Do Mlb Players Pee On Their Hands

Do Mlb Players Pee On Their Hands

As a person who has had blisters on his hands and feet, urine is amazing. It actually protects the skin from forming bumps and preventing blisters. There are several reasons why baseball players pee on their hands. You might start reading and saying, “this is weird and disgusting”, but I assure you this is the norm for baseball players.

What Does Urine Do to Your Skin?

And it’s an easy act to do. When you are urinating, make sure you hold it back and make sure to get all the pee out of you, which is actually easier to do if you’re peeing while sitting down. However, you can even pee standing if you want.
And when you’re done, simply rinse your hands with water, and you should be feeling more hydrated and moisturized.

Notable Players Admitting to Peeing on Their Own Hands

What are the Drawbacks of Using Lotion In a Baseball Game?


One of the more famous examples of players peeing on their hands comes when Barry Bonds was hitting cleanup in the NLCS of 1998. Bonds had already gotten his MVP Award as the Giants’ first baseman, so he was on his way to the record books. After hitting a single in the 11th inning, Bonds decided to use a little trick to increase his success. When he got back to the dugout, he pulled out a bottle of Gatorade and took a couple of swigs. He then went back to the on-deck circle and took the top of his batting glove off and used it to squirt Gatorade on his palm and fingers. Bonds then went back to the plate and proceeded to hit a three-run home run.

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