Best Beaches Near Bangkok

Best Beaches Near Bangkok

Thailand has a lot of tropical islands and is one of the best destinations for beach holidays in the world. There are a large number of beaches near Bangkok visited by innumerable tourists every year. Tourists from winter regions especially come to feel the radiance of the sun and sparkling sand. Bangkok has some beautiful beaches that will give you complete summer vibes. Ordinary days can be exhausting sometimes and if you wish to take a break you can enjoy a happy time with your family and friends at these beaches.


Hua Hin Beach is well known for its astounding sunrises and tranquility. It takes about 3 hours from Bangkok and the place has many activities like banana boat rides, water skiing, windsurfing, horse riding, parasailing and other famous beach sports. The beach is one of the largest and oldest places in Thailand as it was once a vacation home to royal families. Hua Hin is entirely developed with travelling facilities, shopping complexes, restaurants, hotels, bars, street food and temples so that you can have a good time exploring the nearby areas. Or you can just take a sunbathe soothing yourself on the warm sand while feeling the cool breeze of the seaside. 


Ko Samet Beach is one of the loveliest shores located in the south of Bangkok and is the closest to the capital that takes about 3 hours to reach. The beach was named after the ‘Samet’ trees which are spread over the whole island. The beach is about 140 miles away from Bangkok but the best coastal experience awaits as you can enjoy several water rides and beach games there. The place is famous for its crystal clear water so it gets crowded on weekends because residents visit there to have a relaxing time. This small beach has a whole range of accommodations like boating, lounges, motorbikes, gift shops, and restaurants. This place is certainly an amazing runaway for a peaceful weekend.


Tawaen Beach is the most beautiful beach located on Koh Larn Island with endless blue-green waters.  The beachfront has many seafood restaurants and sun loungers making the place more lively. The place is always flocked with tourists and residents as it only takes 2 hours to drive from Bangkok. You can chill under the graceful pine trees, try sizzling food or just click photos all around the beach under the sunny sky of summer. The view is enchanting, full of greenery and picturesque hills covering the sea. The best time to visit the place is November to March as the air is comforting and the sun is shining overhead.


Pattaya Beach is about 4 kilometers long and beach lovers can have a solitude time on the golden sand. It is about 145 kilometers away and takes 2 hours from the capital both for tourists and locals. Every glimpse of sunrise and sunset is sublime when the coral light falls on blue waters making it even more dazzling to look at. Apart from a beautiful waterfront, there are many local shops for clothes, bags, hats, and many other accessories which tourists love to buy as a reminder of the holiday. Also, you can take a Thai massage on the sands while you are in the world-famous country of massages. 


Pranburi Beach is a serene water gulf of Thailand covered by fascinating forests. Popular water sports and activities include jet skis, banana boats, canoeing, beach volleyball, kayaking, speed boat trips, and football. Bangkok city is around 280 kilometers from this lovely place and surely a destination for couples to spend some quality time together. Pamper yourself in the pristine sand or spend your day soaking yourself in the seawater and later enjoy dazzling nightfall. You can capture your kids making amazing childhood memories playing on the sand or making sandcastles with their little hands.


Cha- Am Beach is an unspoiled destination brimming with emerald color as far as you can see. The place has an undisturbed beauty surrounded by tropical jungle situated in the Phetchaburi province. This sleepy island has a boho feeling, excellent for people looking for a peaceful getaway. There are numerous luxury resorts and hotels with the best facilities to spend a day or two on the island. On a good breezy day, you can go kite flying, surfing, cycling, or sea diving on the seaboard. One of the best things about the cha-am beach is that it’s less crowded and you can enjoy your seclusion without any distractions.


Koh Kood Beach is called the paradise of Bangkok located in the eastern part and takes less than 2 hours to reach by boat. Koh Kood is the fourth largest beach in Thailand with a very limited population. On the magnificent white sand, you can plan a bonfire night with your friends and enjoy the whole night gossiping with each other. You can also explore forest waterfalls and the unique greenery of the wild. The best part is that this place remains unoccupied so you drop yourself under sand and have a good nap under some coconut trees. 


Koh Larn Beach is located on the elephant island, a close neighbour to Koh Kood beach. Koh larn is mainly an island with many beaches including samae beach, ta waen beach, tong lang,  tayaiy beach, tien beach, and nual beach. It takes about 2 hours from Bangkok to reach the island. The place is a beautiful blend of beach vibes and modern amenities because every possible accommodation is available from luxury hotels to street food. Koh larn remains very busy during the peak season as tourists love the clear azure water and gorgeous sunsets. Enjoy all the Thai cuisine and get yourself tanned while you are on the beautiful soil of Thailand. A beach holiday with your family is a must when these beaches have so much to offer from relaxing massages to water sports that will be a mind-boggling experience this year. 

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