eye testing will show who is superior.

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Who will be the first player to lead three NBA teams to a championship ring?

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Lebron cannot be protected, he proved it last night

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Jordan was named defensive player of year. He also won mvp the same year. Why couldn’t Jordan guard Lebron? Which year did Lebron win it all again? Lebron couldn’t guard MJ. Nobody could.

zavon mcdade on September 18, 2020:

Lebron James is the NBA’s goat no cap. He is a far better player than Jordan. Jordan cannot even guard Allen Iverson, so how is Jordan supposed to guard Lebron?

GOATDebate September 15, 2020

Man. I appreciate the analysis that you have put together. To make it simple and quick, you can just watch the 2011 Final. After that moment of confusion on the biggest stage, Lebron has made his way to the top. Team Stacked Miami (with 3 Hall of Famer) lost to Oldman Nowitzki & kidd. Jordan is the best player on court, even when he’s not with the team. He never choked on the grand stage. By the way, GOAT isn’t GOAT. We can then revisit the debate if Lebron wins a few more titles.

Rick Brier September 7, 2020

There is a significant difference in ERA’s. It’s obvious that the 80’s and 90s were better than today. Today’s coaching is terrible, and defense is virtually non-existent. Teams from yesteryear ran plays and used centers correctly in the post. This ERA is nothing but run and gun (Rucker league). Steve Kerr is openly stating that the league is not very good now because too many 3s have been shot. The league averages over 30 3s per game and shoots 36%. This ERA would be impossible to beat if you consider that they used plays back in the day and played hard defense. James Harden can go 3-19 behind his arc and still win… If he does that against the teams from yesteryear, they will lose every time because Harden has just taken himself out of the game. The hall of fame is just a contest for popularity and has no meaning. While it’s great for those players, there are still some guys who averaged 5 points per games over a career. Let me conclude by saying that Lebron is a great basketball player in a weak ERA. MJ is, and will always be the GOAT for everything he did in a very difficult ERA of basketball.

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It’s nice to see that you have a poll to vote for your biased opinion. You see that the majority of people don’t agree with you.

Duck September 5, 2020

The biggest thing that people forget is that nobody thought MJ was the greatest person ever when he graduated from college (1 ncaa title). He earned the title. Lebron (although he didn’t go to college, not winning a title against him) was a high school graduate and was unfairly given the task of becoming the GOAT. All of these people now want to live up to their preconceived notions. According to one report, over half of the NBA’s viewers lost their interest when Jordan retired from title 6. This would support the argument that people desire a savior, and will find one. Lebron is a remarkable player, but he’s not certain if he can reach the GOAT level. There are still players who can surpass Lebron. Kawhi might have the “it” factor. Who knows what he might do if he leads a third team to the finals, and takes home more hardware. Although it is a nice article, it is clearly biased.

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Horace Grant is now part of a super 3 team. You’ll have to sell that to another market. We are not going to sell it.

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MJ = NBA Goat

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Pito Love (via the internet) and MJ Bonette (via the phone) are two of my biggest foibles. You can’t get mad at an “biased” article when he gave your dumbasses write-to-vote, so how are you supposed to? The entire section explained why Lebron was more clutch than Jordan, which was supported by evidence. You Jordan idiots said Jordan was still more clutch. If that doesn’t signify delusion or bias, I don’t know what does. It’s impossible for Jordan to be Lebron’s leader in all major stat categories. The author pulled stats that showed Jordan excelled, and Lebron excelled. Can you really say Jordan was a better player than Lebron? The article presents arguments on both sides and also titles them for those who can’t read. For example, “Jordan played at a weak league” followed by “Lebrons weak confernce”. Pito then wants to discuss Lebron’s lack of character. While I love Kobe, I don’t think he is a good person. He didn’t do anything when his brother was running for office. Except for that ridiculous Hong Kong piece Lebron said, it’s clear that he has opened a school for the poor and is a strong advocate for civil rights. While I admire Jordan and respect him, you are talking about bias.

Jesse Unk (author), Ohio, August 16, 2020


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Pito Love August 16, 2020

OMG!! OMG! !

It IS VERY DRIVABLE… It is possible that Lebron James will score the points. When LJ retires, numbers will surpass MJ in certain areas. He’s what, 35?? He’s 35?

To those Real Men! Yes, real men who have lived through blood, sweat, and tears, real men who live a life of loyalty, true to your team, your boys, your people, the place where people stick by you, no matter what! They are there for you, win or lose! Real Men who live by the motto “Feelings aren’t facts” and walk through the fire, the heat when it is Xtra hot! Real Men who DON’T GIVE-UP when they are frustrated, upset, or emotional! LOGIC & INTELLIGENCE OVER EMOTIONS Never give up! WARRIOR MENTALITY “THE BLACK MAMBA” Displayed this Warrior mentality, Extra Heart, Never Give up, Push Harder, and Push Forward… Mentality!! Jordan has that! Unfortunately, Lebron James is a member of the New Era in which you have to say that you’re great before others do it for. This arrogance is shameful and causes a disgrace to all those who have left their blood, sweat, and tears on the floors of every stadium across the globe.

When asked how they felt about being the best, you could clearly see it on their faces. Nearly all had the Facial Expressions of Shame and Disgust for dude. However, most of them, if not all, decided to graciously oppose any negative comment against their peer in a display of class, integrity, camaraderie, and respect for the game & culture.

Lebron’s past childish, arrogant behavior & egotistical antics has cost him to have a few **ASTERISKS on his NAME. MICHAEL JORDAN IS CLEARLY FREE FROM ALL OF THIS. JORDAN IS A TRUE WOMAN… A REAL MAN THAT TOOK IT RIGHT TO OTHER “STAND-UP” MEN BY THE END of THE GAME… If he didn’t have respect for the man and his team… HE’D DEFINITELY GET IT BY TIME THE LAST BOZZARD RANG TRUE




ALSO ANOTHER JEWISH PUBLICATION SAYING HOW THEY OWN & RUN THE NBA. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your people’s accomplishments. BUT WHEN YOUR PEOPLE IS THE SMALLEST MINORITY GROUP IN AMERICA YET ARE 49% ALL BILLIONAIRES IN AMERICA & WORLD WIDE… PEOPLE ARE GOING TO TALK. HOW CAN YOU DISCOVER IT AND ENDANGE YOUR PEOPLE’S LIVES, CAREERS, AND LIVES? Is it possible to be so special and powerful that no one can give you a compliment or their racist for this? Are you kidding me?


LIKE: “SHOW ME WHO IT ISN’T ALLOWED TO CRITICIZE, AND I’LL SHOW You WHO RULES OVER ALL OF US!” With that kind of power, control, and money, but worst of all, their actions & behaviors towards black celebrities… It raises the question.

Jesse Unk (author), Ohio, August 13, 2020

MJ Bonnette,

Are you able to provide the statistics for your midrange quote? I’ve been trying desperately to find distance stats, but they are not available in my washington years. I would love to have this information.

Mj Bonnet August 13, 2020

You wrote an article about Lebron fans and cherry-picked to make it appear that he is better than Jordan. You could do the same for jordans. Lebron’s career in game winning and tying shots was 19-94. That’s it for career context. How does Lebron’s avgs compare to other power forwards. I can confirm that Jordan is number one in all statistical categories in scoring rbs and stls points per game, and second in fg%. Lebron is not the #1 player in any of these categories! Let’s talk about fg%. Lebron boasts that he has a higher fg% of 50.4 than jordan’s 49.7%, so you claim he shoots better from the field. Lebron shoots over 70% of his shots within three feet of the rim every year. In his entire career, he has shot 34% to 37% over 3 feet. Jordan shot 50% of his 50 percent mainly at mid-range. He was the assassin at mid-range. I could go on, but the fact is that you’re biased towards lebron and chose stats to back up your argument. Someone pointed out that your from Ohio btw. It makes perfect sense if true. Lebron is not even better than Kobe, and many fans, former and current players, agree. Look at how close they are in recent nba player pole. The one who got more than 70% of the votes in …. was the GOAT. It’s possible to argue about who is the 2nd greatest player of all time…lebron or Kobe. The 1st spot has been locked up for a while. These polls are not pretty to look at, don’t they? All of them favorjordan! This tells you something.

Nizzy August 4, 2020

These are just options, I don’t think.

Bill July 20, 2020

MJ was a player in eras when each team had one star. His own team was the only exception. Lebron was against Tony Parker, Tim Duncan and Ginobli. He also played against Howard and Kobe. Curry, Thompson and Green were the most prominent.

J July 6, 2020

Even without an analysis, it’s a conversation that is done when each wears the other’s number. Jordan has his number, which he created himself, while James wears James’ number in relation to MJ. This discussion seems to be a clear and definite one. I love LBJ, but that is not to say that I don’t like him. From my perspective, GOAT is the only topic that needs to be discussed. This is why I prefer Kobe to James.

corey June 19, 2020

The dude is from OHIO. What do you expect? Of course he is biased.

Nicholas Cook June 19, 2020

Are you a bit biased?

John June 15, 2020

It was a very interesting article. It’s a little Lebron-biased to say Jordan played in a weaker period when it’s the exact opposite. The league was stronger defensively during Jordan’s era. Jordan is 7-2 against 60+ win team, 20-7 against 50+ win team, while Lebron is 3-4 against 60+ win teams, and 10-9 against 50+ win playoff teams. In the 1980s, Jordan didn’t have an all-star support team until Pippen was born in 1989-1990.

Tim Truzy – U.S.A. May 28, 2020

Your article stated that Jordan was better at free throws than James. James should work on free throws. Coach Smith was Jordan’s trainer; James did not attend.

According to your article, Jordan had less talented players around him. James found the talent he needed. A team that is managed well doesn’t perform better. Basketball is a team sport. It is up to the players. Jordan said that there was no “i” to “team”. That is a statement I doubt James will ever say.

Jordan left for personal reasons and not to make a fortune. Chicago would probably have seven rings if Jordan hadn’t left. It is not possible to leave. One is more dignified than the other. James’ self-indulgence does not mean that he is a victim of personal tragedy. This should not be minimized.

James is living in an era of selfishness.

Jesse Unk (author), Ohio, May 27, 2020


Thank you for your kind words. Fair enough to your point about team hopping, LeBron was in an era with super teams and big 3, and had to travel to match them. Jordan was blessed with a super team because of his solid management. He also had an 8-year contract, so he couldn’t leave. He also retired twice and left his team, which to me is the same as leaving. He should have focused on his free throws, though.

Tim Truzy – U.S.A. May 27, 2020

This was very interesting. James couldn’t handle the Bad Boys from Detroit, according to me. They went after Jordan. Jordan was not able to do team hopping, so James did it. Jordan once stated that he didn’t want to play with Bird and just wanted to beat them. Jordan makes the team he is with better, while James creates super teams. Leadership was not a major consideration in your article.

Jordan was an innovator at the job he did. James is the king of the stage. Jordan was an excellent player, regardless of his stats.

Jordan thanks Coach Dean Smith for emphasizing UNC- Chapel Hill’s free throws. I wonder if James would have spent more time with Coach K. during the Olympic Games if his free throw percentage would have improved. If James had been more aggressive on defense, would he have been able to handle Tim Duncan and the incredible Spurs dynasty? I don’t know. James stated that the Spurs were the most difficult defensive team against which he had ever played. Coach Pop was not a joke. Your well-written piece was a great read. I loved living through all the changes in the NBA.

DJ May 19, 2020

What kind of article uses a stale ESPN statistic to argue that Lebron is more clutch than Jordan? Is it possible for Lebron to win the final shot over Jordan? WHAT?

Jimmy L. May 19, 2020

Another point: Lebron is currently 10-20 against HOFers in Finals. He has losing records against Westbrook, Harden (1-0), and Kawhi (1-1). Even if Lebron lost his first Finals in 2007, he would have me willing to remove him. Lebron is still a 10-17 opponent to HOFers. Lebron could not match MJ in his prime. Klay and Draymond, Rose, or Billups, are not likely to be in the HOF. These guys are not the only Jordan-era contemporaries.

Rose = young Ron Harper or Penny,

Billups = Kevin Johnson or Tim Hardaway, Mark Price

Klay and Butler = Glen Rice or Eddie Jones, Steve Smith

Draymond = He is unique and difficult to compare to others. However, similarity scores would consider Cliff Robinson and Webber to be good comparisons.

You also forgot to mention the HOFers MJ faced at Eastern Conference such as Divac (Lakers & Hornets), Moncrieff ($Bucks), Chris Mullins (“Pacers”) and Mo Cheeks(Knicks), or potential HOFers Lebron played with Kevin Love (Kyrie Irving).

Jimmy May 19, 2020

While the rules changes make a significant difference, the most important thing about your comparisons is that you take others (including ESPN’s flawed “clutch”) and accept them as they are. You don’t need to contextually review the actual numbers. Lebron’s 34% 3PT% is slightly higher than MJ (33%), but he still plays when the avg. Lebron’s 34% 3PT percentage is slightly better than MJ’s (33%), but MJ played when the avg was 33%. Lebron is contextually slightly worse than Jordan. Lebron is not a better “shooter” than Jordan, as Lebron often takes over 1/3 of his shots within three feet. Although I don’t think Lebron is better than Jordan for taking high percentage shots you can still say that MJ’s shooting percentage is 0.7% lower. Lebron converts so many dunks, layups, and he does not miss much. Although Shaq has a higher FG%, he takes more shots within 3 feet. You wouldn’t expect me to. It is also important to consider when they played in order to see the context of Lebron’s rebounds in this era, compared to Jordan’s in the 80s or 90s. Westbrook averages 7.4 rebounds per game, slightly lower than Lebron’s 7.4.

Lebron isn’t nearly as good as MJ at stopping the puck. Lebron often rests on defense when MJ was nearly always the best defender in league. It is far from ideal.

Statistics show that Lebron is only ahead of MJ in three traditional statistics: 3PT% rebounds, assists, and 3PT% rebounds. How is Lebron statistically a better player? As mentioned above, the 3PT% contextually based on their era favors MJ while the FG% is less that 1%. This is a small delta. Lebron is the better passer, and is a more productive rebounder than MJ. However, he is not even close to Lebron in terms of FT% or points. The steals are slightly better for MJ, and 50% higher for Lebron. However, the blocks are marginally more effective, so you can view it the same way as FG% not being significantly different.

The idea that Lebron is part of a stronger league, and therefore has been playing for the “second best” team regularly since his loss in the Finals, is absurd. Because of the strength and dominance of the Western Conference, the playoff structure was changed. The conference finals were often played between the two top teams of the NBA (e.g. 2006 Spurs and Mavericks. Take a look at the Western Conference finals of 2007 (Spurs/Suns), 2014. (Spurs/Thunder), 2017. (Warriors/Spurs), and 2018. (Warriors/Rockets). The Western Conference featured the best teams. Lebron did not often face difficult Eastern Conference opponents. Lebron might have been able to face more powerful dynasties in Finals, but it was because the Bulls were the dynasty.

Scott L Siegel on May 18, 2020:

You forgot to mention that the NBA rules have changed dramatically. MJ used to play and you could punch a player in their face without getting a foul call. Today, touching another player’s fingertip is a foul call. This can make a big difference in your ability to be aggressive.

Jesse Unk (author), Ohio, May 18, 2020


Feel free! I appreciate you sharing.

Willian Wade May 18, 2020

Good evening friend. I’m from Brazil and loved your article. Would you mind allowing me to translate it and only share a portion on my Twitter? I will give credit.

Cele May 14, 2020

This article isn’t even described by Biased. Example: u said and I quote

“Jordan won a lot more games, and has thus a better overall record in the Finals.” LeBron excels at individual performance in more categories than Jordan, in both their regular-season career and the Finals. However, I found that Jordan outperforms LeBron in all categories when I looked at the stat sheet. This shows that LeBron excels in more categories.

A word of advice: If you think LeBron is superior to Jordan, that’s fine with me. But don’t post stats and then quote what the opposite.

I disagree with your assertion that LeBron is an all-rounder. Although LeBron has a higher average rebound and assist, that doesn’t necessarily make him an all-rounder. Remember that assist, pts, and offensive rebound make up a player’s offense, while blocks, steals, and defensive rebound make up the player’s defense. Jordan plays better offensively than LeBron and is therefore better all-round.

While I could go on about the bias in your article, I don’t believe it will change your mind (which you are entitled to). So I’ll say that I enjoy your opinion but not make it seem like facts.

Jesse Unk (author), Ohio, May 01st 2020


I was lost when you said Jordan didn’t have a superteam.

Nick April 30, 2020

This article is biased. The polls aren’t so sure. Jordan is the G.O.A.T. Jordan did not need a superteam in order to win championships. Lebron needed them desperately to win a championship. Jordan’s ability to make his opponents laugh will never be matched. Lebron will never be Jordan no matter what his career ends. Look at the polls. J.O.R.D.A.N. The best. It is not an argument at all to place Lebum in the same sentence with Jordan. It’s insulting.

Rob April 29, 2020

Vlade Divac is in our hall of fame. He was a magician and a worthy player. Michael was confronted by five hall of famers at the celtics. Bird, Mchale, Johnson, Walton, Parish. Lebron vomited the bed in 2011. Michael wouldn’t let jason Terry or anyone else score him in any series. In just one year, MJ won the steals title as well as the dunk title, scoring title, and all-star game mvp. He is the best all-around player. LBJ is known for his longevity. In how many years has he not been on a defensive team? This era allows players the opportunity to play longer.

Jesse Unk (author), Ohio, April 23, 2020


LeBron was able to average a triple-double in the finals in 2015 without Kyrie and Love or score 51/8/8 when they lost in 2018. When downplaying LeBron’s contributions, people ignore many things. This article is not about Jordan being untouchable.

Charlie April 22, 2020

Jordan lost to the Celtics, but he had 49 and 63 against them. The bulls had Jordan and sticks. Your stats show Jordan losing, but they don’t place the series in context. 8th seed vs 1st seeds misses nearly the entire season. Celtics had a great team and Jordan forced overtime. If numbers are not viewed in context, they can be nothing.

Stanley Daniel April 19, 2020

Yes, Lebron is GOAT, but MJ IS GOD

Jesse Unk (author), Ohio, April 19, 2020


Bill is actually 8th all-time. While rings are important, you must also consider the competition. Would Jordan have had a perfect record if he had faced the Warriors and Spurs dynasties seven times? It doesn’t seem so. His history shows that he was not a fan of teams with big 3s. He never faced a big 4, except for the Celtics who beat him twice.

Bell31 April 19, 2020

Jesse, this is a great piece. You make some good points. However, I feel that it can be difficult to compare stats from different eras without doing a thorough analysis of all stats across all eras. But, when you look at LBJ or MJ in the big picture, one has 6 titles while the other has 3. Given that bball is so individualist, it’s difficult to see the difference. I realize the rejoinder could be Bill Russell’s argument but I doubt you have him among your top 10.

Jesse Unk (author), Ohio, April 11, 2020


It is definitely something I could look at. I have some other articles that are in progress, but i will return to this article. This article will be expanded in the near future.

Felix April 11, 2020

I would like to see an adjustment used in baseball, taking into account the baseball park. That adjustment would be in defense and offense, Jordan time and Lebron. In those days it was hard to score 100, but now it is common to see teams scoring 100 or more. Lebron’s scoring would be lower, Jordan’s scoring would be greater. The same applies to shooting %… Can you do that analisys.

Christian Harmon April 5, 2020

The PER includes every statistic in basketball. Jordan’s career rating is higher than LeBron’s. However, his playoff PER puts him in a much greater gap to LeBron. Jordan’s PER proves that he is a better player all around. LeBron never attempted a game tie or go ahead shot to win a game. He was facing elimination or in the NBA finals within the last 24 seconds. Jordan is currently 10-17.

David April 4, 2020

Lebron beat the majority of the hall-of-fameers in the playoffs, jordan didnt.

Hu February 27, 2020

Look, I don’t mean to be critical, but lebron james was the goat. In 2007, he faced a superteam of spurs and mavericks. It was his first year so they were still learning how to get along.

Kristaps February 22, 2020

Jordan won the chip with a 55-win team. LeBron reached the finals with 20 winning teams

TRON January 24, 2020

It is a simple fact that Lebron had to build his team of allstars in order to win a ring. MJ won six rings with one allstar teammate. You also claim today’s allstars are not as talented as those of MJ’s era. (Which I agree with).

Jesse Unk (author), Ohio, January 23, 2020


It is amazing to think that Pippen or Hakeem would be equal to Love and Kyrie, or even AD. Wade is LeBron’s only teammate with the same talent range as Wade. It is impossible to imagine that both Wade and LeBron would have had the same level of talent.

TRON January 23, 2020

Imagine Jordan Pippen, Ewing, or Hakeem playing on the same team as Lebron. They wouldn’t lose.

Ddfsg January 17, 2020

Lebron is the greatest ever player.

This debate was held December 26, 2019, at 6:00 PM.

From now on, it will all come down to Lebron’s performance in the postseason. It’s not possible to get more rings, which is a very difficult argument. It becomes more difficult to debate if he gets one or two.

Jesse Unk (author), Ohio, December 25, 2019, 0:


LeBron, using the same logic, is creating a legacy that is just as large, if not larger, with his own shoe company, production company and school for children who are less fortunate. Jordan not owning a team isn’t a good idea, as he has managed it poorly since he took control.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas up early December 25, 2019,

It’s amazing that this debate is still ongoing. You know who my vote is as a Jordan fan growing up. I will admit that Jordan’s legacy and relevance to the game, as well as his ownership makes it difficult for Lebron not to be better than him. Koby retired and started to fade out of the debate immediately. Michael’s play on the court, and his branding of Jordan’s name, changed the game. A LEGEND is more than a life story. It is unlikely that the Easter bunny can ever surpass Santa Claus, given Jordan’s well-deserved legend status. All the best for Christmas. Remember, Kobe fans: There are many kids who believe in the tooth fairly.

Danaman25 December 8, 2019,:

Jesse Unk…. This is not an attempt to compare Phil Jackson and Eric Spoelstra. Their legendary status is clearly different at the moment. My only concern is regarding playing with legendary coaches. Phil Jackson had nothing to do about Jordan’s ability play at a high standard. Jackson deserves praise for inventing the triangle offense, which was a boon to Jordan. The triangle offense broke down the ‘Jordan Rules’. This has nothing to do Jordan’s abilities. LeBron’s self-taughtness and Jordan’s great coaches are excuses to pretend that LeBron has superior skills. This is far from the truth.

Jesse Unk (author), Ohio, December 02/2019:

You are comparing Phil Jackson and Eric Spoelstra. Spoelstra would have won after LeBron if he had done so. LeBron has never coached for an elite coach, no matter how late or early in his career. Phil Jackson’s offense changed the game. It doesn’t matter if he was well-known at the time. This would be like saying Bill Belichick doesn’t make a great coach because Brady didn’t play before him. History has shown him to be who he is, regardless of whether it was known at that time.

Danaman25 December 2, 2019:

Jesse Unk He excelled, but it is difficult to call him a great coach or a legend at the time. He was not yet proven. Erik Spoelstra won titles with Lebron but no one considers him a legend despite his two titles. It is said that Lebron won it (with Wade and Bosh). Like Jordan, Lebron didn’t have a title until he met Erik Spoelstra.

Jackson was aware that he had a winning formula, and that he would have a once in a lifetime chance to work with Jordan. Pippen played a significant role in it all, but even though he was an exceptional coach, he could not use the excuse of a legend coach to explain Jordan’s success. Jackson was a non-coach at the time.

Jesse Unk (author), Ohio, December 02/2019:


He was a great coach, even though he had not made a name for his self yet. He was a great coach when he had the talent.

Danaman25 December 2, 2019:

@Mitch Ross…Jordan was a great coach. It was not at the time. Phil Jackson didn’t win anything until he joined Chicago. Although he was already a legend when he moved to LA, he had never won anything before Jordan. Jordan didn’t win pre-Jackson, but Jordan was already playing at a high level. Although his peers regarded him as superior to them, they also knew they had the best team. Jackson’s philosophy helped him to find the right players (Pippen).

Mitch Ross November 29, 2019,

Lebron is a self-taught athlete; Jordan had great coaches!

SammyMitch July 3, 2019,:

Sorry, I am confused by the first breakdown of “Le Bron and Michael Jordan Stats”. Even if these stats are taken at face value, I see Jordan as at least ahead in 5 categories. Then I give the blocks to Jordan. A guy who is 6’6 and averages the same amount of blocks per games as a guy who is 6’8 is superior in this category. If we have to split them, they’re going to Jordan.

However, I have a problem with “Rebounds”. The stat that is most easily padded out of all the others are “Defensive rebound”. Let’s face it: a large portion of “Defensive” rebound are simply collecting the ball in open space, while the opposing team is already at the other end setting up their defense. Jordan has 1.6 more “Offensive” Rebounds per game than his opponent. We have a guy 6-6 who is taking down more “Offensive” Rebounds than someone 6-8. Jordan, I give Rebounds as an stat! !

Why is that? The only stats anyone seems to be focusing on in these assessments is the first three. After that, they drift off into the vague statement that “Le Bron clearly is a better all-round player.” What about all around? Jordan is better at both ends of the court. He blocks more, steals more, scores more and rebound offensively. We are implying that James is an all-around better player because of his weak Assists stats and his Defensive Rebound stats. !

Jesse Unk (author), Ohio, July 01st 2019,


Jordan faced the Pistons with Scottie and Horace each time, and Charles Oakley was there the first time they met. Although you can’t say that he was without help from Boston, he should have been at least winning one game. LeBron, who was 18 years old and had no teammates, was missing the playoffs. At 22 years old, he was leading his bad team to the Finals where he defeated the Champion Pistons alone.

AJ July 1, 2019,:

Jordan had who on his team to beat the Pistons and Celtics dynasties the first two years. …. a bunch of coke-heads. As great as it sounds that Lebron makes his teams more successful, Lebron didn’t make the playoffs until his third year!

Jesse Unk (author), Ohio, June 14, 2019,


This could refer to big games in which he leads in going ahead shots and averages a triple-double in the finals. He could also refer to games in which he led both teams across all statistical categories.

Rickgrimes June 14, 2019,

Super biased analysis ill ever read..way off to compare with mj, in mj era lebron will be an average player only like d’wilkins..period..lebron aint no clutch especially in the big games..

Jesse Unk (author), Ohio, May 23, 2019, 23:03:


The Mamba is my favorite! He is Shaq to me though. I’m not sure if he has 5 rings with him.

John Skulavik on May 23, 2019:

Kobe Bryant is my favorite… I’ve seen them all, from Baylor to Lebron… Bryant is my GOAT, mentally and physically.

Jesse Unk (author), Ohio, October 18, 2018,:

The Watcher, i did not just list all of the stats you mentioned, but I also said that jordan was more skilled in each area. It is hard to argue that jordan would win the game when his stats fall in multiple areas in games 7 and his record in elimination matches is a losing one. Analytics can tell the story more clearly than your memories. Stats dont lie. Learn to read. Jordan didn’t have a better team, I just said that. He had a less talented team, according to my article.

The Watcher October 11, 2018,:

This window was still open when I returned to my iPad tonight. I looked down at what you had written. Did you think Durant was better than Jordan? Dude who took a 3-1 lead, then played for the same team he had taken it away from. Is that you? Lol, I’m not mad. It’s just absurd. Let me tell ya, son… you can replace Durant with Jordan, and the Warriors won’t go to the Finals that season. Jordan takes his foot off their necks and ends the sucka! 🙂 C’mon, man! Realize it!

The Watcher October 9, 2018:

Both of them have played. Jordan was the dominant. Period. You can make the argument against LBJ as strong as you like. During the last five minute of ball games, I have seen LBJ disappear like MJ. Period. Let’s take for example: 2010 Playoffs against Celtics, 2011 Finals versus the Mavericks, and 2013 Finals against Spurs in Game 6. In the last 5 minutes, he turned over the ball three times to give the Spurs the trophy. They then threw it away by missing free throws or getting a key rebound. Why wasn’t Duncan there? You can see the tape. Here are some facts: Grant/Pippen/Rodman teamed up for 10 All-Star appearances. Love/Irving/Wade/Bosh have 33…. so no, LBJ did not have less help than MJ. Here are some facts. You knew this, I know! MJ – 6 Championships to LBJ’s 3, Finals MVPs 6 – 3, League MVPs 5 – 4, scoring titles 10 – 1, Defensive Player Of The Year 1 – 0, steals titles 3 – 0. It’s hard to argue with Jordan being better. Jordan’s prime efficiency stats were even better. Period. Done and done. Don’t give up, millennials. Lol

Jesse Unk (author), Ohio, June 24, 2018, 12:04 PM

Alphadogg, I have read my article about MJ. It’d surprise you to see how many quality opponents Jordan faced and defeated. His record against Hall of Fame players is poor. His wins against HOFers were mostly against Barkley or Ewing, the ringless wonders. He never beat a HOF player in their prime. Lebron has not played in a league as physically demanding, but his athleticism is superior to Jordan’s. KD would have played in Jordan’s era. We wouldn’t be talking about MJ being the GOAT. For players like him, they’d be unanswerable.

Alphadogg16 June 23, 2018,

After seeing LBJ lose another NBA Finals game, and this hub popped up, I decided to strengthen my argument for MJ. The game’s evolution is set up to allow LBJ to be the dominant player. He would still be the dominant player in today’s game if MJ were to play. MJ didn’t have the same spacing as LBJ, 3 point shooters were not as common or as effective as they are today, defense was almost outlawed, hand checking is prohibited, and physicality is rare. However, LBJ’s size as well as speed and athleticism make him virtually unstoppable. MJ didn’t have stretch 4 and 5’s to remove the rim protector from the basket, leaving him free to do whatever he pleases. MJ also never had the offensive firepower that LBJ had with him in Kyrie Wade, Love, Bosh, and Wade. Pippen was the best MJ had. Although he was initially a defensive stopper his offensive skills were slowly developed. The 8 consecutive finals appearances were grossly underrated. Since the fall of D Rose and the Celtics, the eastern conference has been a CBA. LBJ never faces a real team until he reaches the finals …., hence the 3-6 record. LBJ is not the GOAT, but he is the most physically gifted player …..

Jesse Unk (author), Ohio, June 13, 2018,

Jim, thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it. It would be a great idea to share it with your Jordan- and Lebron-loving friends.

Jim Sippel June 13, 2018,

Excellent article. Also, a great statistical analysis of the players and league. This is something I have wanted to do for a while. Glad you did it.

Jesse Unk (author), Ohio, June 12, 2018,:

Jeffrey, facts can be very telling if you focus on numbers and not nostalgic feelings.

Jeffrey June 12, 2018, 12:12 PM

I did not know Jordan was 1-5 against both the Pistons and the Celtics. People talk about how he played those great men, but he never won. He was beating Patrick Ewing, Barkley, who aren’t even among the top 20 men! Excellent article!

Jesse Unk (author), Ohio, June 11, 2018,

Anytime Kid. This week, I will be updating the article to include lebrons stats for this season as well as a few other things that I have discovered over the past few weeks.

Kid June 8, 2018, 8:08 PM

Now I know what you mean.

Jesse Unk (author), Ohio, July 18, 2017,:

This is not LeBron’s bias, I would say. Most of the stats are in his favor. Only the competition, 2nd level wins and overall stats are all pro LeBron arguments. All other indicators point to Jordan or a deadlock.

Excellent article, but Lebron biased July 17, 2017

Are you kidding? MJ was a one-time all star who won six titles. Lebron complains that he needs more help, and that his team is too heavy. MJ did not do any recruiting. Imagine if he did the same thing as Lebron. They would have won every year, getting the best players and forcing management into a position of service.

Jesse Unk (author), Ohio, July 01st 2017,:

Although Horace Grant isn’t yet in the Hall of Fame, you are correct. However, he will most likely be at a point similar to many of LeBron’s players. He will likely join the Hall of Fame at some point during his career, although he won’t be on the first ballot. Your assertion that LeBron lacks killer instinct is also incorrect. He was triple-teamed by a Spurs team in his first Finals appearance. After choking twice in Miami, he was brought back to life by a depleted Cavs team, who were down to six the first year. He averaged a triple-double last season. Kobe was well-known for his Killer instinct and lost two games. At all levels of the game, winning is important. As I said, Bill Russell would be the greatest player if only rings were important.

Kevin W was born in Texas on June 29, 2017.

This is a great analysis. However, I might be biased because I grew up in Chicago and was a Bulls fan before MJ. While I think Lebron is a better player overall, it makes his teammates better. But moral victories don’t count. When it matters most, winning in the playoffs is more important than winning in the finals. Because of his heart and his desire to win, MJ is the Goat. Lebron doesn’t have/never had that “Killer Intinct”. There were rules in place to stop MJ. Hand checking and manhandling were perfectly legal. He was mugged almost every night on the court. Lebron had a lot more talent in Miami than he did in Cleveland, and I am pretty certain Horace Grant isn’t in the Hall of Fame.

Ron Unk June 28, 2017,

Excellent analysis

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