What Is The Eephus Pitch In Baseball?

What Is The Eephus Pitch In Baseball?

In a game in 2019, Zack Greinke threw a fastball at 50 miles per hour, which was so shocking to many people. Maybe even more shocking is that there is a name to this technique, and it is the Eephus pitch. Learn more about this pitch, who created it, and more below!

What is an Eephus Pitch in Baseball?

If a pitcher throws a ball at a slow speed, it catches the hitter off-guard and can sometimes sneak inside the batter’s swing and hit for a hit. The speed of the ball and the lack of movement can make it difficult for the hitter to gauge the pitch.

You may hear fans or announcers describe the high leg kick in a slang term during a football game. Some expressions to describe the high kick include big toe, fanny pack, and gimp. Since the kick trajectory is high to low, you might hear others describe it as high-to-low, high-kick, and high-kick-kick.

Why is it Called an Eephus Pitch / Who Invented It?

The Eephus pitch is a weak fastball in the low 80’s. It’s thrown in the batter’s immediate vicinity to induce an error. Its name comes from Eephus, a Greek God of ill judgment. This pitch is used since the pitch itself is a weak one, causing an error, and it is hard to judge if it’s a strike or a ball.

Is the MLB Eephus Pitch Legal?

What is the Slowest MPH Pitch in MLB History?

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Why is the Eephus Pitch Effective?

Why is the Eephus Pitch Not Effective?

Has Anyone Thrown the Eephus Pitch in the World Series?

Back in 2005, the Boston Red Sox were facing the New York Yankees in a crucial Game 7 of the ALCS. During game 7, Red Sox Pitcher Jake Peavy threw an Eephus pitch to Johnny Damon, who hit a home run. The Red Sox would eventually lose the ALCS, and throwing an Eephus pitch did not help the team win.

How is the Eephus Pitch Different from a Changeup?

A changeup is a lot like a fastball. It is thrown around 90 MPH and it is thrown out the same way. The difference between a changeup and a fastball is the shape of the ball and the speed with which it is thrown. The average changeup speed is 89 MPH and an average fastball is 96 MPH.

Eephus is a pitch that is very similar to a knuckleball. This pitch has no speed, and instead acts like a slow ball or cut-fast ball. This often makes the pitch seem like it has some sort of slow-moving knuckleball. The Eephus pitch is thrown by Japanese pitchers.

How Many Fingers Does an Eephus Pitch Have?

An Eephus pitch has very little spin which makes it less effective than a traditional fast ball. The grip is much more similar to a high-spin overhand curve in that the top of your palm and the top of the thumb are parallel to the seams.

Spike (or spike ball)
These are the pitches that don’t have a lot of spin and have a more straight flight path. They may be very flat in the strike zone. Spike balls are used to get the batter out of the box or to get up-and-in.


In the 80’s, a lot of pitching coaches like the Eephus pitch. However, the first big name to use this pitch was Greg Maddux. While at the beginning of his career, he was known as a strikeout pitcher, he began throwing this pitch in his mid-20’s. He liked the pitch because it was a “fast ball” that could “get hit by anyone.” The pitch also has a unique delivery. When he threw it, he would first drop his elbow, then drop his shoulder, and then he would come back up with his arm across his chest.

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