Ensuring a Safe Workplace: Reliable Screening for the Construction Industry

Ensuring a Safe Workplace: Reliable Screening for the Construction Industry

Ensuring a Safe Workplace

Many construction workers in the USA suffer from drug and abuse disorders. Studies reveal that more than 50% of job accidents at construction sites happen due to drug and illegal substance abuse. It is alarming, as job site violence contributes to several injuries and death cases. Such incidents give rise to expensive lawsuits, compensation claims, lost contractors, and others. Hence, Construction Employment Screening is a must to ensure a safe workplace environment for all employees.

Verifying Credentials of Employees

Depending on the job in the construction industry, specific certifications and licensing are required for employees to carry out their tasks. To operate heavy machines and tools, operators demand particular training. The credentials and skills of employees are verified pre-employment via a comprehensive employment background assessment. Thus, construction business owners are more confident regarding their hiring choices.

Furthermore, the construction sites are also free from risks of any accidents, serious injuries, and deaths. Thus, instances of lawsuits, compensation claims, cancellation of contracts, etc., can be avoided.

Maintaining a Good Reputation of the Company

Companies need to run an employment background check for every employee attached to a company. The background check must be mandated during pre-employment so that ineligible applicants are disqualified from employment. Furthermore, to keep a check on alcohol use, and drug and substance abuse, regular drug panel testing must be carried out for construction workers and others operating heavy machinery and tools. Some companies run random screenings on employees who show signs of substance abuse. Such practices of running the Construction Employment Screening can help a company retain its brand value and reputation in the market. To continue flourishing, a company needs to maintain a positive reputation. Employment screening plays a significant role in it.

Saves Business Expenses

Employment screening reduces mistakes associated with hiring processes. When a comprehensive pre-employment screening runs, identifying qualified and skilled applicants is easy. Evaluating past performances, behavioral records, and criminal activities can prevent wrong hiring. Insufficient recruitment can cost money because of the training provided. Furthermore, fraud and damage to the company’s reputation due to lawsuits and compensation claims result in financial loss. A professional background check can prevent such unfortunate events, saving business expenses.

Better Quality Employees

With the practice of Construction Employment Screening tools, information about employees can be verified accurately and quickly. Past employment, educational qualifications, certificates, and license verification, are some aspects that determine whether a candidate is a good fit for the company. A company can flourish in the industry when the quality of its employees and workers is top-notch. The industry needs skilled workers so that high turnover rates can be maintained. Serious background checks help construction managers and employers to ensure they hire competent and reliable workers. It also discourages dishonest and incompetent applicants from applying for jobs in the construction industry.

Workplace Safety

The construction industry is a high-hazard and risky sector; ensuring optimal and effective job site safety is vital. Construction workers are involved in a plethora of tasks that can give rise to severe injuries and even death in some cases. Handling heavy tools and working with machines at high altitudes must be executed by trained and skilled workers. In the case of drug or substance abuse, accidents, and serious injuries are evident in such situations.

However, with the incorporation of the construction employment check, optimal workplace safety can be ensured. Through employment screening, construction managers can identify candidates with a history of drug and alcohol abuse and bar them from conducting hazardous tasks. Operating heavy machinery and equipment at high altitudes must be completed in compliance with OSHA regulations.


Employers in the construction industry must conduct strict background screening the minimize or eliminate liability issues and protect other employees. It must be executed in a manner that assures compliance with state laws and construction industry regulations. With increasing drug abuse and substance-related workplace injuries and accidents, Construction Employment Screening is necessary more than ever. An ideal candidate is someone with good past employment records, essential skills, professional attitude, positive reference reviews, and without any criminal convictions. Such aspects can be analyzed via a thorough employment screening.

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