Essential Tips and Tricks for Your Road Trip from Dubai

Essential Tips and Tricks for Your Road Trip from Dubai

Nothing can be more exciting and enjoyable than a road trip with your friends. Before you start your journey, make sure you are following some important tips and tricks. Unlike a long drive, a road trip must be appropriately planned. Below you will see all the important tips that will help you reach your destination comfortably and safely.

Planning tips for a road trip

A road trip is not just about driving your car and coming back. Before you start your journey, planning is the first and foremost thing. No matter if your road trip is weekend-long or a month, plan to save your mind from getting boggled during the trip. Following are some suggestions for your road trip.

  • Choose your destination
  • Choose your vehicle
  • Draw a route map
  • Things to carry
  • Pack wisely

Choose your destination

In the planning phase, choosing the road trip destination is the very first thing. There are hundreds of good destinations for a road trip all over the world. Dibba, Khasab Jebel Hafeet and Hatta are among the top destinations.

Choose your vehicle

Choosing the right vehicle for your road trip can make a big difference. For Example, if your road trip is on mountain trails, you will need a vehicle with a powerful engine with off-road capabilities. On the other hand, if your trip is on straight roads like in the UAE, any car will work fine.

If you think the vehicle, you own is unsuitable for the road trip, renting a suitable one is a good option. If you have chosen to travel around the UAE for your road trip, you must consider opting for a luxury car rental in Dubai and choose the model of your choice. Following are a few things that you can start with when choosing your road trip vehicle.

Vehicle’s Budget

Determine the budget you will be spending on your vehicle during a road trip. If you are renting a car, consider the best car you can get in your budget. Even if you can afford to rent an expensive car, it is recommended not to spend too much on the vehicle only.

Number of persons traveling

Consider the number of persons you are going to travel with during the road trip.  On a road trip, it is better to have a spacious car so you can take everything you want to carry.  Use a car with more leg space and a bigger trunk to fit all your stuff.

Vehicle Check

You must check your vehicle’s condition for a more extended road trip. This can help you from getting into any trouble on your way. Check all the tires and engine to ensure everything is alright. It is better to rent a car from a reputable rental company. You can read Google reviews to compare different companies.

Fuel efficiency

The vehicle you will use for your road trip should be fuel efficient. A vehicle with good efficiency can help you save a lot on gas or petrol expenses. I recommend choosing a car with a fuel efficiency of 16 to 20 kilometers per liter.

Draw a route map

After you have chosen your destination and vehicle, draw a route map. Mark the stop points where you will stay for snack breaks or camping. Finding a hotel while you are on the road can be mind-boggling.

You can plan your route using mapping apps  Google Maps or MapQuest. These apps can help you plan your route and navigate during your road trip. If you are an old schooler, you can also go with manual maps. But there are better options than routing your trip manually.

Moreover, keep the traffic conditions or road closures in mind. There can be unpredictable road closures or heavy traffic on the road you have planned to go through. To avoid problems like this, check if there is any special day during the road trip dates. You should always have an alternative route to reach your destination.

Things to carry during the road trip

There are many things you need during the road trip. You should only pack the essential items with you. Following is the list of items you should carry during the road trip. Never buy so many snacks; you will find many stores on your way.  Make a checklist of these items so you don’t forget anything important.

  • Medications
  • Emergency kits (first-aid kit, survival kit)
  • Car repair kit and a spare tire
  • Travel pillows
  • Small toiletries (toilet paper, soap, sanitizers etc.)
  • A power bank
  • A GPS device
  • Small trash bags

The things you carry with you may vary depending on how your road trip is going to be. The items you will carry will differ for camping and hotel stays. Add the list of below items in your list if you plan to camp during the trip.

  • Sleeping bags
  • Portable stove
  • Retractable camps
  • A professional survival kit (that includes a flare gun, signal-sending machine, fire kit etc.)
  • Small Kettle and pan
  • Ready-to-eat meal packs
  • Plenty of water

Pack wisely

Packing things wisely can help you save a lot and space. It also lets you get the things that you need without any hassle. You may experience packing without planning, which makes finding things very difficult. If you have organized packing, you will have peace of mind.

When packing clothes, do not fold them. Rolling your clothes for packing saves a lot of space. When packing the suitcase, use box partitions to organize all items. You can put different category items in different boxes. Rather than using shoe boxes for packing, you can use shoe bags.

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