Why Study Political Science? Best 5 Reasons

Why Study Political Science? Best 5 Reasons

Political science is a fantastic and versatile course. It is about power acquisition, and this makes it the king of science. Some students don’t understand why they study the course.

If you are interested in policy, law, or trade, this is a perfect option. Politology will help you to know your rights and become a better citizen. Understanding the reasons for the study is a good way to get inspiration and motivation. Here are the top 5 reasons to study politics.

Political System in Canada

Canada’s political system recognizes the King or the Queen as the head of the State. The Prime Minister is the head of the government. There are three levels of government, with each having different responsibilities.

The government of Canada is responsible for the things that affect the whole country. This includes immigration, national defense, trade and citizenship. Provincial and territorial government is responsible for healthcare, highways and education. Municipal or local governments are responsible for providing services to the city streets.

Canada’s parliament: The parliament comprises the Queen or the King of Canada, who is formally represented by the Governor General, the House of Commons and the Senate. The 106 senate members are appointed by the Governor General based on the recommendation of the Prime Minister.

Elections: According to Canada’s constitution, elections in the Canadian politics system are supposed to be held once every five years. Still, an election may be called for if the Governor General accepts the resignation of the Prime Minister in case the Government is defeated on a motion of confidence in the House. The representations for the House of Commons are based on electoral districts or geographical divisions as set out in the Constitution Act 1867.

Difference between the political system in Canada and the U.S: Canada is a constitutional monarchy while the U.S is a republic. The U.S Senate is elected, and it’s considered to be a more powerful house than the House of Representatives. The Governor General appoints the Senators on behalf of the Prime Minister. According to the Canadian constitution, they should serve for life until they reach the retirement age of 75 years. Talking about the features of politics in Canada and the US, the two countries share many histories, and the way of life of the citizens overlap in many ways beyond the political relations. Still, there are major political differences in the way the two countries are governed.

Effective citizenship

Good citizenship is all about understanding governments and being politically active. Studying the subject is a great way to become an effective citizen. You learn the significance of political participation and decision-making. It prepares you to take part in political affairs within the state and the community. Being a good citizen contributes to high-quality life within the community. Learning about the functioning of the government is one of the reasons why politology study is vital these days.

Studying politics is a practical way to seek truth to be a good citizen. Instead of relying on propaganda, earn a degree in politics to understand political issues. Studying politics in university or college is not easy. You need to dedicate time to study and complete essays and assignments. Your school requires you to have the right writing skills. The goal is to get good grades and become a more effective citizen. Whenever you face difficulties in writing, consider finding online help. Online writing service EduBirdie, where you can find dissertation writers with relevant background, who can help to write research proposals for you. Finding online help is one of the easiest ways to excel in education.

Know your rights

Every person has basic rights under civil rights laws. The subject helps you to see beyond the ordinary. It teaches about your duties and rights as a citizen. It can educate you on fundamental issues in society. Knowledge of politics is a way to understand how to engage in legal processes. It can help you to change the world.

By knowing your rights, it will be easy to avoid people looking to take advantage of you. Be careful of whom to associate with. Understanding the truth will help to avoid paying unnecessary fines. Knowing what the law covers will help you to feel secure when relating with lawmakers.

Understanding how systems operate is important for effective living. Knowing your rights is a simple way to understand the rules. The idea is to get the best out of your life. It gives you the ability and confidence to avoid unnecessary intimidations. You also learn how to relate with the lawmakers and your fellow citizens. Without knowledge of politics, it is easy to be exploited out of your ignorance.

Career preparation

If you are looking to make an impact in society, consider majoring in politics. You will learn about justice, democracy, ethics and also mathematics to boost your future career. Educators also teach about political behavior and systems of government. Thus, you will know how to apply theory to emerging events.

Many specializations in the subject lead to qualifications in different careers. You can work in profit or non-profit organizations. It also opens career opportunities in the private and public sectors.

Politology prepares you for jobs in international affairs, media, and policy. The hard and soft skills translate across various sectors. There is a high demand for programs and data analysis.

A degree in the subject is versatile. It can boost your career in trade, policy, and politics. You acquire communication and research skills that are important in policy making. To become an analyst, you need to have a master’s or doctoral degree. With a BS or BA, it is easier to find entry-level communication or administrative jobs. However, a political science diploma is also a good starting point. The main careers you can find by studying politics include:

●      Marketing research analyst

●      Political analyst

●      Legislative assistant

●      Intelligence analyst

●      Campaign officer

●      Attorney

●      Political consultant

●  Public relations specialist

Understanding the political system’s dynamics

Many political systems are complex. An ordinary person will find it difficult to understand the power play within the system. Knowledge in the subject helps you to understand political issues. You also learn which actions to take and which ones not to take in different legislative situations.

The discipline studies the past and compares it with the present. It also uses past data to predict the future. In the subject, you learn how to use scientific skills to predict the future. With the humanistic perspective, it is easier to understand the legislation in your region.

The subject teaches communication and data analysis. It enhances independent and critical thinking in decision-making. You can appreciate the different points of view in the political arena. The idea is to understand how policymakers make decisions the way they do. You also understand the relationship between previous political situations and the current situation.

Understanding nation’s parties

Students who study the subject understand their nation’s parties. After being in college for one term, you learn about democracy and human rights. You also learn about party policies and ideologies.

Learning about parliament and the constitution is the pathway to understanding parties. With classroom knowledge, you can watch events as they unfold. You understand why leaders of national parties make specific decisions. Understanding politics creates an understanding of the leader’s reactions. Always aim to earn practical lessons from the leaders’ reactions.

Understanding a nation’s parties creates an understanding of political ideas. You will understand how the nation’s parties bring people together. Understanding how the parties promote the voter’s interests is important for effective living. By studying political science, you will understand the importance of joining political parties.


These are the five best reasons for studying political science. It helps you to become an effective citizen and know your rights. The knowledge is essential for career preparation and understanding the underlying dynamics. You also understand political parties and the role they play in the lives of citizens. Enroll in a diploma or a degree in the subject and enjoy the above benefits.

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