Ways to make a logo

Ways to make a logo

Ways to make a logo

A logo is the “imprint” or “face” of a brand. It symbolizes services, products, values, and history. This marketing element plays an extremely important visual component that connects a company and its customers. But sometimes it can take a lot of time and money to create a sharp, catchy and attractive logo, and a good result is not guaranteed. But with the Turbologo logo generator, you are guaranteed to get perfect logos in a short time.

However, it is worth getting acquainted with all the ways you can create a logo for your business so that you will understand why one method is more preferable than another and why the Turbologo logo generator is the ideal solution. Let’s go!

What is a logo and what are its functions?

A logo is a part of a company’s image, necessary to form a distinction in the market. When you design a sign, you need to reflect the position of the brand, to show its personality. For many brands, it is associated with a long history of development.

Choose the design carefully. Making a logo is easier than making it work. It should be memorable and build recognition. This is the only way to get the best sales and consumer growth.

How to create a logo?

Even beginners can develop a design. Consider the basic ways:

  • Self-drawing in a graphic editor

This is a free option. However, it requires the ability to work in a graphic editor. If you do not have these skills, you will be almost unrealistic to create something creative and really able to entice customers. But there is a significant advantage – you are only responsible for the result, and no one is limiting you in terms of time.

This method would be ideal if you have the creativity and even better if you know how to work in editors.

  • Create in a generator

Also a relevant option, in which the development is free is the use of an online logo generator. About 500-1,000 rubles is requested by any online designer for downloading the created design. The generator contains hundreds of ready-made icons and fonts. The user has to think through the design in advance, and then only follow the instructions of the program. In addition, this way you get the result in just a few minutes and at the same time you can generate dozens of variants in one go, choosing the best one.

Nevertheless, there is a risk of stumbling upon a low-quality resource and getting the most boring and unimpressive emblem options.

  • Organize an auction

Designers will prepare their design options, among which you can choose the best one. Cost: within a few thousand rubles. But it is worth remembering that the hit the finished emblem in the “pain” of the consumer and the disclosure of its appeal to you is not guaranteed, and you for the finished result is not responsible in any way. At the same time, you risk getting an emblem template that does not meet your expectations, spending money.

But it can also happen that you will find the perfect creator and editor, who will be able to create something really interesting and unique. So there’s risk in this option, too, and that’s why the method is 50/50% effective.

  • Order from a freelancer

The price for this type of service can be anything. This method is much more expensive than the above options. Nevertheless, much depends on the professionalism of the performer. Some freelancers at all can take you a few hundred rubles, but the result can be sad. However, there are exceptions. All the more so, these are the people who most often work in practice with a lot of ideas and trends, and therefore are able to quickly and qualitatively create you a personal emblem.

  • Turn to the agency

By working with a company, it is possible to analyze your competitors and create a good logo. This will help to stand out from their background. In this option, creative teams are involved in the work, which means that many professionals will be able to find the best solution. The downside is the cost: from 50,000 rubles and higher. Therefore, before hiring, it is worth checking the style of work of the company, to make sure that past customers were satisfied.


Logo is a graphic element that can present a company in a favorable light, stand out among competitors, and help it achieve leadership positions. It is a graphic image that affects the success of organizations. Large companies invest a lot of resources in creating a distinctive mark.

Once the task with the logo is done, you can start creating a website and launching the business. And with Turbologo, it’s as affordable and easy as possible! Welcome to Turbologo!

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