Johnny is 1 year old: Win Cool Prizes

Johnny is having a party today, so let’s give away cool prizes. We organized a simple, but cool contest. It is really easy to join and at the same time you are contributing to the community. So join, and win.

What can you win?

We thought about giving away post-it notes, sketch pencils or paper prototype material. But in the end we thought this wouldn’t do. You guys have high expectations, consume our articles like it’s candy and always yearn for more knowledge… so we decided to give away stuff that you’d actually love.

We are giving away 4x two books from Rosenfeld Media. When you join the contest you have a chance of winning one set of two books. And you can decide for yourself which books you want, which will be a hard job when you look at the collection:

From left to right: ‘Web Form Design‘ by Luke Wroblewski, ‘Card Sorting‘ by Donna Spencer, ‘Remote Research‘ by Nate Bolt & Tony Tulathimutte
, ‘Mental Models‘ by Indi Young, ‘Design is the Problem‘ by Nathan Shedroff & ‘Prototyping‘ by Todd Zaki Warfel.

What do you have to do?

In order to win one of the prizes you have to do something: share your UX knowledge with the community. We want you to share your best UX tips via Twitter with other practitioners. You can do this as often as you want. The tweet has to have the following hashtags: #uxtip & #johnnyholland. That means you have 118 characters left for your tip, so keep is short and juicy.

  • tweet a UX tip
  • add hashtag #uxtip
  • add hashtag #johnnyholland

An example:

In the end we want to end up with a huge collection of brilliant UX tips.

What are the rules?

The rules are very simple. You tweet, we decide who wins. Only people that followed the (simple) rules of the game have a chance to win. There is no possibility to discuss the outcome of the contest. We will only inform the winners of the contest. They will get an e-mail where we ask for their contact details. Winners have two weeks to reply, if that doesn’t happen… we will choose a new winner.

The contest starts on October 25 and ends November 8. The winners will be informed before November 15. You can send in as many UX tips as you want. Everybody can compete, except for the kahunas and dudes.

Special thanks to Rosenfeld Media for sponsoring this contest. Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter: @rosenfeldmedia.

Jeroen van Geel

Jeroen van Geel is founder/chief kahuna of Johnny Holland and the interaction director at Fabrique [brands, design & interaction], a Dutch multidisciplinary design agency. You can follow him on Twitter via @jeroenvangeel.

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  3. Can’t wait to hear the winner! *Fingers crossed*

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