Is It Legal to Ship Cannabis Seeds?

Is It Legal to Ship Cannabis Seeds?


Shipping Marijuana Seeds in the US

Shipping Marijuana Seeds Internationally

Is Buying and Selling Weed Seeds Illegal?

What to Look for When Purchasing Cannabis Seeds

Sending or Receiving Marijuana Seeds Packages

Can You Ship Cannabis Seeds?

Is it legal to ship weed seeds?

Although several states permit some forms of cannabis, the plant remains federally outlawed. Knowing if transporting marijuana seeds and other related products is legal helps you avoid problems with authorities.

Recent legal developments regarding weed in the country could shed some light. If restrictions are relaxed, it may become easier to obtain marijuana products, such as autoflower seeds for sale.

Can you lawfully purchase cannabis seeds and have them delivered to your door?

Let’s find out.

Shipping Marijuana Seeds in the US

Weed is illegal to produce, use, or distribute in the US at the federal level. These rules may not apply to marijuana seeds.

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has defined cannabis seeds under USA law.

In a letter responding to attorney Shane Pennington, the DEA acknowledges the legality of weed seeds. The government agency permits seed shipping as long as they don’t exceed 0.3% THC content. 

This new definition opens up a world of possibilities. Tokers across the country may start choosing weed strains by their effects and lawfully have them delivered to their homes.

Previous regulations regarding the sale of marijuana seeds were strict, as they only allowed purchases in their state of production. 

Shipping Marijuana Seeds Internationally

While it may be possible to move cannabis seeds within the United States, doing so internationally is more complicated.

Weed is illegal in many countries, making it challenging to transport pot-related products.

In some regions, discussions on medical marijuana may pave the way for more lenient cannabis rules in the future. 

Shipping weed seeds may be legal in some nations under specific regulations:

  • Canada: Shipping is restricted to 30 grams, equivalent to 30 seeds, per package but prohibited in Manitoba and Quebec.
  • Australia: The law allows the delivery of seeds with less than 0.005% THC content.
  • Europe: The continent permits the transportation of seeds with less than 0.2% THC concentrations. 

Is Buying and Selling Weed Seeds Illegal?

Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds?

You’re allowed to sell or purchase the plant or its products in states where cannabis is legal. Vendors are required to register with their respective governments before shipping pot seeds in Delaware or other regions permitting marijuana. 

The best ways to get weed seeds in the USA are to visit licensed dispensaries and online cannabis shops to avoid legal issues. 

Should you purchase seeds from an online seller outside your state, they could deliver your products through the mail. This transportation method is possible because seeds don’t have any tell-tale odors. 

As the authorities could confiscate the seeds, some companies use concealed boxes or envelopes to move weed across states. 

The current interpretation of the law may do away with any legal issues as long as the THC content limit is adhered to. Under the 2018 Farm Bill, Congress refers to weed products containing less than 0.3% of the compound as “hemp,” which is allowed.

What to Look for When Purchasing Cannabis Seeds

Is buying marijuana seeds in the US legal? Yes, it is, provided your state permits it. Before getting your products, take the following steps:

  • Familiarize yourself with your state’s cannabis laws.
  • Find the strain you want.
  • Consider the number of seeds you wish to buy and whether it’s allowed.
  • Find out whether the seller or retailer providing the seeds is registered with the local authorities.

How do you ensure you get the best deal?

  • Check out the online reviews of the dispensary for other buyers’ experiences.
  • Ensure you get the best genetics at an affordable price.
  • Find out about how the seller stores their products. Seeds from a reputable bank may differ in quality from those in a backyard shop. 

Sending or Receiving Marijuana Seeds Packages

Even with the positive legal developments, you still deserve some level of professionalism as you ship weed seeds. A good retailer provides the following services:

  • Delivery in discreet packaging
  • Provisions for tracking your order upon confirmation
  • Fast delivery to your doorstep

Can You Ship Cannabis Seeds?

Since cannabis is outlawed federally, find out whether you’re allowed to ship it or its products within your region. 

Regulations describe marijuana parts and products with less than 0.03% THC content as “hemp,” which isn’t illegal. This development may allow you to ship your desired strain from a different state. 

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