Kings League, the new form of soccer 

Kings League, the new form of soccer 

Kings League, the new form of soccer
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The Kings League has unleashed madness in its first days of League, reaching its apex at up to 800,000 spectators since the tournament’s debut formed by former footballer Gerard Piqué and streamer Ibai Llanos. Most of the rules are very similar to those of professional soccer, as shown on Johnny Holland, but there are certain rules that you might be unfamiliar with due to their complexity or rule variants made by the organization of the tournament. Furthermore, some of these rule changes have been chosen by fans through surveys conducted by various social networking profiles of the Kings League. To top it all off, it has been announced that there will be a women’s Kings League starting on May 2023.

Among them, we can highlight up to eight different rules that the followers of this new sport voted for. First, there is the penalty shootout from the middle of the field, that is, a direct confrontation between the player and goalkeeper. Other rules voted in were that offside plays would be allowed; throw-ins are done with the hands; there are unlimited changes; kick-offs are played similarly to water polo, for example, the ball is placed in the center of the field and the players on the end line of their own area waiting for the referee’s whistle to go for the ball; the players’ numbers range from 0 to 99; there are two 20-minute halves; cards penalizations were also altered: yellow now means 2 minutes out and red, 5 minutes out and substitution by another teammate. 

One of the most significant variants is the “Wild Card” players. One player will be made permanent for the whole season (substitutions only allowed due to injury) in a team. In contrast, the remaining ones can be substituted as long an agreement is reached and they are notified that week’s Friday before the match. Teams must have a minimum of eight players before the start of the game. The line-up will consist of seven players: Six field players and a goalkeeper.

One of the great sensations of the Kings League is that there is video-arbitration system (VAR). Each match will have a VAR, just like FIFA does, by virtue of which the VAR referee will have live access to broadcast images of the match. This feature will be able to assist the referee in the event of a clear, obvious and manifest error, which can only be related to 1) goal or no goal; 2) penalty or no penalty; 3) direct red card; 4) identification errors. 

The great variant in the tournament is that each president can use a golden card for any moment of the match they see fit. It can only be used once and triggers the following situations: double goal round for one minute; the triple goal round for one minute; two-minute penalty for the opposite team; five-minute penalty for the opposite team; the opposite team goalkeeper is not allowed to use his hands for one minute; penalty in favor; card theft.

The classification system is as follows: a regular season in which the best eight teams qualify to play a Final Phase in a single match (the date for the start of this implementation of this phase is not yet known).

Which is the favorite team?

Kunisports, Kun Agüero’s team

Kun Agüero has taken the Kings League as a personal challenge. Everyone knows him and knows what a potent striker player he was. Every time he took off on the field, sports betting experts like SBO predicted what was going to happen. Pitch bettors could, and still can with other players, place their bets from their cell phones while Kün was out there scoring goals. It’s very easy to bet on your favorite team’s player: just sign up, take a look at the odds and place your bet. In addition, there are multiple bonuses, such as the first deposit bonus, which is a great way to get started. Kun might no longer be playing professionally, but he has bet on this new soccer model. In fact, he competed with his team on matchday 3 and was named MVP of the day. Don’t be alarmed: he is not a permanent player. He was introduced as ‘The Joker’ in order to drum up hype. And he was a big surprise. He is Kunisports’ number 12: he can compete with the team, but he is not part of the permanent squad. This comprises the ten players chosen in the draft and an 11th player who cannot be changed during the season. The 12th, on the other hand, can be different every day.

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