5 Reasons Why Teachers Should Carry Guns in School 

5 Reasons Why Teachers Should Carry Guns in School 

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Over the last four – or so – years, some US states have been vocal about the need to arm teachers. The discussion where educators are allowed to carry guns to school came from the fact that too many shootings have been happening at schools, and it is no longer safe not to have any weapons. Ohio and Louisiana are leading in talks, and it’s probably a matter of time until legislation has been passed, and other states follow suit. 

Why should guns be at a place where kids go for education? Here are 5 reasons in favor. 

Arming Teachers Would Bolster School Security 

It can be frustrating not being able to do much for kids that look up to you as the adult in the room. When shootings happen, the best that an unarmed teacher can do is huddle their charges and lead them to the safest place they can find while reassuring them – it will all end soon. When you read gun control examples of the essays, you realize that students may look up to their educators as they do regarding their parents, and it would help you understand how such responsibility makes someone want to do more. 

A teacher with a gun will be better prepared to deal with an attacker when they enter a classroom and open fire. Students will feel safer seeing someone doing more to keep them safe than just asking them to remain calm. First responders are usually on their way when they are alerted of attacks, but having a few responsible armed people will safeguard schools and the students until the police make it into the compound. 

Have Time to Prevent an Attack by a Student 

Arming teachers with guns makes it possible to thwart the threat presented by students at the same school. Even though schools observe security protocols that are supposed to prevent any guns from getting into the compound, some creative kids still find ways to sneak them in, which is how they end up endangering the rest. One person with a gun can only do so much when dealing with a strategic attacker, but they are much better than no arms at all. Now, imagine how much can be accomplished by several people armed to safeguard their students. 

Attacks are usually planned by people with extensive knowledge of their surroundings. They know the school properly with all its strengths and weaknesses and need equally knowledgeable forces to counter them. By the time the police officers get to the school, the armed teachers would already have neutralized the threat or, at least, worked on how to keep things in check.

Gives Parents Peace of Mind  

Parents send their children to school each day, expecting their teachers to take care of them till the end of the day. These days, they know that is not always possible, so they are usually crossing their fingers and waiting anxiously to see their kids step out of the school buses. This relief only lasts until the next day, when they have to repeat this process. 

Even though institutions are doing much better in terms of security nowadays, it is not enough to keep the parents at ease until they see their kids. The ongoing debate, as seen in newly added essays on gun violence, outlines the many pros, and keeping parents at ease is one of them. Since parents do so much to keep their kids safe when they are at home, it makes sense for officials to match that energy, and one of the ways is by placing guns in the hands of responsible bearers. 

School Districts Can Save a Lot of Money by Arming Teachers 

After the Sandy Hook shooting that claimed way too many lives, the district decided to hire staffers to ensure kids’ safety, but that plan would set each institution at $50k per staffer a year. Arkansas found a cheaper alternative where it could spend $68,000 to train 13 staffers, mainly as volunteers. Though amazing, this plan is quite expensive for institutions already struggling with their budgets. Training educators to handle these situations would be much cheaper with the same effect and peace of mind, so it makes sense to take this route. 

Quick Reactions  

It takes a minute for things to go from bad to worse, especially during emergencies. You want to react as fast as possible to avoid escalating things, which is why those on the ground should be quick to sound alarms and send kids to safety even as they wait for the first responders. It is one thing to show the kids where to hide while stacking chairs to barricade the doors, and another to stand guard in case someone charges in with a gun. 

Educators are best suited to respond to shootings within the school since they already know the place well. They will simply reach for the firearm while designated students take to showing their counterparts where to hide. Teachers in other classes will respond to their counterparts to prevent further escalation. The threat will be neutralized faster, and the kids will be safer than waiting for the police to arrive several minutes later. 

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There is a risk associated with arming high school teachers, so it makes sense that some people are opposed to this plan. They feel that introducing guns around children goes against the armament policy, and kids are likely to be desensitized to guns. While their opposition makes sense, and their concerns are valid, we have to face the fact that the shootings are here, and we are likely to see and experience more of them in the future. For this reason, we have to be open to educators doing all they can to keep kids safe.

Before we can arm teachers, some training is necessary. The armed person has to be in the right state of mind to handle a gun under pressure, so they don’t do more harm than good. They also need to understand the circumstances in which they can wield these weapons. 

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