Practical tips for day-to-day social media management

Practical tips for day-to-day social media management

Practical tips for day-to-day social media management
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While the advent of the metaverse, which will once again change our day-to-day lives, is not far away, many companies still find themselves in the position of having to understand exactly what the real function of social media is, what impact it has on business performance, in the hope of being able to learn how to manage it competently and professionally.

Many companies nowadays decide to open social media profiles simply because they do not want to be the only ones who do not have them, but also for fear of falling behind and giving their competitors a dangerous advantage. In order to put the logos of different corporate social media on their websites, blogs or even on their business cards, many brands are willing to activate even more than necessary, perhaps even having four or five without knowing exactly how to use them.

Social media were not created to be trivially filled with content produced by companies, such as posts about their products, services or promotions, but to create added value to offer their audience. With ineffective programming, completely lacking strategic orientation, the posts on your pages will appear clumsy and disconnected from each other, as if they had been improvised the same day they were published.

To create a certain effect, you need to approach the issue of social media strategically, taking the time to choose the topics you want to address, the different ways in which they will be addressed, and above all the elaboration of different editorial plans for any social media, either weekly or monthly, depending on your specific needs. The problem is that many companies approach the world of social media with a certain superficiality, expecting from the outset that their posts will go viral and gain millions of likes, comments and interactions.  

The impact of social media

Before starting to understand how the wheels of the different platforms work, companies should first learn to take social media seriously. The impact of these social arenas on a company’s performance and reputation is potentially enormous, especially considering that consumers now spend a large part of their time online, scrolling through their account walls, and that social media has now almost definitively replaced traditional media such as television or newspapers.

A difference to always keep in mind, for anyone involved in social media marketing, is that between the ordinary management of social media and its use in the course of a targeted communication campaign. One cannot expect the posts published daily by the brand to go viral, because otherwise the network would be invaded every few seconds by content bouncing from one point of the web to another, like a splinter in madness, without any kind of control.

A fundamental difference

The most popular, or most impactful, content should be reserved for ad-hoc communication campaigns, those that are organised for the launch of a particular product, for the strategic repositioning of the brand, or even just to conquer a segment of the public that had not been considered until now.

Even if you are full of creative and sensational ideas for your online communication, you should try to save them for when you really need them, such as social media campaigns. In day-to-day, ordinary profile management very little effort will be needed, also because most of the work will consist of seeking engagement through comments, likes or appreciations expressed for content posted by other profiles related to your business.

You should always try to intrigue your audience with interesting, entertaining and fulfilling content, giving them a compelling reason to stop by your page and read what you have published. It must be a unique, unforgettable experience.

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Before you start creating value for people, even through social media, you have to get to know them in depth, studying their tastes, interests and cultural references, thus creating the perfect conditions to create something really special.  

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