Why Do Girls Like Bad Boys?

Why Do Girls Like Bad Boys?

Well, blame the hormones! Hormones play a role in women’s attraction to specific kinds of men, particularly bad boys.

Most women know someone who liked a guy who was bad news but still couldn’t say no. And sometimes that ‘someone’ was you. Despite all of the cautions and red flags, the attraction of dating a “bad boy” was very overwhelming to resist.

So, knowing all the warning indications that misery is on the way, why do women continue to be drawn to bad boys?

Such gloomy, domineering males, with their overtly enticing bravado, may not be respectable to accept, but they may be persuasively alluring. Let us learn why this allure has the power to undermine our clear thinking.

Okay, first things first.

Who Is Termed as “Bad Boys?”

“Bad boys” are classified as overtly masculine by biologists. Such men exude testosterone, which promotes bravado and is linked to excessive sensuality. They might be arrogant or emotionally damaged. Bad men exhibit characteristics of the psychic dark trio in the most intense and destructive perspective.

They could be egocentric (having a feeling of superiority and an exaggerated picture of themselves), Machiavellian (insensitive and addicted to deceiving others), or psychopathic exhibiting antisocial and reckless actions). Nonetheless, there are instances when you are unable to break free from them.

Reasons for This Attraction Towards “Bad Boys?”

Hormones Are at Play

Women are more intrigued by a certain type of man, labeled an alpha, during ovulation than at other times in our monthly cycle, according to studies.

There are several sexually appealing characteristics, such as symmetrical looks and domineering personality.

Women are drawn to men who have attributes linked to fitness genetics, which they can pass along to their children.

Women are significantly better judges of personality during the remaining three weeks of the month. Females are drawn to men who are compassionate, trustworthy, and kind.

In the end, the urge to find a mate who would be a wonderful dad typically prevails.

Freedom From “Good Girl” Image

Girls have a variety of characteristics, including rebellion. Women are socialized to be submissive and cooperative, therefore these tendencies are usually suppressed throughout childhood.

If a woman’s inner life is unspoken, she may be lured to a bad male as a means of passively asserting her rebellious side.

Women are drawn to attributes in others that they wish they possessed.

A ‘nice girl’ can appreciate a bad boy’s feeling of independence. Even though this feature makes them an unfit long-term relationship, it might make them so appealing that the prospective suffering seems to be worth it.

The Adrenaline Rush of Doing Something Different

Bad boys might be a refreshing alternative to the standard types of partners.

These males can appear “dynamic and engaging,” specifically to bored women. However, dating them might have serious consequences, such as wounded feelings, arguments, dependencies, and criminal convictions.

Bad boys might seem prohibited, which contributes to their attractiveness. When you want something you can’t and just shouldn’t have, your yearning develops irresistibly.

A Feeling of Security

Bad boys are preferred by women since they seek a male character who will safeguard them. Most women who are terrified of crime and feel unprotected look for a male to protect them.

Women are attracted to them because of their robust physical looks.

Preferring Gorgeous Men To Good Men

In one study, women received scripts with two distinct men’s profiles and were asked to choose which man they liked. The nice guy was rarely the final choice for most women, who preferred the profile with good physical traits.

You now understand, owing to this study, that when it comes to picking a companion for a committed relationship, the nice characteristic is less important than the manipulating trait that bad boys possess.

Scared About Fully Committing

Women sometimes yearn for men who are hesitant to commit since they are terrified of commitment themselves. The above women resist being heartbroken by choosing to be with bad boys who refuse to compromise for a relationship commitment.

Thus, if you keep dating these unreasonable bad boys, you’re undermining any possibility of creating a true relationship by purposefully choosing and pursuing men you know aren’t right for you.

Though this strategy can help you avoid the pressures, worry, and possibility of heartbreak that come with committed relationships, this can also hinder you from fully bonding with a man in a meaningful sense that is both physically and mentally deep and gratifying.

They Want To Be The Fixers

Women usually go for the bad boy in the hopes of changing his unruly and rogue behaviors. You’re on the wrong track if you want to establish a relationship based on your need and wish to influence your partner’s acts.

Several women believe they can change a bad boy’s negative habits and turn him into the kind, attentive, and the dedicated person they desire.

However, please note that a man’s previous conduct is the best predictor of his future behavior. Therefore if you’re trying to engage with a man who has continuously demonstrated that he doesn’t like to be fully committed, you are making a mistake.

Men don’t like to be in enduring love relationships with women who would like to fix them, so now is the time to leave seeking your next fixer and begin to accept a man for who he is.

Is There Any Hope for Genuinely Nice Men?

If you’re a reliable, emotionally accessible, smart, and pleasant guy, your best approach is to stay true to yourself because you’ll appeal to women who meet your standards.

Emotionally intelligent women would want to be cherished for who and what they are, and her match will have to do the same. They’re not going to want to deal with the wreckage that a bad boy leaves behind.


Finally, and maybe most crucially, gentlemanly behavior always prevails, no matter how appealing it may appear in the near term.

When women realize there isn’t much more going on beneath the surface, smart, fascinating, and intriguing men always win.

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