7 uses for a wooden building in your garden

7 uses for a wooden building in your garden

Wooden buildings are on trend and are no longer limited to the role of a garden shed. Wooden constructions can be used as a shed, a workshop, a summer kitchen, a pool house, a sports hall, and much more! Quick Garden offers you different models of wooden constructions, each with their own style and specificities for the above-mentioned uses. 

Storage space

If your home is already quite cluttered, a garden chalet can be very useful to store various types of items. You can store tools or old stuff that is becoming too much for your home. The shed can be used for children’s old toys that have grown up, old clothes, seasonal furniture (such as summer garden furniture), Christmas decorations, bikes, scooters, skateboards and other sports equipment.

DIY workshop or artist studio

The garden cabin is not just a place to store things without using them. It can also be used as a craft or artist’s studio. Handymen can bring in a workbench and leave all their tools there. Whether it’s for woodworking, mechanics, or furniture restoration, your wood construction can quickly become an essential space for your passion and your hobbies! Artists, amateurs or professionals, painters, sculptors, draughtsmen, photographers, potters will be able to create an intimate space for themselves, with all the necessary equipment to give free expression to their creativity.

Gardening shed

Specially dedicated to your passion, to the maintenance and storage of materials and products, the garden shed quickly becomes necessary if you cultivate your vegetable garden or if you have fruit trees. You can leave your shovels, rakes, pots, gardening equipment, potting soil, lawnmowers, brush cutters and other tools there, without any risk.

Summer kitchen

The summer kitchen is a warm place to enjoy time with family and friends. You can install a barbecue and crockery, and some people don’t hesitate to add a fridge and a cooker. Together with some nice outdoor furniture and an awning, your wooden construction can be transformed into a friendly and welcoming terrace!


For sports addicts, simply install a treadmill, a weight bench, a rowing machine, and sports accessories to transform your wooden building into a personal gym in no time! What sportsman hasn’t dreamed of having his own gym? 

Guest room

Don’t have the space to invite everyone to your home? Do you need an extra room for your friends or family? Rather than investing in a house extension, building a wooden cabin is an efficient and less expensive solution. A wooden chalet, for example, is very aesthetic and welcoming!

Pool house

If you have a swimming pool or are planning to have one, a pool house is a very good way to store your technical equipment. Some wooden constructions have several rooms, you can dedicate one room to the storage of pool accessories such as landing nets, pump and products and the other part to leisure, by installing a fridge, a bar, a reading corner, etc.

Of course, this list of uses for wooden buildings is not meant to be exhaustive. They can also be used as an office, a playroom, a granny annexe, etc.

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