Why Is It Called Wrigley Field?

Why Is It Called Wrigley Field?

In 1914, the Chicago Cubs decided to have a new stadium. They needed one because of the Cubs’ popularity. The Cubs were the first North American sports team to have professional players, and their popularity was growing by the year. Also, they were the first professional baseball team to have a franchise outside of America. The stadium, for the most part, was designed by architect Addison Hutton.

How Did Wrigley Field Get Its Name?

The Cubs played at Wrigley Field from 1914 until 1945, when they moved to Chicago’s newly built Addison Airport. The Cubs returned to Wrigley Field on April 16, 1945, for a doubleheader with the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Cubs played their home games at Wrigley Field from 1945-1997, then moved to Chicago’s U.S. Cellular Field for 17 years beginning in 1998. On November 25, 2007, after the conclusion of the 2007 season, the Cubs held a special Wrigley Field farewell party for their fans. The final game at Wrigley Field was a regular-season game against the Pittsburgh Pirates that ended in a Cubs win. Wrigley Field was also the home of the Cubs for many years when they were based in Chicago, so it was the only place to play in the city.

The Cubs play their home games at Sloan Park from 1998 to the present, which is located off of Addison Airport Road in Addison, Illinois, 20 miles from Wrigley Field.

Who Created Wrigley Field?

In 2001, the Cubs and the Chicago Cubs Charities, the non-profit organization that works to help the greater Chicago community, in cooperation with the City Parks Foundation, the Chicago Park District and other community partners, celebrated the
installation of the new upper deck. The new upper deck opened on July 31, 2001. The upper deck at Wrigley Field was initially named “The Cell”, but is now known as “Friendly Confines”.

When Did the ivy Become Part of the Friendly Confines?

On May 31, 1945, the Chicago White Sox played a game against the Boston Bees. The Sox were coming off a World Series win against the St. Louis Cardinals and were looking forward to a victory against their crosstown rivals.

Fascinating History Trivia of Wrigley Field

The Original Tenants

The Chicago Whales were a top notch team, but the Federal League was a top notch league for years. In 1915, the Chicago Whales were known as the Federal League Whales because they could not compete with the best players in the majors. Baseball fans in Chicago missed the great baseball that was at Wrigley Field this year.

The Chicago Bears NFL team as Tenants

At a time when professional football was struggling in the United States, the Bears owner George Halas realized the importance of a quality stadium in order to attract people to the sport. So, he decided to build a stadium of the highest quality and that is what he did. The architect who designed the stadium was Daniel Burnham. It was built in time for the 1921 season.

Rules Around the Ivy Brick Wall

Wrigley Field is the only MLB venue with ivy along their outfield walls. When baseballs get lost in the vines, a player raises his arms, which means an automatic ground-rule double. In addition to ivy walls, the Cubs have a basket that overhangs the field form the bleachers. The basket reduces fans from interfering with the baseballs but causes ground-rule doubles when the ball bounces into it from the ground.

The Called Shot

As the home of the San Francisco Giants for the last 28 years, AT&T Park, is the oldest stadium in the Majors. The venue opened in 2000 and was renovated again in 2007. The Giants are one of the most successful teams in baseball and they’re perennial contenders.

The First Night Game at the Major League Baseball Ballpark

There was a rain delay that lasted just shy of two hours at the end of the first game of the doubleheader. During that delay, Bud Selig and the Milwaukee Brewers’ ownership group were negotiating in earnest about a new deal to keep the Brewers in Milwaukee. The Cubs were on their way to the World Series in 1989, so it was a time of great optimism for the franchise.

Wrigleyville and the Rooftop Seats


If you are looking for parking at Wrigley Field, the options are a little limited, but they are better than other venues. It is best to either park in the loop near Addison Street (where the stadium will be located) or in the North Loop near Addison street (where the stadium will be) rather than near the main entrance on Sheffield Avenue.

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