Slots With and Without Saving Game Session: Pros and Cons

Slots With and Without Saving Game Session: Pros and Cons

In order to choose the best slot, we advise you to choose a casino that you can trust first, and uk online casino reviews will help you do that. Nowadays, the products of game developers, namely slot machines, better known among online casino customers as slots, differ in gameplay, variance and winnings potential. But there is another important parameter – saving the progress of the game or game session. Unfortunately, many players do not attach importance to it. Because they do not understand how and on what it can affect, expressed in the behavior of the slot, its payoff and potential.

Saved game session – what is it

To begin with, let’s look at what it means to save a game session and the progress of the game. Naturally, here we are not talking about restoring the bonus game in case of its interruption (self-deferred, internet connection break or bug), and that means:

  • There is no random number generator that generates each spin,
  • and that game developers make scripts, aka “game sequences”, simply put, segments (tracks), which are created by the random number generator during the development stage, laying down the basic RTP.

Accordingly, this should be understood as the restoration of the game after a restart (update) at the same point of the game segment, where the game stopped. This is often determined by changing the symbols on the playing reels, resetting bets or a sudden change in behavior of the slot.

Slot machines without saving a game session

So, among the most popular developers of slot machines for online casinos with no saving game session and progress, we can highlight: Play`n Go, Amatic, ELK, QuickSpin, Thunderkick.

Features of the game on these slot machines

To begin with, these slots are also built on the basis of game segments. The fundamental difference with slots with a saving game session is that when you save the system puts you on a certain slot, where the big win is laid at a certain distance. And the player has no other option but to move (in the form of spins) on this scenario. In slots without saving, the player gets to change the “track” by simply re-entering the slot.

As we remember, in a number of programmed sequences the same bonus game can be located after a few tens or even hundreds of spins. And in others it can be, literally, on the first spin. Due to the possibility of changing the game interval, the player gets a chance to catch a game sequence with the location of large winnings or a series of medium at a minimum distance.

  • Among the “pluses” of slots without saving the session we can clearly distinguish the following: high potential of getting a big win or a bonus game from the first spins, which is most often practiced in games from Play`n Go, Amatic, QuickSpin.
  • “Minus” is the high risk of not “pushing” the slot. For example, you “poured” into this slot machine a large amount of bets, and for some reason the game is interrupted. It is no longer possible to restore at the same “segment”, and all the “investments” go nowhere. And in the future, everything will have to start again, with a low potential for big winnings from the beginning of the game session.

Slots with saving of game history

Among the most popular developers of slot machines for online casinos with saving game session and progress, you can select: Endorphina, NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, Red Tiger.

The exception may be the change of the PC version of the game to its mobile version, which, however, “works” only once. It is worth noting that the preservation of the history of the game and its progress with these developers is for different periods, from a few weeks to six months or more.

Features of the game on these slot machines

The fundamental difference with slots without saving the game session is that, in this case, the system puts you on a certain segment, where the winnings are laid on certain distances. And the player has no other option than to follow the script, by analogy with a shooter game.

The location of winnings in these slot machines is possible from the start or at a small distance from the beginning of the game. The winnings themselves can be singular or issued in series, which alternates, as a rule, by small “minus” intervals of the game.

  • The “plus” of such slots is a guaranteed mega-win, and the only question is its location in the segment. I.e., you will get it at a short distance of a few hundred spins or you will move to it dozens or even hundreds of game sessions with thousands of bets.
  • The “minus” I would single out is the very low potential for a repeat mega-win. If you got a winning of 100-500 bets, then at some point in the interval you can get that winning again, and we are talking about higher values here. And so players do not leave the slots for good after getting a mega-win (more than 1,000 bets), such winnings are not singular and can be given even one after the other. But in most of the scripts it will not be possible to repeat the success. And further there will be only small and average winnings.

More fair play on slots

You can not call one of the proposed schemes of the game developers correct, and the other fraudulent. Each of them has its pros and cons.

For example, the first type of slots (without saving game history) is suitable for players who have a small reserve of bets. Such slots provide a chance to catch a script with the issuance of winnings from the start, or, perhaps, a series of such game segments. 

In the second type of slot machines (with preservation of game history), there is an understanding that sooner or later the slot will give in the case, if unlucky, to get a big win from the start of the game session. Analyzing the potential of the slot, its behavior, etc., you can calculate the approximate reserve of bets needed to get the desired result. The “minus” here is that after getting a mega-win, there is practically no point in further play. Since the potential for such winnings is extremely low, which, however, does not prevent the game from continuing at this slot machine in another casino.

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