Unique and Personal Ways You Can Honor Your Loved One Who Passed Away

Unique and Personal Ways You Can Honor Your Loved One Who Passed Away

A family member or a loved one passing away is indeed a devastating moment that leaves us with a deep feeling of helplessness and profound grief. It becomes incredibly difficult to cope with the surge of emotions, but by honoring the deceased, it becomes easier to take control of your emotions and ensure the person is not forgotten. Honoring loved ones can preserve beautiful memories while remembering and commemorating them. Here are some personal ways you can remember your loved ones and keep their memories alive. 

Sharing Connections

A simple way to honor a loved one is by sitting down with family members and friends to cherish the moments the deceased enjoyed. Food is a great way of sharing that connection. Whether they enjoyed having a homemade pizza or loved the fruit punch available at their favorite restaurant, sitting down with the family to enjoy the food and remember the good times shared is indeed a wonderful way to commemorate the deceased. Re-living these memories fosters a deeper bonding and lets you feel more connected to the deceased. One thing to remember is while striving to honor your loved one, remember to take care of yourself along the way.

Contributing to Nature

If the deceased was a nature lover, consider playing your part in saving nature and commemorate them by conducting a nature-friendly activity. Whether you are planning to plant trees on uninhabited land or organize a peaceful walk against the use of plastics, the goal here is to contribute as much as you can in their honor. 

Helping The Community

Giving back to the community is a great way to honor the ones who have passed away. You can establish a charity or a welfare organization that’s in line with the vision your loved one had. Doing this ensures their name stays remembered in the community as the years pass. Furthermore, the charity or fundraiser you choose can even be a small arrangement to help out someone in need. You can also donate money to a non-profit to honor their memory while ensuring the cause you are donating to is close to their heart. 

Memorial Tattooing

To keep your loved one close to you at all times, consider commemorating them with a tattoo. The ink used to engrave the tattoos can be mixed with the ashes of your loved one, making them a permanent part of your body. There are special considerations that should be observed when you have decided to go for memorial tattooing. The information found at Engrave Ink suggests using ashes that are sterilized and specifically treated to be used for tattoo engraving. Failing to properly sterilize can result in an infection at the tattoo site. 

Keeping Their Belongings

When we lose a loved one, it becomes really hard to part ways with their belongings. These items may include their favorite clothes, napkins, or even a household appliance. You can donate most of these belongings while keeping a few items as a memory. There are even services that can take the belongings of your loved one and recycle the fabric to make stuffed animals, rugs, blankets, and shawls, just to name a few. 

Completing Unfinished Projects

Creative people are always busy working on DIY projects which might be left unfinished due to their unfortunate demise. It could be as simple as restoring furniture, revamping the garden space, or upgrading their pet house. Finishing these projects will develop a sense of deep connection as you will be working on completing what they started. If you have the right skills and expertise, consider completing the project on your own or hire a competent individual with the right skill set to get the job done. 

Making a Memorial

To cherish your memories with the deceased, consider making a memorial. You can either add a photo collection of the moments you shared on a wall or place a collection of their belongings in one place. Putting together a video is also a great way to preserve the memories so you can revisit them every once in a while. 

When you share a strong connection with a loved one you’ve lost recently, remembering them doesn’t end after the funeral service. It takes time to heal and in getting things back to normal. However, if you ever feel lost and find it difficult to move on, remember that your loved one would never want to see you in grief and would want you to be happy and live life to the fullest. By using the above-mentioned ways, you can not only honor the deceased but also keep their memories alive and close to you. 

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