Card counting in Blackjack: An Online Blackjack Card Counting System

Card counting in Blackjack: An Online Blackjack Card Counting System

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino banking games in the world, gaining widespread popularity in the 1960s and subsequently attracting many players seeking to win large. We’ve also seen many people who play online blackjack and earn well. It is a game of chance that demands considerable skill, focus, and discipline. Blackjack counting methods are used to enhance gameplay.

A good strategy is one of the most crucial components if a player wants to win at blackjack. It is crucial to comprehend its fundamental concepts to implement it appropriately and make it operate to its advantage. 

In addition to the fundamental approach, card counting is one of the most popular blackjack strategies. As both methods are interrelated to some degree, players should use the knowledge and data they supply to attain their intended outcome.

The ideal strategy tells players the fundamental rules of the game and the best potential movements in a given circumstance based on the overall value of their hand and the dealer’s up card; hence, it is required that they master it thoroughly.

What exactly is Card Counting

Card counting is a blackjack strategy that uses mathematics to assess whether the next hand will likely favor the player or the dealer. The goal and objective of card counters is to keep track of the high and low-value cards that are dealt in the game and, by doing so, reduce the casino’s advantage. Since card counting helps players to determine the composition of the remaining cards to be dealt with and played, they can make more informed judgments and reduce their losses.

Many players believe that card counting requires a genius-level intellect. Card counting techniques differ in terms of complexity. Some basic card reading procedures use an easy-to-use tally system. Complex point values in advanced point systems allow players more precision but require precise calculations.

How Does Card Counting Work?

Card counting enables players to maximize their winnings during hot streaks and to maximize their winnings during cold streaks.

Card counters (also called advantage players) alter their play based on the remaining card composition in the dealer’s shoe by using card reading. All of these elements combine to assist players to overcome the house edge in blackjack. In essence, card counting works like this:

A player assigns face and number cards a negative, positive, or zero value.

They keep a “running count” of the cards dealt throughout the game.

Once a player has confidence in the “real count”, they may adjust their wagers based on their advantage.

As fewer cards remain in the shoe, the player’s accurate count improves and they make more decisive bets.

This blackjack method can be learned by anybody with patience, plenty of practice, and attention to detail. Card counting is one of the most powerful blackjack methods, so it is worth your time and effort.

Everyone Can Do It

Contrary to common opinion, card counting does not require advanced arithmetic skills. You do not even need to be proficient in mathematics. Anyone with a willingness to learn and a commitment to practice may acquire the necessary skills. The fact that there are multiple levels of performing it and, subsequently, different sorts of techniques to suit those just beginning out and others to be a challenge for more expert counters, is a significant benefit for enthusiastic newcomers.

Is counting cards legal?

Card counting seems illegal since the player is essentially attempting to outsmart or outwit the casino.

However, you are attempting to accomplish a little more than that. Therefore, regardless of what anybody (even casinos) may tell you, card counting is perfectly legal.

But (there’s always a but), casinos have the right to deny service to anybody they want, anytime they choose, and for any reason they consider legitimate.

Therefore, if casino authorities discover that you have diminished their advantage by counting cards, they may deny you access to their casino the next time you visit.  The majority of the time, you will be restricted from playing blackjack while other games remain open.

However, catching a card counter is not simple, so it is a rare occurrence. Consequently, you may start practicing card counting skills without fear of being caught.

The Benefits of Card Counting Systems

Card counting systems let players adjust their fundamental strategy and thereby make better judgments about their bets and actions. To become a skilled card counter, it is therefore essential to have a thorough understanding of this concept. By modifying their bets following the card counting systems, players can considerably reduce their financial losses.

Those who depend on card counting techniques can determine whether to raise or reduce their wagers based on the information the cards on the table provide and therefore avoid losing money. This is perhaps the biggest benefit of card counting systems, and it is the primary reason why professional players who know how to win utilize this method so often.

3 Card Counting System for Online Blackjack

Here are the three most effective card counting systems for blackjack players. Some of these systems are simpler to use than others.

1. Hi-Lo System

The so-called Hi-Lo system is one of the most well-known card counting methods (High-Low system). It is regarded as a very dependable system that is simple to learn and use in a casino atmosphere, making it one of the most popular. It is so effective because it gives the cards a new value, which might be positive, negative, or zero.

This makes card counting simpler and faster, allowing players to correctly track the cards. When they begin keeping track of them, their worth should be adjusted accordingly. The method provides players with the following plan: cards with values from two to six get a plus one, cards with values from seven to nine receive a zero, and the other cards receive a minus one.

2. Ace 5 

This is the card counting system that may be used by any blackjack player. It is so simple that there is no reason not to try it. And after you’ve learned how simple it is to utilize the Ace 5 card counting system, you can begin learning how to utilize one of the other systems that give you an even greater advantage.

This system simply keeps track of all aces and 5s as they are played. Begin your count at zero and add one for every five you see. Subtract one from your total whenever you see an ace.

When the count reaches 2 or higher, you increase your wager. When the count is 1 or less, the smallest possible wager is made. The highest stake is eight to sixteen times the smallest bet.

3. Red Seven

Red Seven is another level-one system, meaning it is simpler and easier to understand. This approach incorporates the basics of card counting, so players may be confident in their ability to comprehend how it works. Its simplicity allows people to readily recall it when required, while still providing a trustworthy and accurate strategy. It allows them to change the tide in their favor.

The system employs the well-known counting technique to give a value to each card. As suggested by the system’s name, the number seven plays an important role. The reason for this is that a red seven is worth plus one, whereas a black seven is worth zero. The plan for the remaining cards is identical to that of the Hi-Lo system.


If you play blackjack for real money, you must use a counting system. All of the counting systems listed in this article may increase your chances of winning, but some are more effective than others. Yet, there is no need to play without counting.

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