Why Tropicana Field Is Not A Dump

Why Tropicana Field Is Not A Dump

A visit to Tropicana Field shows that it’s a clean, well-maintained and well-run stadium. From the moment you walk in, you’re greeted by a friendly face at the ticket counter. The place is very well-organized and the lines move quickly. Not only that, but the stadium itself is gorgeous. I remember seeing Tropicana Field during its glory days from the 90’s when the stadium was decked out in green, orange and all things Rays. The old-facade is still there with a retro feel that makes you feel like you’re in a different decade.

It’s Hot in Florida

Tampa is a great baseball town with lots to do year-round. The area has an excellent museum and lots of great attractions. The museums and attractions are not expensive, so if you are there during the day, you can spend time in a museum and still walk around the city for entertainment. They also have great restaurants, bars, and shopping. The food in Tampa is some of the best in the country, with several different cultures to choose from. You will be amazed at how many foods you cannot find in North America. The nightlife in Tampa has great entertainment, which is one of the reasons why I believe people get to Tampa instead of going to the game.

There is a great article about the history of the stadium.

The Rays are Exciting

You can’t throw a pitch without hearing an umpire’s call. With so many balls and strikes, you can get used to hearing them all the time. But some calls can take your breath away. If you are a baseball fan, you probably do not want to end on a high note, unless of course you are a Rays fan. The game was over, but the Rays played an exciting game where many at-bats were the definition of at bats and the end result was a 7-4 victory.

The Staff is Friendly

The staff is terrible at the stadium. They are rude and will yell at fans no matter who they are. It’s almost like the staff members treat the stadium as their personal playground and are trying to ruin the experience for anyone who isn’t a Yankees fan.

Tropicana Field is a beautiful place to watch a baseball game. As with many other stadiums, it has a view of the city. You can view the city skyline and if the weather is nice, you will see the Atlantic Ocean. It is a short distance from the Atlantic and it seems right there as you watch the Phillies play. You can also see a football field down the right side of the stadium.

The Fans are Great

The ballpark experience was wonderful! The stadium is large and nice to look at. The food at the ballpark was also great – the concession stands are well stocked and the hot dogs and hamburgers were tasty. I would recommend the ballpark experience to fans all over the world. I wish we had Rays baseball at home more often!

Plenty of Standing Room around the Park

The centerfield seats also have an area for standing room. I’ve seen the centerfield standing room area before, but this year I saw that there was some kind of section that was just a straight-line and not so much of a barrier. It was a very cool thing to see.

While driving home, I was really excited when I looked at the map of the stadium and found out that the parking lots are quite close to the stadium. This not only makes it much easier to move around the park, but also means that fans don’t have to drive all the way around the complex to get to their seats.

The Roof Colors are Beautiful

 The field is really amazing. I can’t think of a major league stadium that is as well-maintained as Tropicana Field. The team does an amazing job at keeping things clean and looking fresh. The lights installed in the stadium in June 2019 will be the most beautiful lights in the game. They are installed right over the field, and the color changes are cool. The field is well manicured right to the backstop.

The Rays Tank + Family Fun

The Rays have a unique section in the right-center field at Tropicana Field. It’s not far from the dugout where you can walk around and pet the stingrays, which is fun.

_______________ is the perfect name for this stadium. With its small design it resembles a small village. There’s the sense of community. It’s like going to a local high school football game.

In the end, it’s really a question of whether you’re going to be entertained or not. For baseball fans, the answer is often no. For non-baseball fans, the answer is often yes. You’ll see two separate groups of people at Yankee Stadium. You have the baseball fanatics who come to enjoy and the non-fans who come to be entertained.

The Rays Future is Uncertain

But, Tampa Bay Rays fans will not be able to enjoy the home games that are left in their home ballpark this season. There is a chance that Tropicana Field could be torn down and rebuilt. With the renovations to USF, the Rays don’t think they want to stay in Al Lang. They also don’t think they want to play in Tampa because the market isn’t big enough yet.

The Rays are very expensive for the city of St. Petersburg, and the Rays are not very popular with the people of Florida. The current Tropicana Field deal expires in 2027, and some fans feel the team may leave Florida. Perhaps the best situation since the Rays have problems getting people into their arena.

The Tampa Bay Rays operate a multi-level parking lot.

You can buy a parking badge for $40.00 if you are not affiliated with the team. I believe the parking lot is open to the public so you do not have to buy a ticket.

You cannot bring alcohol into the parking lot, but you can bring them in with you. Just remember that if you forget you will be charged. The lot is open until the game ends.

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