Top 5 Parenting Blogs

Top 5 Parenting Blogs

Have you ever thought about the complexities and nuances that can be associated with raising a child? Parenting is never an easy task but parenting styles can vary from home to home and that is what will reflect in the way your child behaves. Since different parenting styles are adopted by different parents while bringing up their children, you get to see varied behavioral patterns in children while growing up and as grown-ups too. It is imperative that parents maintain a healthy relationship with their children so that they can bring out the best in their children and help them become responsible adults. That said, the focus shifts to parenting techniques and how it can have long-lasting effects on a child’s behavior and growth. 

Parenting style can change from child to child if there is more than one child at home and many times the problems faced by parents can also influence a child’s upbringing.  Let us have a look at the top 5 parenting blogs which will help you stay organized and enjoy your child’s growing up stages even while being busy with your life. These are some of the amazing blogs that will guide any parent seeking help and make them realize they are not alone in this. 


A child can often catch a cough and a cold which can be a cause of concern especially if you are first time parents. Well, Bundoo is a website that will help parents to deal with the common cold of your child for all their special needs. What makes this website useful and reliable is because it is operated by doctors and that can be of a huge relief to parents when it comes to finding answers to their questions regarding their their baby’s well-being.

You get to know what the doctors and healthcare experts have to say about topics on parenting and parenting issues. The blog is the easiest and best way to connect with healthcare experts and doctors, you can share your opinions and speak about the issues that are bothering you when it comes to your child. Join the Bundoo community and put an end to your parenting woes. 

Kids Academy’s Parenting Blog

Kids Academy is a popular educational platform for preschoolers and elementary students. Apart from creating diverse educational content, the project editors have been for many years dedicated to developing an expert blog for parents on the matters of early childhood education and upbringing. Therefore, today the blog boasts of tons of helpful and insightful articles written by professional educators in order to provide moms and dads with quality information on different aspects of a child’s life and learning. From tips on reading and writing, to science experiments, healthy habits and psychological wellbeing — KA blog thoroughly covers a wide variety of topics that can be navigated using the website menu. If you like the articles featured by this blog, make sure to check out the apps for early education created by the same team of professionals and you won’t be disappointed: they offer diverse and high-quality learning programs on all the core school subjects for grade levels from pre-kindergarten to grade 3. 

Teach Mama

The blog is run by Amy, a former high school English teacher who gives good tips, tools, and techniques on how to become good teachers to your children while bringing them up. This blog is the best way to create lasting connections and will help to better the link between home and school. There are stories on parenting and how to hone your parenting skills. 

The resources they have on the site is a good way for parents to feel confident while raising children. Parenting should be fun and at no stage should parents feel burdened with the process of bringing up a child. Instead, they should find it fun and enjoyable and feel happy and relaxed.

Scary Mommy

Parenting cannot always be perfect, and it need not always be perfect.  Scary Mommy blog gives good insights on pregnancy, kids, parenting, lifestyle, and relationships that can be helpful to parents when they feel a need for guidance while bringing up kids. 

The blog will help you realize you are not the only mommy who is scared. There are many scary mommies out there, and this platform is the best way to support each other when it comes to laughter, empowerment, sharing experiences of motherhood, and supporting each other when it comes to parenting. There is humor, and the trials and triumphs of parenthood shared will bring a smile on the faces of all parents struggling to meet the daily challenges of being a parent.

Focus On the Family

This global Christian ministry is dedicated to help families thrive and help them with the resources to build healthy marriages and raise children with good morals and values that are in resonance with the Biblical principles. There is a lot of healthy advice for parents when it comes to guidance and wisdom. 

The blog gives good suggestions and tips to all those parents who are looking for resources and practical advice to meet the challenges of parenthood and creating a healthy ambiance at home. Parents are encouraged to teach their children about God and explain to them the harmful influences the current generation culture can cause to them if they are not careful. There is grace, encouragement, and kind words in the blog that will provide enough support to parents who require help.

My Life Suckers

The blog has interesting posts and videos on parenting, how children can be encouraged to learn through play, and the impact of the pandemic followed by lockdown on the children, their growth, and parents who are trying to juggle between work and taking care of a child, both from home. The tone and approach to the topics are fun and breezy which will help parents to look at parenting challenges in a different way without feeling tense. 

Deva, the blogger’s experience of six years as the senior editor of Nickelodeon’s parenting website is tangible in the posts shared on the site. There are videos shared on the site which makes it easy for parents to connect with what the topics are trying to convey as the images coupled with the words give clarity to the content discussed. 

You must be having an idea now about parenting and the different layers of parenting after going through these blogs. There are many more helpful blogs on the internet that can help you navigate through parenthood in a good way and enjoy the entire process of bringing up your child without robbing you of the joys of parenthood. Good parenting plays a key role when it comes to a child’s growth in all dimensions, physical, social, emotional, and intellectual, and that is why stress is always given to parenting style.

Decide on the type of parent you want to become to your child and check out these parenting blogs for guidance and help to move forward in your parenthood journey, enjoying every moment of it!

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