Judge’s Chambers Yankee Stadium

Judge’s Chambers Yankee Stadium

The Judge’s Chambers is a section of the right field seats, near the right field wall of the ballpark. The seats in the Judge’s Chambers provide the best views of the Yankees outfield. The area is most definitely known as Yankee Stadium’s “best seats.” The fans usually sit behind the right field wall and have a direct view of the outfield.

What are the Judge’s chambers?

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Where is the Judge’s chambers in Yankee Stadium?

There is a unique part to the right field at Yankee Stadium that fans who sit in that section get a unique view of Aaron Judge’s catches, and a majority of the time that is from batting practice.

How do you get to sit in the Judge’s chambers at Yankee Stadium>

When the Yankees play, you can buy tickets right here for this section. The New York Yankees do work with the local community organizations, hospitals, and charities to get people into this area. In addition to organizations, charities, and other groups, the Yankees also get little league teams in to play in this section.

When Did this Rooting Section Open?

The Judge’s chamber has a different feel than any other part of Yankee Stadium. There are no sections or seats in this area, it’s a place where you can be yourself and enjoy the game with your friends and family.
We got to see how Judge and his friend got into the Judge’s chamber this past Tuesday night.

One of the most important things that the Yankees franchise does is create a fun, safe, and comfortable environment for all of their fans. Since the renovation, Yankee Stadium has been built for all types of fans. Now, the home of the New York Yankees features a family section and sections for fans who want to rock out.

What Did Aaron Judge Initially Think?

Chambers is an excellent musician, and he enjoys playing live concerts. But the music scene has changed a lot since his career started in the 1970’s. The old-school music venues are closing and the new generation of music fans are watching music online. And that means fewer venues where Chambers can play live concerts. In fact, Chambers hasn’t played a major live concert in a couple of years.

Aaron Judge Rookie Year Numbers

Do the Yankees Give you Judge Outfits to Wear?

During the 2018 playoffs, the fans of the chamber group created a special message for Judge. The message said Judge was going to the World Series. Judge was on a five game hitting streak which included two home run hits, and Judge hit a game-winning three-run home run against the Yankees.

Famous Supreme Court Justice Fan

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor was the first Latin America justice to be appointed to the Supreme Court, so she was cheering on the Yankees against the Red Sox. She was rooting for the Yankees because they were based in New York, and she is a New Yorker.

When Sotomayor was appointed to the Supreme Court, she was one of the first Hispanic women to serve on the High Court.

Sotomayer is also known for throwing out the first pitch at a Yankee game. Sotomayer also got her start with baseball in college. She was the first woman ever to pitch in a regional college tournament. She was also the first woman to pitch in a national college tournament. She was also the first woman to pitch in the Women’s College World Series. Sotomayer also helped end an 8-month baseball players strike when a judge allowed her to end the strike. She also threw out the first pitch at a Yankee game.

Has Anyone Hit a Home Run into the Judge’s Chambers?

Aaron Hicks had a home run in 2017 that smashed the scoreboard. It was the first home run since 2014.


For me, being a pitcher, the best feeling is throwing a ball to the catcher while being in the batter’s box. Having the catcher put the ball in his mitt and throw it back to me is the epitome of baseball. Having fans cheering and chanting as you throw the ball to the catcher is pure joy. I am lucky to play in a small, intimate ballpark like Yankee Stadium.

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