How Long Are Baseball Games?

How Long Are Baseball Games?

All games include 45 minutes of play and then 30 minutes of commercials. The first half of this 45-minute game (play) is played between just the starting pitchers. There is no clock in baseball.

How Many Innings is a Regular Baseball Game?

The average MLB game consists of nine innings of baseball. However, 2021 has two seven-inning doubleheaders. So, 11 innings are considered a complete game. On top of that, there are post-season games, which can last even longer than a normal game. So, 11 innings are considered average for regular season and postseason games.

The game is played for nine innings. In that time, the players have a total of 54 minutes during which to perform any number of tasks such as batting, pitching, base running, base-stealing, etc. The game length is variable, but since the total of 54 minutes is the same whether we are in the 8th or the 9th inning, we can assume the game is not over. If, for example, a game were to last until the end of the 9th inning, then since the length of each inning is roughly the same, the total time spent per game would be roughly the same.

How Long is a Baseball Game?

The average game length in the U.S. has actually been decreasing over the last 70 years. In 1925, it was two hours and twenty-nine minutes. The shortest average game length for a game played between a major league team took place in 1910. It was two hours and twelve minutes.

The game takes longer due to the MLB schedule. Every team is scheduled to play the whole season. MLB makes sure that games are the same length by making them start at different times.
The game takes longer to complete because each player has a specific number of pitches to throw during the at bat, which takes a lot of time.

What Adds to the Time of Baseball Games?

Multiple factors contribute to the length of the game. Here are some of the ways that baseball games have become longer over the years.

What are the Ways Baseball is Trying to Speed up the Game?

Major League Baseball is trying to speed up the game with a 20-second pitch clock that every player has to use. The game will go faster because the pitcher will only have 20 seconds to throw a pitch and the batter will have less time to react to the pitch.

2021 New Rules to Speed up the Game

A seven-inning game makes the pace of play faster. This prevents the game from dragging on for the whole seven innings. It also reduces the number of innings a team has to pitch.

What is the Longest Game Ever in Baseball?

The longest professional baseball game was played in 1984, when the Milwaukee Brewers played against the Chicago White Sox. The game took eight hours and six minutes to complete, and ended up with the Brewers winning the game 20 to 15.

What is the Longest Minor League Baseball Game Ever?

The longest Minor League Baseball game was between the Rochester Red Wings and the Pawtucket Paw Sox, who played an eight hour and 25 minute game in 1981. The game was thirty-three innings and was the longest game in Minor League Baseball history. It is also the longest game in the history of the International League. After the game, the Red Wings lead the Paw Sox 27 to 27.

What Was the Longest Played World Series Game?

The longest game occurred at the beginning of the 2008 MLB season. In the opening game of the season, the Detroit Tigers defeated the Chicago White Sox by a score of 8-7. The game lasted eight hours and fifteen minutes, as the Tigers were winning by a score of 6-2 at one point.


The number of games played in MLB per season has gone up in the last few years. In the 1980s and 1990s, a team was expected to play almost 150 games a year. Now, with the shortened schedule, a team is expected to play a larger number of ball games.

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