What Does Hitting For The Cycle Mean In Baseball?

What Does Hitting For The Cycle Mean In Baseball?

In Major League Baseball, hitting for the cycle is defined as hitting a home run, a triple, a single and a double. A player reaches the “cycle” after they have hit at least one home run, triple, single or double.

What Does Hitting For the Cycle Mean in Baseball?

Hitting for the cycle is a baseball player hitting a grand slam, a home run, a double, and a single that all happen in the same at bat. The order is not important, but a player can only do it once every five years.

The only Major League Baseball team in sports with a player that has never hit for the cycle is the Miami Marlins.

What Does a Natural Cycle Mean in Baseball?

All the single players have to play the games on their own. The doubles team have to play half of their games in the field together. The triples and home runs teams can also play together as a two-man squad.

What Does a Reverse Cycle Mean in Baseball?

A reverse natural cycle is when a player hits a single, double, triple and home run all in the same game. It is simply the reverse order of a natural cycle. You can check out this link for reverse natural cycles.

What Baseball Player has Hit the Most Cycles in Their Career?

The first record of a player completing 7 cycles is by the English tennis player, John Newcombe. He did this in a tournament in 1979.

What Baseball Player Hit the First Cycle?

According to the Society for American Baseball Research, the first season game with history recorded on film was in 1914. However, baseball historian Bill James has recorded that the first game with film documented was September 20, 1910. The New York Giants were playing on that day against the Chicago Cubs at Shibe Park.

Most Recent Player to Hit for a Cycle?

Freddie Freeman hit for the cycle against the Miami Marlins on August 18, 2021. The game was in Atlanta, and Freeman hit for the cycle in only six innings!

Before this game was hit in the Padres’ history, the most previous cycle was hit on June 28, 2017 by the Boston Red Sox against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Interesting Baseball Cycle Trivia

Christian Yelich made history on April 21, 2018 as the first player to hit for the cycle twice against the same team in the same season. Yelich did this twice against the Cincinnati Reds.

Notable Hall of Fame Players to Hit for the Cycle

Has a Baseball Player Ever Hit for the Cycle in a Postseason Game?

While the cycle is a rare feat, it is not impossible. Brock Holt was the only player to hit for the cycle in the postseason. In the ninth inning of Game 3 of the 2018 American League Division Series, he hit for the cycle against the New York Yankees.

Has a Baseball Player Ever Hit for the Cycle in an All-Star Game?

This is also the only way this feat was ever accomplished.


In summary, hitting for a cycle is very tough. Getting four hits during a baseball game is very difficult. However, if you are able to witness a cycle during a baseball game, you can consider yourself lucky!

The following is the same thing as above, but I did not use the word “happen” as the narrator did. The verb I used was “occur”, instead of “happen”.

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