How To Call Your Horse In Skyrim, The Ultimate Gamer’s Guide

How To Call Your Horse In Skyrim, The Ultimate Gamer’s Guide

Skyrim is one of the most popular games in 2021. Though enjoyable, this game can be a little bit confusing to beginners. 

Are you a Skyrim lover looking to grow your skills in the game? Well, you are in the right place. 

This article contains all the important tricks you need to enrich your Skyrim adventures. Before we dive deeper into the topic, first let’s find out,

How to Call Your Horse in Skyrim

Skyrim does not have a game function to call your horse. The easiest way of finding your horse is fast traveling. However, he only works if you own a horse.

All you have to do is fast travel anywhere, and your horse will appear next to you. If you travel to a town, your horse will appear outside the city you are in. 

Free and stolen horses will always walk back to their home when you get off them. 

How To Make Horses Better In Skyrim

Skyrim features several horse mods. These mods allow you to customize your horses and make them better. Some of Skyrim horse mods are;

1. Horses Revamped

Horses revamped is a mod that is used to better the appearance of vanilla horses. It works by remodeling and reworking some of the animation features. 

The resulting horses are more traditional. It also boosts your horse’s speed as well as stamina. This helps in fast-tracking your missions. 

2. Hale Horse Retexture

The horse retexture mod improves the color and texture of horses. It can be used on all the horses you can acquire throughout the game. However, this mod doesn’t do much for the performance of the horses.

It supplements the original horse designs by adding finer details. There are two versions of this model. 

You can either use the 1k or the 2k. Your specifications should inform the decision of which version to use.

3. Convenient Horses mod

This is the most comprehensive mod in Skyrim. The mod allows you to customize your horse in so many ways. You can access this mod feature from the mod menu.

You can choose to make your horse essential and protect it from damage. You can also customize its movement speed and health status.

This mod also allows you to choose a different saddle for your horse. This feature comes with a whistle and a horn. You can use the two to summon your horse.

The horn serves to summon your horse from any location in the world. On the other hand, the whistle works when you are close to your horse.

The mod also allows you to assign differently designed horses to your followers. For optimum results, consider using a follower overhaul. You can assign fast keys to support the added features. 

4. Improved Horse Step Sounds

This mod improves the footstep sound of horses to sound more distinctive. It also increases the sensitivity of the footstep sound on different surfaces. This mod brings about audio tweaks that make the game sound pleasing. 

5. Enhanced Camera Mod

The enhanced camera mod allows you to shift views on a horse. You can use the mod to switch to a first-person view on a horse. 

This makes the experience more immersive. Using first-person vie might not be a good idea if you are affected by motion sickness.

6. Better Fast Travel Mod

This is an excellent mod, especially when using a hardcore overhaul of the game. It adds a carriage near every single village, city, or settlement region.

The carriage is a helpful addition in terms of transportation. It allows carriage drivers to take you with them out of those locations.

7. SE Horses Mod

The SE horse mod adds a new texture and skeleton to all the five-horse colors. The mod imports from Skyrail horse textures from the whither III.

The mod also makes horse legs thinner. This makes them look more realistic and immersive. It also makes their bodies more masculine and leaner. 

The SE horse mod is not available on nexus yet. You can, however, download it on lenine patron. 

This mod should be highly compatible as it is only a texture mod.  For the legendary edition, download the main file and activate it. 

For the special edition, download the main and the SC files. The SC file should override the main file. You can use any mod downloader to do that.

How To Get A Free Horse Without Stealing

There are several ways of acquiring free horses in Skyrim. You can either steal them or earn them throughout the game. 

One of the places you can earn a horse is at Katla’s farm. She has several horses for sale in her stables. 

Even though we can steal these horses, the best option is to earn them. This will give the horse a white title that’s not considered stealing.

Wait for Katla to come out of her house in the morning. If you head on to talk to her, she will request help harvesting crops.

Harvest the vegetables from her small garden and take them to her. She will then allow you to take things from her. This will allow you to get a horse without stealing.

Since you have her permission, you own all the horses. However, your active horse will be the one you get on. This horse will always show up next to you whenever you fast-track somewhere.

Skyrim Standing Stones

Skyfire features thirteen standing stones. These stones are the ultimate keys for tweaking your play style. Your play style comprises of what skills you depend on and your goals. 

Each of the thirteen standing stones in Skyrim corresponds with celestial bodies. A hero can select one of these stones to live by.

To do so, one needs to find the appropriate standing stone and activate it. Activating a standing stone unleashes powers of blessings from heaven.

A hero can only have one blessing at a time. You can, however, switch between stones as you please. So what are some of the Skyrim standing stones?

1. The Guardian Standing Stones

The guardian stones are three standing stones located just left of the Village River wood. They consist of the thief, mage, and warrior. They are hard to miss as they appear at the start of Skyrim’s adventures.

Each guardian stone advances your skills by twenty percent. Each of the stones, however, only affects a limited number of skills.

The warrior stone modifies block, heavy armor one-handed and two-handed smithing. The thief stone advances archery, alchemy, lock pick, light armor, sneak, and pickpocket.

The mage stone gives the tailwind effect. It enables alteration, conjuration, destruction, restoration, and illusion.

2. The Lover Stone

The lover stone is located North West of Markarth and Southwest of Karhwastern. The lover stone increases the advancement of all skills by fifteen percent.

3. The Steed Stone

The steed stone is located North West of Solitude, close to Wolfskull cave. This stone grants three separate powers. 

It eliminates movement restrictions when wearing armor. It also makes all armors weightless. This goes a long mile with freeing up inventory space.

It also increases your carry weight by 100. It enables warriors to become agile and potent as much as possible.

4. The Lady Stone

This stone is useful to all types of character builds. However, it is a perfect tool for warriors who do business up-close.

The lady stone can be found north of Falkreath on an island in the middle of the lake. The stone enhances both stamina and health regeneration by twenty-five percent.

These boosts allow for a shorter downtime between fights. They also give you the ability to launch more power attacks during drawn-out battles. 

5. The lord stone

The lord stone is located almost directly east of Morthal, South West of Dawnstar. This stone activated additional 50 armor points. It also gives you twenty-five percent resistance to all magic spells.

6. The Atronach Stone

This is an alternative to the lord stone’s magic resistance. It is located to the northwest of Riften, north of mistwatch. 

This stone is a favorite of all magic users. Activating it gives you additional fifty points of magic. It also gives you fifty percent spell absorption.

Spell absorption enables you to convert spell attacks into Magicka. However, the Magicka regeneration rate is fifty percent slower. These powers are useless against warriors who attack with steel instead of spells.

Theoretically, the spell absorption and Magicka regeneration balance each other out. However, the spell absorption will only convert attack spells into Magicka half the time. 

7. The Apprentice stone

The apprentice stone is located in the middle of a swamp between Solitude and Morthal. The stone increases the rate of Magicka regeneration by two folds.

A downside of activating this tone is that it lowers your resistance to magic by two folds.


Skyrim is an adventurous, fun-filled game for everyone. However, the numerous options the game offers can be overwhelming to beginners. Character creation, goals, and storyline are some of the basics you need to know.

Having a clear pointer and tips on how to play can enrich your gaming experience. This article is your ultimate guide to an enriched Skyrim adventure.

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