A New Era of Privacy: How Online Phone Numbers are Revolutionizing Internet Privacy

A New Era of Privacy: How Online Phone Numbers are Revolutionizing Internet Privacy

Web privacy was undervalued for a long time. However, things have changed significantly over the years. Currently, due to the increasing number of fraudsters, it is considered one of the most crucial things for internet users. There are multiple solutions available to people that help to increase privacy when they are browsing the web, including online phone numbers. Even though they are a relatively new feature on the market, regular users as well as large companies from various industries already recommend them for their simplicity and effectiveness.

How is privacy ensured?

The most common use case for online numbers is creating additional accounts on different websites and apps. So, at first glance, they appear to have little effect on privacy. But it is a really useful tool in this regard. People who wish to remain anonymous when using online services started using these numbers a long time ago. This is caused by a couple of significant reasons:

  • Eliminating the need to disclose a personal number. It stays completely hidden, which is especially useful when it comes to using instant messengers like WhatsApp and Telegram that show your linked mobile phone number to other users.
  • Fraud protection. Receiving fraudulent texts and calls won’t be a problem anymore if you decide to buy an online phone number. Even if it gets leaked, there is nothing to worry about as it is designed to receive only verification codes from web platforms.
  • Location concealment. There is no way to find out where exactly a person using an online number is located as every number has a fixed location. Moreover, users can use numbers from other countries, which adds even more privacy.

You also don’t have to provide any personal information to operate online phone numbers, unlike when it comes to using SIM cards. The only requirement is to complete simple registration on the appropriate platform using an email address or profile on some popular service such as Facebook. This guarantees complete privacy.

Legality of usage

When people hear about online numbers for the first time, they often want to know if using them is legal. You don’t need to worry about anything. Using online phone numbers to sign up for social networks, instant messengers, forums, online stores, and other services is legal in every country on the planet. It is not prohibited and available to everyone.

This is easy to understand by looking at businesses that are subject to many regulations. They are actively using online numbers for different purposes, not to mention entrepreneurs and regular internet users. The process of using these numbers is not about something illegal. However, it is necessary to remember that utilizing online phone numbers for criminal purposes still goes against the law. So, make sure you are not going to do anything prohibited by authorities before activating them.

Service for getting an online phone number

Providing online numbers for receiving verification codes from various websites and apps is a relatively new type of business with little competition. It started to develop just a few years ago. But despite this, there are already several popular and reliable companies in this industry.

SMS-Man is without a doubt one of them. You can use their platform to get a private and secure number in one of more than a hundred countries and then utilize it to register an account with a required service. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on what to do to take advantage of their solutions:

1. Create a profile on sms-man.com. It can be done with an email address or an account on Google, Facebook, and even Telegram. There are multiple ways to do that.

2. Refill the balance by using a suitable payment option from the relevant tab. There are multiple methods available for that purpose: bank transfer, cryptocurrencies, and various electronic payment systems.

3. Open the main page of the website and select the country where the number should be issued. It is better to choose one where you are currently located, although not mandatory. You can choose any country from the list if necessary.

4. Proceed to the section with supported services and find the platform for which you would like to register using an online phone number. Use the search feature to make it easier and quicker.

5. Click on “Buy SMS”.

You will get the requested online number in a few seconds after completing the last step from the instructions above. There is no need to configure it. The number will be completely ready for use for the intended purpose.

Everything there to do is to handle it like a regular mobile phone number. You need to paste it into the registration form while signing up for the appropriate service and finish registration with the received verification code. The only difference is that the code sent to the online number will come to the platform that provided it to you, not to your mobile phone. This makes it possible to operate online phone numbers using any device, including a desktop computer.


Online privacy is one of the most important things for internet users at the moment. It can be increased with the help of many different tools and online numbers are definitely one of them. To ensure the best privacy on the web possible it is not only recommended but also necessary to use all existing tools together. This is especially true when it comes to registering with instant messengers that show people the mobile phone numbers of other users.

You can utilize them not only for instant messengers though. They can be used to sign up for a service of any kind, whether it is about Tinder sign up or registering an account on Gmail. There are no limitations or restrictions in this regard. So, there also won’t be a problem with taking advantage of online numbers to strengthen your privacy on the web. This process is not complicated, especially since you are aware of the easiest way to utilize them.

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