Top Concerts You Can’t Miss in the United States

Top Concerts You Can’t Miss in the United States

In 2022, music artists had their comebacks after two years of uncertainty because of the pandemic. It seems that things are going pretty well in 2023 too. Are you excited about the upcoming tours and concerts this year, all around the UK (and the whole world for sure)?

From major stadium tours to intimate club shows, you can choose the event you want. And you are not limited to music performances too. Finally, you can watch the most anticipated theater performances and musicals at your favorite sports games. Whether you’re a fan of rock, pop, hip-hop, or country music, there’s something for everyone. And the best thing is that tickets are available on Gotstubs and other similar services to let everyone book their favorite spots on time.

And if you are still looking for the best music events in 2023, we are here to help you with it:

1. Evanescence

Did you know that the popular Evanescence is on tour with Muse? If you love this style of gothic rock, nu metal, symphonic metal, and electronic rock, then this combination of music genres is right for you.

Evanescence gained great popularity with the album “Fallen,” which brought them two Grammy Awards. Fortunately, the band is still active today, although they have already focused on audiences who respect their unique style rather than the general public.

Amy Lee remains the band’s lead vocalist and virtually the only member of the original lineup. But that’s no reason not to immediately look for where to buy cheap concert tickets online and enjoy every sound that Evanescence and Muse offer us together.

2. Rick Ross

Rick Ross has several solo performances but will also participate in several festivals together with his fellow rappers. Whether you’re in Idaho, New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, or Tennessee, Rick Ross has a lot to offer this concert season.

He started his career in Florida, and he signed with Jay-Z’s record company at the height of his popularity. In the meantime, he was once arrested for possessing a weapon, and once he was the target of a drive-by shooting. He often gets into conflicts with fellow rappers and is especially known for his public feud with 50 Cent, which started for personal reasons and turned into a public conflict. However, that doesn’t negate the fact that Rick Ross is one of the most sought-after rappers.

3. Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw is one of the most famous country singers in the United States. He is also known as a songwriter and actor and has released 16 albums so far. It seems like Tim is one of the biggest country stars, with several Grammys and other music awards under his belt. He has been married to country singer Faith Hill since 1996.

In fact, the two often perform together, and the audience adores them. But where to see McGraw this year?

He has several shows in Ohio coming up, so if you’re traveling there this summer, you can catch more of the singer’s country concerts or solo shows.

4. Soulfly

Soulfly is another interesting heavy metal band. They have Brazilian and American roots, and the group was formed after Max Cavalera left Sepultura and started his own death and groove metal project.

Suppose you’re a fan of this genre of music. In that case, you’ll be glad to know that Soulfly is in multiple locations across the US this season, including Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Washington, Massachusetts, and so on.

What we like the most is that wherever they visit, the audience always has the option to buy concert tickets in Michigan or Ohio, and even during several festivals. Therefore, if you are a fan of this band and metal music, try not to miss Soulfly in 2023.

5. Cory Wong

Cory Wong is a famous guitarist and bassist from Minnesota. He mostly performs alone, although he often accompanies other performers. One of the most interesting facts about him is that he was fascinated by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, so he changed his mind about playing the guitar instead of the piano.

In 2021 he started his own variety show, which became so popular that it resulted in an album as well as scheduled live performances.

If you want a unique concert experience, we recommend you listen to Cory Wong. You will be surprised how much this can positively affect your perception of quality music.

6. Amy Grant

Amy Grant is one of the most popular Christian pop singers in the United States. Although this music genre may not be something you expect to hear in concert, the interest in her tour is really high. Fans also call her the Queen of Christian Pop. Amy’s musical involvement brought her six Grammy Awards, and her first album went platinum.

She was married to Gary Chapman, a Christian musician, and then to country singer Vince Gill.

In 2020, Amy had heart surgery, and in 2022, she suffered after falling off her bike. But in 2023, he is here to prove to us that he will never stop making quality music.

7. Aaron Lewis

Aaron Lewis founded the band Staind, with whom he played nu-metal music. But after seven albums, he decided to try his hand as a country musician. And he seems to be doing really well, even though he is still considered one of the best rock vocalists in the world.

In 2021 he performed with Staind again but also focused on his solo career. In the lyrics, he openly talks about the difficult past and how even at the peak of Staind’s popularity, he still had to work extra to have enough money for the family.

Did you find your favorite concert in our recommendations? Or maybe you have a better idea of which music event to attend this year. Of course, you can always focus on theater, cinema, sports events, as well as non-day festivals, which seem to be returning to their old popularity.

And the recommendations don’t stop there because many musicians still have scheduled tours and performances for 2023 to promote their new songs and albums.

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