8 Things You Need to Pack for a Bachelor Party

8 Things You Need to Pack for a Bachelor Party

Being in charge of planning a bachelor party is a role not to be taken lightly. You are responsible for making sure the groom has the time of his life, and that the rest of the men get there and back safely. Before embarking on your journey, making a packing list for the troops is key. Here are 5 things you need to pack for a bachelor party.

1: Alcohol

Who are we kidding? It’s a bachelor party. Consuming copious amounts of alcohol is on the agenda. Even if you’ll be out at the bars/casinos, having alcohol for the hotel room is essential. You’ll be able to save some cash pre-gaming, and you’ll have plenty for night caps when the night comes back to the room.

Remember, large amounts of alcohol call for even larger amounts of water. Be sure to pack both! Bonus points if you remember to bring hydration packets to throw in water to ease the hangovers.

2: Disposable Cameras

While taking photos and videos on your phone is easy, there’s something to be said about having tangible memories. Plus, you might be doing some things you don’t want evidence of on your phone. Disposable cameras are a fun choice to throw in your bachelor party survival kit. The guys will have a ball snapping photos. The best part is you won’t know what’s on there until you get it developed!

3: First Aid Kit

During a bachelor party, accidents are going to happen. Bringing a first aid kit is crucial in ensuring the safety of your men. This is especially important if you’re going camping and won’t have access to stores. Hopefully you won’t need it, but you won’t be sorry that you have it.

4: Cash

You know the old saying, cash is king! Having cash on hand is always good if you’re planning to gamble, or you end up in cash only establishments. You won’t be able to play blackjack without cash. Relying on cards can be risky if you’re out partying with a big group!

5: Pain Relievers

You won’t want to leave the hotel room without a handful of Advil or another pain reliever. The hangover from last night may be lingering, and you’ll want to snap that headache. If you’re going hiking or doing other outdoor activities, it’s a good rule of thumb to keep them on hand, too. The boys will thank you for having it, trust us!

6: Decorations

If you’re going to be partying in a hotel or AirBnb, decorations are essential. The dirtier the better for a bachelor party, we say. Check out your local party store to see what you can find! One way to do it is to ask everyone coming to bring one decoration, and see what you end up with before the groom arrives.

7: Cigars

A group of men smoking cigars is the stereotypical bachelor party image, and with good reason. Yes, they’re bad for you and expensive, but for many men it’s a guilty pleasure. Lighting up cigars together is a right of passage at a bachelor party, so make sure to bring a case for the guys.

8: Hangover Pills

Another thing you should throw in your bag are hangover pills. Hand them out to the guys before heading out so everyone can be on their A game the next day. Hangover pills won’t totally cure a hangover, but they’ll help everyone get out of bed for brunch. Trust us, everyone will thank you! 

Closing Thoughts

To sum it up, bachelor parties can be brutal. Make sure you’re prepared with the essentials, and remember to let loose and have fun!

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