Why Did Duck Dynasty End?

Why Did Duck Dynasty End?

Duck Dynasty is an American reality television series that premiered on March 21, 2012, on A&E. The show follows the family as they routinely hunt, fish, and run their successful business.

The series was in production for 11 seasons. On December 14, 2017, A&E announced that the Robertson family had “made the decision to conclude filming” for the series to allow “several cast members to pursue potential opportunities.” The decision to end the show comes after Phil Robertson was briefly suspended from his role in 2014 after making controversial comments about homosexuality. The final episode aired on March 29, 2018.

The series has been credited with making A&E the number one non-sports cable network on Wednesday nights and boosting ratings for the channel overall. It is also one of the most viewed shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

A Drop in Ratings

A drop in the ratings caused the end of “Duck Dynasty.” It was announced that A&E Network has decided to pull the plug on “Duck Dynasty.” The show, which aired on Wednesday nights, aired its final episode on March 29, 2018.

The show was once one of the most popular programs on cable TV, but its fourth season’s viewership plummeted by more than 40%. This led to A&E executives deciding to end the series. “Duck Dynasty” premiered in 2012 and quickly became ratings hit for A&E.

The show followed the lives of the Robertson family, known for their business selling duck hunting equipment. The Robertson family was made up of the father, Willie, and his sons Jase, Jep, and Alan. The show also featured Willie’s daughter-in-law Lisa.

The family has become known for their strong Christian values, which they have been able to share in the business they have built. In addition to their business being successful, the A&E reality show helped them gain national recognition by sharing their lives with viewers across America. They have also been well-known for their conservative beliefs regarding family values and politics.

The Robertson family has made headlines in recent months for comments about homosexuality and race relations in America. The controversy started when Willie told GQ magazine that he believed homosexuality is a sin and that it is “not logical” for a man to be with another man or a woman with another woman “if it’s unnatural.” The comments sparked criticism from those who disagreed with the Robertson family’s views on gay marriage.

However, while A&E executives were concerned about the controversy surrounding “Duck Dynasty,” they may not have realized that this was what led to its decline in viewership. After all, other shows on cable TV that feature families who share Christian views have not experienced the same reduction in ratings as “Duck Dynasty” did.

The reason behind declining ratings for “Duck Dynasty” had nothing at all to do with its content but rather how those viewers felt about its stars after hearing some controversial comments from them over the past few months.

This goes against everything Hollywood has been telling us since celebrities started appearing on reality shows years ago – that their popularity would last forever if they starred in one because people would always want to know more about them regardless of what they said or did off-camera.

If anything proves otherwise, then it is this very situation involving A&E and “Duck Dynasty.”

Instead of being honest with themselves concerning why people stopped watching “Duck Dynasty,” executives at A&E are blaming it on Phil Robertson’s controversial statements, which led to him being temporarily suspended from filming after his interview was published by GQ magazine last fall.

Homophobic Controversy

Duck Dynasty is a reality television show that had been on the air for five years until the controversy of Phil Robertson’s homophobic statements led to A&E ending its contract with Robertson. Robertson commented about homosexuality being a sin and how it is not what God intended.

He went on to say that it was unnatural. Robertson had been suspended from the show for his views, but after much public outcry over A&E’s decision, they issued an apology to him and reinstated him to his position on the show.

The homophobic statements of Phil Robertson led to A&E ending their contract with him, but the Robertson family was not going to stay silent about it. They issued a statement that said, “We want to thank all of you for your support. ‘Duck Dynasty’ will always be part of our family.”

The A&E channel is private, so it has the right to air or not air whatever they choose. However, it should be noted that the channel is owned by Disney, one of the biggest corporations in America and the world. Disney is known for its progressive views on gay rights and has supported gay rights since 1996 when it was one of the first companies to offer health benefits to gay partners.

Final Thoughts

The Robertson family members are not known as people who want publicity or money; they are self-proclaimed rednecks who live in Louisiana and are proud of their country upbringing. Unfortunately, due to these controversial comments ratings for the show plummeted and contributed to the show eventually being taken off-air

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