What Is A Qb Sneak?

What Is A Qb Sneak?

A quarterback sneak is a type of offensive play. A quarterback can run through the line to gain a small set of yards. In this video we discussed the play in which an offensive player runs through a line of defense to get a first down. A quarterback will not dive into the endzone but rather than he will stop and turn around and hand the ball off to a running back.

What is a Quarterback Sneak in Football?


When Did the First QB Sneak Take Place?

The first QB sneak in NFL history was performed by Graham Winkelbaum. That’s Winkelbaum from Yale.

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Is QB Sneaks Dangerous?

In addition, if the offense is forced to use the QB sneak in a critical down or distance situation, it could result in an incompletion or the ball going out of bounds. Consequently, the offense would be forced to punt, and the opposing team could quickly move down the field and score a touchdown or run out the clock and win the game.

A quarterback could fumble the ball if someone hits into the quarterback’s hand or body, which may lead to a turnover. To avoid fumbling, the quarterback can fake the handoff, stretch the football out wide in front of them, and then attempt to kick the ball forward as they receive the handoff. This could allow the quarterback to collect the first down, but they can still fumble the ball.

How Often Do QB Sneaks Work?

The best time to use the quarterback sneak is when a defense is in a nickel blitz with only 5 defensive backs. For example, the defense may send 2 linebackers up to the line, with the cornerbacks remaining deep to defend the short area. A quarterback can run the ball off the read of the defense based on the defensive personnel coverage.

Can the Center Position Run the Sneak Play?

The center position must allow the defense to attack the ball. The center must be able to see the ball to make sure the QB and RB aren’t in harm’s way in the shotgun. Additionally, the center must make the appropriate adjustments to kick out and the defense to collapse to the pass.

How Do Defensive Teams Stop the QB Sneak?

One of the basic rules of football is the more time you give the quarterback the more chance that he will succeed at something. In this case, the offense gives the quarterback more time by running an extra set of downs. If the defense is giving the quarterback that time, they are putting themselves in jeopardy of getting beaten for a first down/touchdown.


Who Has the Most QB Sneaks in Football History?

Tom Brady holds the record for QB sneaks by a significant margin against the NFL operations (NFL.com) website. New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees comes in second with just over one-hundred attempts. In third place is San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers with 94 QB sneaks.



There are different ways to design the play. One of the ways to design the play is to pass the ball to a running back who will rush from the backfield. The running back can then run with a QB sneak to the edge of the field of play. The player who is going to be the QB sneak would be the quarterback.

I would say the risk to reward ratio that you get if you get the call is higher than if you dont. You have a higher chance of winning the game if you run this play, but a higher chance of losing the game if the defense is more prepared and able to cover the receivers.

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