5 Tips to Remodel a Home Office

5 Tips to Remodel a Home Office

Unlike standard office cubicles, a home office can be functional while reflecting personality, aspirations, and style. Find out how to draft the perfect WFH hub by leveraging the power of 3D technology.

Understand the Home Office Design Needs

Start by identifying what your client really needs from their new home office design. Will they be spending the majority of their time researching, writing, or hosting online meetings and discussions? Do they require space for storage, multiple monitors, or a professional video setup? Once you get clear on the necessities, you can begin to assemble a design and layout that serves them accordingly.

Plan the Home Office Layout Efficiently

Since a good chunk of time will be spent here, it’s important to ensure that the home office is both functional and practical, which can require more creativity in smaller homes. To plan the space efficiently, use HomeByMe’s 3D floor planner. Use the catalog to coordinate furniture like desks and chairs and other stylistic choices. It makes it easy to organize the layout and find the best way to separate the work zone from other areas. Don’t forget to consider key details like the location of outlets, natural light, and how to create an aesthetically pleasing backdrop behind the desk for remote video meetings. With 3D tech to support your vision and ideas, you can reinvent the home office as many times as needed before making a final rendering to ensure it’s just right.

Choose the Right Ergonomic Furniture

Furniture selection is equally as important as the layout, which is why it’s worth budgeting for quality, ergonomic furnishings that are comfortable and can complement the surrounding space. A good office chair is essential, so make sure to choose one that looks appealing and provides the necessary lumbar support. Depending on the client’s preference, having a chair or desk that can be easily adjusted based on height, might also be required.

Combine Task and Ambient Lighting

The ambience of the work environment plays a significant role when it comes to productivity levels. Even with a decent amount of natural light, additional light sources will be needed during darker days and throughout the winter months. Combine both ambient and task lighting to keep the office warm and inviting. Pendant lights or chandeliers, along with a table lamp, will make the space feel elegant and cozy as opposed to a commercial cubicle.

Decorate with Purpose

There’s more liberty to add personality and flair to a home office design to make it feel tailored to your client. When it’s time to decorate, use decor that inspires and reflects their personal style, but also consider how it can help to foster an energizing atmosphere that can keep them motivated. For example, hanging frames with motivational quotes could offer a gentle nudge of encouragement to overcome challenges on those days when it’s needed most.

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