Why Do I Like Being Alone?

Why Do I Like Being Alone?

Some people prefer books over parties and having one or two friends over a big group. And they don’t mind spending time alone or being with themselves. And when they don’t get to spend time with themselves, they feel drained or exhausted. Every little annoyance is magnified when they don’t get their ‘me’ time.

If you are one of those people, you might have asked yourself why do I like being alone or if there is something wrong with you. No, you are not crazy and there’s nothing wrong with spending time with yourself.

You like spending time alone because you are an introvert and find solitude in no one else’s but your own company. 

Here we have a complete list of the reasons that will help you understand why do you enjoy your company the most.

Reasons Why You Love Being Alone

You’re an Introvert

No surprises here!

If you find social interaction less rewarding then chances are you’re an introvert. And that’s because your brain is sensitive to neurotransmitter dopamine which results in overstimulation when socially exposed for a long time. 

But you shouldn’t feel bad or guilty about it. Introverts are the special people who save their energy only for the people who are special to them.

Your Energy Level is Lower Than Other People

We all know a person who is always high on energy. Always up, always ready to hang out or party and they can’t really stop talking. This is the complete opposite for an introvert. Not only do you find such people annoying but you also realize that you don’t have energy like them for social interactions and gathering.

You aren’t a hyperactive person and find the most comfort in your home while you relax on your favorite couch or bed. That doesn’t mean you are unhealthy or unfit — you can still exercise. 

Some people prefer parties after a long hectic day at work and you recharge your batteries by resting and recuperating after a long day.

You Prefer Things Your Way

You know yourself better. You know what you like and what things you dislike. And when you’re with someone else you have to do things their way and that’s what you’re not comfortable with.

Being with a group involves compromise and in general, you don’t like changes. 

And when you’re alone, you can be yourself and do things your way. And that’s something you won’t give up on your happiness for anything or anyone.

Peace and Quiet are Your Things

Loud Trans Music? Naa, Not your style.

You would always pick Netflix and chill sessions rather than partying at a club. And it’s not that you have a problem with the people, it’s because you can’t match their level of energy. This is why you find it hard to work from the office and prefer to work from home. 

Your home is the place where you charge yourself up and feel at peace. If there’s one more person added, your peace is destroyed. That’s the reason you are at your best when you are alone.

You are a Deep Thinker

The peace and quiet that you enjoy allow you to sit and think deeply about many things. There are some people who don’t like staying alone as they find it hard to deal with their thoughts but you enjoy thoughtfulness.

In fact, thinking about your life gets you overwhelmed. You absolutely enjoy understanding the philosophy of life alone as you certainly can’t do it around other people. 

You Stay Away From the Drama

Gossiping? Back Bitching? Not your thing!

In fact, you absolutely hate it when people talk shit about others. You have no interest in other people’s lives that why prefer to stay with people who do it.

You don’t like to waste your time or energy on people who bring others down with their negativity and toxicity. You prefer rather stay alone and not be involved with anybody’s business.

You Handle your Own Emotions

You don’t like to depend upon others for your happiness. You find joy and happiness within yourself only. You are complete in yourself therefore you don’t like to surround yourself with a bunch of people to make you feel positive.

You don’t like to talk about your emotions to other people. You are capable of dealing with your problems yourself in a happy mood.

You’re Happy with Small Things

While most people are constantly running after money or gaining more material possessions, you on the other hand find yourself completely happy at where you currently are.

You prefer reading your favorite novels with a cup of hot chocolate rather than worrying about social status and labels. You are completely satisfied with your life and won’t change a dime about it.

You Don’t Like a Lot of People

You prefer your own company simply because you don’t like a lot of people. You don’t meet many people who match your low-key vibes. Maybe it’s because of your complex personality or because of bad experiences you had with people in your past.

But this doesn’t change the fact that you prefer your own company than hanging out with low-vibration people.

You Hate Small Talk

How are you today? What you had for dinner last night? Have you lost weight?

All these questions annoy the hell out of you. You find them meaningless and don’t understand why people even ask them. 

You have better things to do in life rather than involving in stupid talk. Anything that isn’t necessary does not hold any value in your life. 

Is There Anything Wrong With Being Alone?

Being alone is not a bad thing, it is actually so much better than being in the wrong kind of company. Spending time alone can actually help you in your mental growth.

It gives you the time and freedom to try new things, acquire knowledge, and research topics that fascinate you. Giving yourself alone time also gives you the opportunity to explore new things without the judgment of other people.

However, aloneness and loneliness are two different things. You shouldn’t stay alone if you are going through loneliness. Loneliness can have serious health consequences that involve a higher risk of obesity, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and even death. 

Alone time involves finding oneself, exploring new things, and rejuvenation while loneliness is marked with negative emotions associated if isolation. You may need to find things and support that may help you if you are going through loneliness.  

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