Top 6 Benefits of Migrating Data from Exchange to Office 365

Top 6 Benefits of Migrating Data from Exchange to Office 365

When getting started with an Office 365 migration from an Old Standard Office/Exchange setup, there are some steps you will require to consider and do successfully. Typically, according to Office 365 migration partners, when looking at an Exchange Online Migration, there is a resource for office administrators to use to migrate firm mailboxes from an exchange server or to migrate business emails from another IMAP-enabled email system. Users can import their emails, contacts, and other essential office mailbox information into a Microsoft 365 mailbox. Along with the migration of emails, users also gain the ability to utilize the plethora of Office 365 applications.

What are the Benefits of Migrating to Microsoft 365 from Exchange?

As businesses seek to execute ERP systems into their organization to automate and manage firm functions, many are looking to incorporate Microsoft 365 as well into their companies because of its seemingly endless supply of essential, productivity-increasing applications which offer their companies end-to-end solutions in the Cloud:

  1. Data protection and disaster recovery

Microsoft 365 protects and backs up data to the enterprise cloud, so users can work without the fear of potentially losing critical company information. Exchange Online allows for simple and integrated implementation for MFA with Azure Active Directory. Audit logs are also smoothly integrated and searchable.

  • Infrastructure and Storage
  • One of the biggest advantages is not having to maintain a full-blown Exchange environment.
  • shops will still require an on-prem exchange server, but 1 server should be sufficient for your needs.
  • Office 365 mailboxes can have 100GB + Unlimited Archiving
  • Retention Policies and Litigation holds can keep a mailbox for as long as you need.
  • Your Company data have redundancy across the many Microsoft Datacenters.
  • A wide array of tools

Microsoft 365 offers a vast array of tools for company employees to utilize, to attack any and every enterprise task without having to look outside the Microsoft 365 network.

  • Increased flexibility

Microsoft 365 cloud provides employees with the freedom and flexibility to work with ease by accessing data on Virtual Desktop anywhere and anytime. With Exchange Online, you won’t have to connect to your firm’s VPN to access your mailbox. You can access emails from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

  • High availability and redundancy

Users can benefit from the high availability and redundancy of the Office 365 cloud, mailboxes, and the sharing and collaboration abilities of calendars, mailboxes, and instant messaging.

  • Mailbox Uptime

Microsoft has excellent SLAs in place to secure your mailbox is online and accessible. Maintenance for exchange on-prem won’t affect Exchange Online mailboxes.

Why should you choose Apps4Rent to Migrate Data to Office 365?

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A Microsoft 365 migration allows for the easy transition of emails, mailboxes, and the availability of Office 365 applications, making it an ideal cloud application for companies to utilize. Apps4Rent is a Microsoft 365 migration partner, which will not only help you with exchange migrations but also offer full Microsoft 365 support. Apart from that they even have expertise in providing excellent Cloud PC Services and support to their clients, which makes them ideal partners to designate for the service.

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