3 Creative Ways To Expand Brand Awareness

3 Creative Ways To Expand Brand Awareness

Brand awareness can impact your marketing strategy more than you think. Studies show that 46% of consumers will pay more to buy from businesses they trust, while brands with consistent representation can increase their revenue by 33%. Expanding brand awareness adds more value to your business, making it easier to find new audiences and putting you a step ahead of competing brands. But with so much competition already existing in the marketplace, you’ll need some creativity to stand out from the crowd and become easily recognizable. So, here are three creative ways to expand brand awareness.

  1. Create ongoing “do-good” campaigns
Expand Brand Awareness
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Consumers are more drawn towards brands that are willing to give back to society through ‘do-good’ campaigns. Studies show that 94% of consumers believe businesses should give back to society, and they’re willing to reward such brands by purchasing from them. Meal donations, supporting non-profits (and doing so publicly), partnering with local organizations, and getting your workers involved in charity work are some effective ways to give back.

But this shouldn’t be a one-off thing; it shouldn’t be an ongoing project and must align with your company’s values. The more such campaigns you commit to, the more visibility your brand gets, especially when it receives media coverage. You can pay for the media coverage if you have to, but the most important thing is that the public is aware of your campaigns.

  1. Improve your site’s SEO

Search engine optimization has become a proven strategy to help websites and web content get better ranking in search engine results. By extension, it increases site visibility and attracts more traffic. If a potential customer or a consumer is searching online for services and products like yours, you want your brand to appear before your competitors in the result pages. That increases the likelihood of a consumer visiting your brand as your high ranking would’ve made your web content more visible.

SEO specialists can help you improve your site’s online ranking with various strategies. But you can also try simpler methods. For example, use keyword tools (available online for free) to research words and phrases consumers use when searching for products and services like yours. Next, add those keywords strategically in your web content to improve your search result ranking.

  1. Use podcasting shows and partnerships with influencers
Expand Brand Awareness
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Podcasts have seen an unprecedented surge in popularity, providing information, education, and entertainment for millions of global listeners. This rapidly growing popularity is a goldmine for businesses looking to expand their brand and generate leads.

You can utilize podcast platforms to showcase your expertise and deliver high-quality content related to your products and services. A listener who finds value in your podcast content is more likely to perceive your business as credible and trustworthy. Over time, you’ll be able to build a loyal following committed to your content and your brand.

Up the ante by partnering with respected local influencers or inviting them to your podcasts. That is an excellent way to strengthen brand awareness and expand your reach and impact. You can easily win over the large followers of the influencers you partner with, turning them into customers.

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