How To Tell When Juul Pod Is Empty- A Mini Guide To Using Juul Pod?

How To Tell When Juul Pod Is Empty- A Mini Guide To Using Juul Pod?

Juul pod is a portable nicotine-filled device designed to mimic a typical cigarette’s physical shape and sensory experience. A specific Jull pod contains a mixture of substances and can also be found in different flavors. Juul pod is made to provide continuous juice for smokers and offer outstanding convenience that is far better than what you get from conventional cigarettes. You will have to change the Juul pod once the liquid is empty. 

So how You Tell When Juul Pod is Empty?

The best way to tell when the Juul pod is empty is to take the pod out of its external device and see where the juice level is. You can also tell when the Juul pod is empty when you get less than50% of normal vapor, or when you hit it but get nothing or you get burnt. 

What You Should Know About Juul Pod

Juul pod looks like a flash drive, and it is still not legal for use in a particular environment. The following are things you should know about Juul pod;

1. It is a Handheld Nicotine delivery Device

Juul pod is designed to perform what your regular cigarette will do. The device has two components; the bottom part houses the battery and temperature regulatory system. The other part is the top part which is the compartment for the e-liquid cartridge, and you have to stick this portion into the device.

The cartridge or top compartment is also the mouthpiece, and the entire device is rechargeable via a USB charger. 

2. There are No Settings on Juul Pod

One of the unique features that differentiate the Juul pod from traditional cigarettes or other e-cigarette is that there are no settings. Instead, this device will sense when you pull through the mouthpiece and automatically heats up to vaporize the juice or liquid inside. 

It also comes with a temperature regulation device that prevents over-heating; hence there is less likelihood that an explosion will occur. 

3. It comes in Different Flavors

The e-cigarette cartridge comes in diverse flavors: mint, fruit medley, and crème Brulee. Each Juul pod contains just as much nicotine as you will find in a traditional cigarette. In addition to the flavor, the Juul pod also contains propylene glycol, glycerol, benzoic acid, nicotine, and flavorings. 

Health Concerns About Juul Pods

There are still few conclusions on the health effects of inhaling different substances from Juul pods, one thing is, however, sure, and that is the fact that nicotine can be a very addictive substance. 

The nicotine content of the Juul pod is about 0.7mL, and one hit could deliver a significant effect on the system. The 0.7mL nicotine levels in the Juul pod are equivalent to a pack of cigarettes or roughly 200 puffs. Juul pod is a closed system which means you can’t refill the e-liquid as you would an e-cigarette that comes with a tank. This design was settled to promote better quality control.

The Juul device between $34 and $50, while a pack of four may cost $4 each or $15.99. Thus, purchasing in bulk can be a great bargain when compared to a pack of cigarettes. 

There have been several changes in legislation over the use of substances like Juul pods, and the resolution was to impose more taxes to curb the adverse health effects of smoking. Similarly, under-aged smokers who are younger than 18 years of age are still gaining access to the substance, which also raises concern for the government. 

In the year 2016 alone, more than 2 million school kids in the US used e-cigarette along. In addition, between 2011 to 2015, the percentage of high school students who use e-cigarette rose from 1.5% to 16% among high school students and from 0.6% to 5.3% among middle school students. 

Other Things You Should Know About Juul Pod

You should know several other things about Juul pod that can help you get the most out of it. 

1. How Long Does the Juul Pod Last?

Juul pods can last for a while, and as a matter of fact, they may last for up to a year, depending on how frequently you use them. 

The cartridges are made of plastic, but you need to keep them away from exposure to direct sunlight. For heavy vapers, Juul pods may last for several weeks or days. You may find some third-party pods compatible with Juul pods that can make it last longer. 

Though no flavored pods are available recently, you can still find menthol and tobacco flavors available on the company website and recognized retailers. The company had pulled off other flavors and left Tobacco and menthol after a backlash that they were responsible for the teenage vaping epidemic. 

There is no guaranty that the Juul pod manufacturing company will re-introduce other flavors, but users can always hack their pods to enjoy vaping to the fullest. 

Keep in mind that the pod’s wicks will eventually dry out once there is no juice left; fortunately, users can always use a compatible, refillable pod to enjoy a longer-lasting experience. 

2. Comparing Juul Pods to Cigarettes

Smokers enjoy taking between 8 and 12 pods on the average per cigarette, while vapers, including those who use Juul pods, take between 5 and 7 puffs.

Cigarettes are combustible, and they eventually self-extinguish, especially when they reach a filter. Unless you put out a cigarette, it will continue burning until it comes to the filter. Jull pod work similarly to cigarette, users can continue taking hits and puff until the 0.7mL is exhausted. 

3. Refilling is not allowed with Juul Pods

Unfortunately, you cannot refill Juul pods according to the design. Fortunately, there are ways of refilling the pods with your preferred e-liquid, though the company does not encourage or condone this. 

Today, the company has decided to pull many of its popular flavors out of the market, leaving only Tobacco and menthol flavors. For this reason, more Juul pod users are cracking their devices open to refill them in any way.

With a few tweaks, you can refill Juul pods. One way you can refill your Juul pod is to remove the plastic-covered mouthpiece and then remove the stoppers to find the filled holes. This logical design should allow you to put the flavored juice you want. The issue with using tweaks to refill your Juul pod is that you may never have the device in its perfect construction after refilling. 

Refilling pods can save you money in the long run, though they were not designed to last long. The wicks typically burn out after few days, except you sparingly use it, then you may extend the lifespan of the device. Make sure you don’t damage your Juul pod device in the process of refilling it. 

Also, Juul pods come in a single size, though there have been signs that the manufacturer will likely roll out bigger sizes very soon. 

4. Juul Starter Pack and Label

Interestingly, you can find the information you need to know about the Juul pod on the label of the starter pack. The starter pack includes the Juul device, a USB charger, and four flavor pods: Cool mint, Virginia tobacco, Crème Brulee, and Mango. 

The label also states that the Juul pod comes with 5% strength. At the bottom of the label is a warning that says that the product contains nicotine, an addictive substance. 

Looking at people’s smoking or vaping habits, a four-pack may last for a long while or within few days. The longevity of these pods will depend on the vaping habits of the individual user. 

If you have been juuling for a while, you may vape less as the nicotine level falls. Similarly, people recovering from the adverse effects of vaping will also reduce their juuling, and that could make their pods last longer. 

Juul pod also contains 40mg of nicotine per pod which is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes. A rechargeable battery drives the pod, and that turns the liquid into an aerosol. So while other e-cigarettes look like phones, Juul pods look like a USB flash drive. 

There are no indicators as to when other flavors will resume, but Juul pod users will have to cope with tobacco and menthol flavors for a while. The alternative solution is to hack the Juul pod device and put third-party juices inside to enjoy your preferred flavor. 


It seems one issue Juul pod manufacturers will have to contend within the next coming years is that of legislation. Several countries and regional policy-makers, and parliament are considering placing restrictions on smoking in general to curb specific issues. The E-cigarette has become a norm among teenagers and younger adults, but some people think it has become an epidemic. However, there are no clear indications that Juul pods cause any health problems, and most of the allegations leveled against the manufacturers are based on mere speculations. 

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