How to sell a car after an accident profitably?

How to sell a car after an accident profitably?

Today it’s easier than ever to sell your junk car.  Various services offer cash for junk cars in Tacoma and throughout the US. Usually, if the car is recognized as an accident after an accident, the insurer will take care of sending the car to a landfill without the possibility of repair for economic or technical reasons.

However, the owner still has a chance to sell such a car to a service like JunkCarsUs. In this case, you can sell a car with one click through the site. Moreover, such services typically organize the delivery of an unmanaged car to their center on their own. This means that the owner receives 100% benefit from the sale. This procedure is carried out by providing the following documents:

  • crossed-out registration certificate of the vehicle signed with the words “intended for destruction”;
  • deed of transfer with the exact address of the destruction center and its approval number;
  • certificate of administrative status of the car.

Is it possible to sell a car without technical inspection to a garage?

Cars must pass their first technical inspection, before the 4th anniversary of the first registration.  This date is indicated in section B of the registration certificate.

‍When selling a car older than 4 years, the technical control report must be no older than 6 months or no older than 2 months if an oncoming departure is necessary and a critical failure should not be indicated. The goal is to avoid the movement of dangerous or highly polluting vehicles.

However, some garages or concessionaires accept cars in unchecked conditions as part of the penalty, applying a strong discount. Other documents required for the transfer of the car must be handed over to the professional, namely the certificate of non-collateral, the crossed-out registration certificate, and a copy of the transfer deed.

In this case, you can get money for an old car, but the amount will be very small.

How to give a second life to a junk car? 

The owner of a non-driving car has the right to keep his vehicle and use the parts for personal use, but not sell them. This way you can give it a second life! To avoid usurpation of his license plate, you will most likely be interested in withdrawing the car from circulation. After that, this vehicle will no longer be allowed to travel on public roads, even if it is towed by a registered vehicle. However, the withdrawal is never final and the owner can request that his car be returned to circulation.

The request for withdrawal from circulation is carried out through the website or on behalf of a specialist. Then you need to provide the following documents:

  • crossed-out registration certificate;
  • form of a declaration on the withdrawal of the vehicle from circulation;
  • a power of attorney and a copy of the owner’s identity document if a third party is making a withdrawal request on their behalf.

However, you can sell your vehicle for parts to an individual

Selling a vehicle for parts to an individual is legal. This is a concession in accordance with the normal procedure for the sale of vehicles between individuals. Vehicles with a technical inspection report of fewer than six months may be sold for spare parts for a single transfer, in the same way as the transfer of a used vehicle to individuals.

The buyer may, in full knowledge of the facts, want to purchase a used vehicle in order to obtain parts for personal use.

It will suffice to proceed with the normal transfer procedure by jointly completing the transfer certificate and then, for the seller, declaring the transfer of their vehicle online without any special mention (the buyer can use the parts for personal use or resell the vehicle to an authorized switch).  However, this method usually brings less money and takes more time than selling old cars to professional services such as JankCarsUS.

Sell your old vehicle to a professional service and avoid a lot of risks! Many professionals in the auto industry are strongly discouraged from disassembling a car to sell certain parts. Thus, the vehicle remains in the eyes of the law a mobile vehicle, equipped with a registration certificate, always in the name of its owner. If badges are stolen, it will be difficult for the owner to justify their situation.

When is the best time to sell a car?

It all depends on the age of the vehicle. You should know some aspects of this market. If you have a car in working order, then you have every chance of selling it profitably!

From the first year, a new car loses 15 to 30% of its value, which is inevitable. If you want to sell your car quickly, you can do so while it is still considered new, i.e. within six months from the date of purchase or when its mileage is less than 6000 km. This can be an interesting option, especially if you received a good discount on your purchase.

Over the next three years, the discounting phenomenon will be fairly constant and will vary from 8 to 10%. Between the third and fourth year is another good time to sell your car before you have to spend too much on maintenance or repairs.  It should be noted that after 4 years the car will already lose half of its value. In any case, be vigilant about the release of a new generation that will replace your model. You must sell your car before you get too big a discount.

To calculate the cost of a car, it is necessary to take into account many criteria:

  • depreciation,
  • maintenance,
  • repair,
  • fuel,
  • parking fee,
  • road tax.

If you are a driver with little experience (less than 14,000 km/year) and you have a small gasoline car, you can wait 5 years to sell it. On the contrary, a big driver (25,000 km/year) with a diesel car will be interested in reselling it in 3 years.

Of course, this data also depends on the specific characteristics of the vehicle for sale, its popularity with potential buyers, or the condition of the vehicle.

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