What Is An Immaculate Inning In Baseball?

What Is An Immaculate Inning In Baseball?

What is an Immaculate Inning in Major League Baseball?

How Many Immaculate Innings Have There Been?

Why are Immaculate Innings Happening More Often?

The spin rate of a pitch has increased tremendously over the last decade, and not only that, but it has increased in a fairly consistent way over the last twenty years for each pitcher. So, that means that the spin rate of a pitch has become an important factor for how a pitcher throws the ball today, and hitters are hitting pitches differently than they were twenty years ago.

Who Threw the First MLB Immaculate Inning?

The immaculate inning is a pitch that a pitcher throws that is considered to be the first official immaculate inning. The pitcher that threw the pitch was John Clarkson of the Boston Beaneaters in 1889. Clarkson’s career record is 328-178 with a 328-178 on-base plus slugging percentage.

Who Threw the Most Recent MLB Immaculate Inning?

The San Francisco Giants lead the NL West at the end of August 2019. So far in 2019, the Giants are 34-16 (.676).
The Giants started the season off with a 19-14 record. The Giants have been on top in the NL West for the last week.

In his final start before retirement, Kyle Finnegan threw an immaculate inning against the Braves. A few days later, Kyle Finnegan would be named the Most Valuable Player of the Rookie portion of the MLB All-Star Game, where he was able to throw an immaculate inning, along with a perfect game, to the Cleveland Indians.

Have There Been Any Pitchers Who Have Thrown Multiple Immaculate Innings?

– Sandy Koufax is the oldest pitcher that has thrown multiple immaculate innings and is also the only player on this list that has thrown more than one inning in a game that he started.
– Randy Johnson and Max Scherzer are the only two pitchers on this list that have thrown at least 200 innings over the course of 15 seasons.
– Kevin Gausman is the first pitcher since Max Scherzer to throw multiple immaculate innings in 2019.

Has Anyone Struck out Four Batters on 12 Pitches in Major League History?

There have been four such games since the end of World Series.

Has There Ever Been a 3-Pitch Inning?

To start with the top 3-pitch inning, the Yankees have thrown out of the team’s bullpen 13 times and have thrown 3-pitch innings. The Yankees have pitched a 3-pitch inning 11 times, tied with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The Yankees have the 2nd most 3-pitch innings out of the bullpen. The New York Mets have pitched out of their bullpen 10 times and have thrown 3-pitch innings. On the other hand, the New York Yankees have not yet thrown out of the bullpen yet.

Has Anyone Thrown a 27 Pitch Game?

In baseball, the 27 pitch minimum is used to keep pitchers from throwing too many pitches in a game. However, there is a person who was able to throw 27 pitches over nine innings in 1952. Ron Necciai was a Minor League Pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1952.


A pitcher’s strikeout rate is the strikeout rate minus walks. The rate of a given at-bat is the percentage of pitches thrown to that batter that are either not struck out or intentionally walked. The strikeout rate minus the rate of a given at-bat equals the percentage of pitches that have been struck out.

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