Killer Tips Explaining How To Make Overwatch Run Faster

Killer Tips Explaining How To Make Overwatch Run Faster

Overwatch is a Blizzard Entertainment-owned team-based multiplayer game created in 2016. The game is a shooter game that involves two teams of six players each. Players can select their characters.

Active Player reports that over 6.2 million people play Overwatch every month since the turn of the year.

Some people have complained about the speed of the game on their computers.

Back to the question! How do you make Overwatch run faster? Continue reading to know how. 

How To Make Overwatch Run Faster

There are several reasons why Overwatch may be running slow on your computer. Your computer’s frames per second (FPS) determines your game speed.      

Read on to know how you can improve the game speed and enhance your experience.

#1: Reduce your screen resolution

If Overwatch is running slow on your computer, consider reducing your game resolution. You will find the option to reduce screen resolution in the game settings menu.

Your computer graphics card renders pixels on your computer screen. When your resolution is high, the graphics card will need to yield more pixels and cause a decline in the game performance.

#2: Update drivers

One way to make Overwatch run faster on your computer is to update the drivers on your computer. Video and graphic drivers improve graphics card performance. Make sure they are up to date.

Set your PC drivers to auto-update in options. Your system will update the drivers automatically when a new update is available.

#3: Optimize game settings

To boost your FPS and enjoy Overwatch, consider optimizing your game settings. Sometimes, your computer hardware may not adequately handle high settings.

To improve Overwatch speed, we recommend you turn down your settings to help your computer render better game performance.

#4: Adjust graphic card settings

Consider changing the performance settings on your graphics card. One important option to change is the power mode. This setting determines how your computer processes power.

You can change your power settings to the maximum to ensure your computer performs at optimal speed. You will find instructions on adjusting these settings on the graphics card manufacturer’s website.

#5: Use game optimization software

Consider using an FPS booster software if the options above do not give you desired results. An FPS booster software stops or slows down background processes. This strategy frees up power for your Overwatch.

These suggestions should help your gameplay speed up.

How is the Overwatch game played? Continue reading for more information.

There Are Four Modes In The Game

Overwatch has 21 different areas or maps that you can play in four different modes.

#1: Assault

This mode involves two control points on a map. Opposing teams will try to seize the control points within a stipulated period. 

The attacking team will adjust to defence when it seizes the control points. This switch to defence also happens when the time limit has elapsed.

#2: Escort

In escort, both teams still switch between offence and defence. Instead of two control points, this mode involves a payload.

The attacking team must escort this payload past three checkpoints. Once the attacking team reaches the third checkpoint, the attacking team switches to defence.

If they also run out of time, they also switch to defence. The other team will change to attack.

#3: Hybrid

Hybrid is a blend of Assault and Escort modes. The attacking team must capture the control points and then carry a payload past the three checkpoints.

#4: Control

In control, teams battle for control over a particular location for a certain period. When a team attains 100%, the next round begins in another part of the same map. 

To win, a team must take control of at least two of three designated areas.

Overwatch Heroes Perform And Survive By Four Factors

Overwatch involves 32 unique characters called heroes. The performance and longevity of these heroes depend on some qualities.

#1: Ability:

Every hero in Overwatch has a unique ability. Some have swift movement abilities that can help them evade danger and attack from uncertain angles. Others can fly and remain airborne for some time.

Apart from fighting abilities, some heroes also have healing powers. They can heal their wounded teammates to prevent them from dying.

#2: Health

Another factor that determines the performance and longevity of Overwatch heroes is health.

Health is the amount of damage a character can potentially endure before elimination.

All characters do not have equal health. For instance, Tracer, a British pilot, has 150 health, while Roadhog, a giant Australian with a shotgun and a gas mask, has 600 health.

Some characters have protection like armour or shields, which reduce the damage they can take.

#3: Damage

When a character attacks another character, they take away some amount of health. Damage is the amount of health a particular character can take away. Damage potential differs among characters depending on their unique abilities.

#4: Ultimates

Ultimates are game-changers and are only available a few times in a match.

Characters can use their regular abilities every few seconds, while Ultimatesmust charge before use. Ultimates charge slowly as the game proceeds.

A character can, however, charge their Ultimates faster by inflicting damage on their opponents.

Overwatch Has Three Kinds Of Heroes

There are 32 heroes in Overwatch, split into three types –tank, damage, and support.

Each team must select two characters from each group to play the game. A team can switch to another character within the same category if the initial choice is not giving desired results.

Let us examine these three types more closely and see how they combine to help the team

#1: Tanks

Tanks come with armor and lead the attack as the offensive linemen in the game. They are physically huge and have high health. Tanks have two categories, main tanks and off-tanks.

The job of the main tanks is to create spaces for their team to operate. They do this using a different strategy. They can distract the enemy away from other players or form a protective shield around their team.

Off-tanks work to secure the created spaces. An off-tank working with the main tank is a more formidable unit than one main tank working alone.

#2: Damage characters

Damage characters are the hitters in the game. Every Overwatch character can cause damage, but this group focuses most on inflicting damage on the enemy. They can also quickly cause elimination.

Most of the characters in Overwatch belong to the damage category. They fight using a wide range of play styles.

Most Damage characters are snipers, flankers, or brawlers. 

Snipers are excellent in long-range combat and can eliminate their opponents with a single shot. They fail in close range combat.

Flankers roam around the map with their unique movement abilities to isolate weak targets.

Brawlers are deadly at close range. They love to fight directly with opponents. They are vulnerable until they come close.

#3: Support characters

Support characters are the most important in the game. All support characters have healing abilities. They use it to prevent their wounded teammates from dying to keep their team in contention.

There are two kinds of support characters – the main support characters and off-support.

Main support characters primarily function to heal teammates that have taken in some damage. Off-support characters do not only heal their wounded teammates. They also have other abilities.

The Future Of Overwatch

The big news is that Overwatch 2 is coming. There is no release date yet, but the developers have told us what to expect.

New and improved maps

Overwatch 2 will have an assortment of new maps. There has also been a review of the old ones.  

Esports News Network reports that in Overwatch 2, Rome comes with improved architecture, and the coliseum is now complete.

New York and India also have new maps. There are no details for India for now. In New York, maps feature iconic symbols like the Big Apple and Grand Central.

Changes in gameplay

Overwatch 2 will come with gameplay changes. There are new skills, with minor reviews to the old ones. The idea is to make the game more natural and intuitive.

Overwatch now has new enemies, and our favourite players now have new looks.

A new game mode

A new game mode – Hero Mission – berths in Overwatch 2. Players can choose any location on a map and journey there to start a mission. 

Game enthusiasts are excited about these developments. The number of players per month will increase significantly in the next quarter. 


Overwatch is a popular shooter-based hero game played between two six-member teams.

At least 6.2 million people play Overwatch every month since the turn of 2021, according to Active Player.

Overwatch renders fast on high-end computers but can drag on some PCs with lower specs.

Make Overwatch run faster using the following suggestions. Reduce your screen resolution, update your video and graphics drivers, and optimize your in-game settings.

You can also use game optimization software to boost your computer’s frames per second (FPS).


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