Top 12 Awesome Book Summary Websites

Top 12 Awesome Book Summary Websites

If you’re seeking top book summary websites, you’re in the right place. With many summary websites springing up now and then, finding one that delivers quality can be tough. But we have finally handpicked the best ones out there for you. 

If you have a very crucial meeting to attend or are preparing to deliver a speech, you’ll understand that there’s not enough time to prepare. Your time is even more limited if you have a mountain of books to read. 

That’s where book summaries come in. With the ideal summary, you can read many books and boost your knowledge in less time. 

We have done all the hard for you. So, search for your ideal book summaries from the list of websites here. But mind you, this list includes free and paid websites. 

What Book Summary Websites Is

Book summaries are books summarized or made shorter by another person, not the author. The summarizer has read the complete book and provided a shorter version, which contains key points found in the original book. 

Now, here’s what a book summary is not. It’s not plagiarized material or a copycat that’s pretending to be the original writer. A summary is the author’s original book summarized by another person. The writer has to use his or her own words too. 

A Handy Tip: It’s not enough to summarize or make a book shorter. You also have to give credit to the original author of the book. 

If you’re preparing to deliver a speech, gain more knowledge, or have a crucial meeting to attend, book summaries can help make your preparation a breeze. It’s also beneficial for students who have a ton of books to read but have limited time. 

If you were supposed to spend 10 hours reading the original book, you’d be spending far less with a book summary. But that doesn’t mean you won’t understand the book or acquire the knowledge you seek. You’ll have sound knowledge of the book almost as someone that read the complete material. 

Alright, let’s look at websites you should consider visiting for book summaries. The list includes paid and free websites. 

1. Summaries – Paid Website: 

Summaries happen to be a paid website, but you’ll get great value for your money. The platform believes eight pages is the ideal length for a book. You don’t have to read a lengthy book to gain knowledge. 

So, for that reason, Summaries is working hard to make lengthy books shorter and less time-consuming. They have 300+ page books condensed into eight pages. Thus, you’ll only spend 30 minutes on the book, as opposed to spending hours. 

Again, Summaries only cover business book summaries. These include books on sales, finances, and so on. So, if you’re seeking books that will make you business smart, Summaries is your best bet.

The company boasts over a thousand workers and offers a budget-friendly subscription fee. With $12, you can receive a summarized business book every week.  

2. Readingraphics: Paid Website: 

What’s the mother of all inventions? It’s creativity. That’s what you’ll discover by visiting Readingraphics. This highly innovative platform has taken book summaries to another level. They offer books you can read in less time. 

Not only that. Readingraphics offer books with stunning graphics. So, don’t be surprised to find a lengthy book on one page. This company can make it happen. 

Besides graphics, the company offers books in audio clips and texts. Thus, you can choose the format that suits your learning style. 

Readingraphics offer books on personal development and business. So, if you’re looking for books on romance or other niches, you can check out other platforms. 

You can purchase a book in all three formats (text, audio, and graphics) for only $14.4 per month. But if you prefer having your book in only one format, the starting fee is $9.97.

3. 12min – Free Website:

Do you have 12 minutes to spare? If yes, and you are happy to exhaust that by reading a book summary, visit 12min right away. 

This website boasts loads of interesting and inspiring non-fiction books to keep you hooked every day. And it’s a free website.

12min wants you to read at least 365 books per year. It’s simple. If you read a book per day, then you can accomplish that. This platform also makes books available in text and audio. So, you can choose the format you desire to rekindle your appetite for book reading.  

4. The Book Summary Club – Free Website:

One of the things that set The Book Summary Club apart is its high-quality summaries. Despite being a free book summary platform, those behind that site have maintained such a high standard. 

This website specializes in non-fiction book summaries. And you’ll find summaries of varying lengths. Why? Some books deserve special treatment. That’s why The Book Summary Club decides to make their summaries longer. 

So, you will find books with long and short summaries here. But that’s not all. This platform also offers lists and reviews of top productivity, including reading tools and apps. 

5. Four Minute Books – Free Website:

As the name implies, Four Minute Books offer a myriad of short summaries. These include books you can read in the space of four minutes. 

The book summaries on this website are free. Just click the “read more” icon. Then the rest of the summary would pop up. 

Niklas Göke is the brain behind Four Minute Books and calls himself an information sucking machine. The platform’s summary cuts across books in diverse genres. It was Niklas’s wish to give avid readers a chance to have a glimpse of the world’s best books.

If you want to purchase the complete book after reading the summaries, Four Minute Books has made it a breeze. You’ll even find amazing deals to buy more books at cut-price rates. 

6. Optimize.Me – Free Website:

If you’re ready to take a deeper dive into the world’s most sought-after self-development books, Optimize.Me is a must-visit. 

This platform and the book summaries thereof is Brian Johnson’s work. He owns a YouTube channel, which provides book summaries and reviews. And he does so with such eloquence. 

Optimize.Me wants readers to become the best version of their current self. And the quality of the book summaries on the platform can help readers achieve this feat. They’re top-notch. 

You will find book summaries in different formats on this website. These include audio, videos, and texts. You can watch book summary videos or listen to texts on the go. So, there’s no excuse not to read to boost your knowledge. 

7. getAbstract – Paid Website:

You cannot mention leading book summary websites and exempt getAbstract. It’s one of the top platforms in the industry and has been around for decades.  

getAbstract claims to be serving a reasonable number of Fortune 100 companies. The platform has an app, which runs smoothly on Android and iOS operating systems, including on the web. But it’s not free. You have to pay a fee to gain access once the three days trial ends. 

Furthermore, getAbstract wants companies to give their employees a chance to read book summaries to gain knowledge and use it to improve their jobs. 

You can finish highly sought-after books within 10 minutes. These include books in corporate IT, management, innovation, life advice, science, and more. 

But have in mind that this book summary company is set up for the corporate world. 

8. Instaread – Paid Website:

If you’re seeking a platform that offers summarized books in a broader genre, Instaread is your best bet. It has thousands of books in nutrition, politics, psychology, fiction, and more. 

Instaread also offers summarized books in two forms: audio and text. So, even if you’re behind the wheels, you can still be updating your knowledge bank with incredible ideas. 

You’ll find Harvard Business review and insight on New York Times articles. The platform even boasts an app that runs seamlessly on Android, iOS, and desktop computers.  

To gain access to Instaread, be ready to pay $7.49 every month. 

9. FightMediocrity – Free Website

Firstly, have in mind that FightMediocrity isn’t a website, but a YouTube channel, designed to offer book summaries in video formats. If you prefer to watch book summaries offered by top authors and great thinkers, FightMediocrity is a must-visit. 

The videos include book summaries of work done by famous authors, such as David Goggins, James Clear, and other renowned non-fiction authors.  

Currently, FightMediocrity boasts over 1.57 million subscribers, and some of its videos have millions of views. The platform is really up to something great. The video summaries and the fact that they are from top authors in the industry sets the platform apart. 

10. Blinklist – Paid Website:

If you’re thirsty for high-quality non-fiction book summaries, Blinklist is one of the few book summary platforms that will satisfy that thirst. It has a huge collection of titles, over 4,000 of them. However, you need to subscribe to gain full access to more summarized materials. 

The subscription is $12.99 per month. But if you want to do an annual subscription, you’ll have to pay $6.67 per month. And even if you don’t want to subscribe, you’ll still gain access to books on Blinklist. 

The platform has a program called “daily pick,” which ensures books are sent to users using free accounts. 

So, download, install, open the app and create an account to start reading book summaries. That’s how simple the entire process is. 

11. Sumizelt – Paid Website:

Sumizelt offers summaries on diverse niches, a step that has made them a wise choice for a myriad of readers. You’ll find books about marketing, relationship, science, money, parenting, politics, career, and other categories. 

Sumizelt claims that their experts add summaries of books and other course content to the platform every week. So, if you want to keep improving your knowledge, check this platform out. 

Get powerful non-fiction content you can consume within 10 to 15 minutes and without breaking the bank. They offer one of the cheapest subscription fees out there. 

The monthly subscription fee is $5.99. But if you’re willing to pay for the annual package, the charge will be $3.75 per month. 

12. ReadItFor.Me – Paid Website:

ReadItFor.Me is somehow different from the other platforms on this list. What differentiates them is the ActionClass they offer. So, unlike other platforms mentioned here, ReadItFor.Me doesn’t only focus on book summaries.

The virtual learning class known as ActionClass is highly engaging and impactful. The platform organizes three classes per week. And in each of them, participants have to apply knowledge topics pulled from books in their lives. 

This book summary platform is a paid one. The monthly subscription is $49. However, if you have a company and want your workers to partake, feel free to negotiate a package for your team. 

ReadItFor.Me also offers a 14-day trial to give potential users a chance to experience the website and its offerings first-hand. If you enjoy using the platform, you can move to the premium package. 


So, these are the incredible book summary websites out there. Some have their summaries on their websites, while several offer apps that run seamlessly on Android, iOS, and other operating systems.

The book summary is an incredible piece of business that fits the century we are in. We lead a fast-paced life yet seek knowledge. Most complete books take hours to read. But with the summary, you can read a book and understand its content in a couple of minutes.     

You can check out each book summary website here to find one that’s suitable for you. 

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