Visa introduces innovative commerce solutions with secure payments in the connected car

Visa introduces innovative commerce solutions with secure payments in the connected car

When it comes down to technological features and advancements, innovations to be made really should not come as a surprise to us anymore. Indeed, tech appears to have no boundaries in regard to what it can potentially achieve nowadays, and one of the latest developments to have been conquered will likely change the way that we do certain things moving forward, too!

As human beings, we continue to look for the best ways – and those that are the most convenient – to make our everyday payments with minimal fuss and with the simplicity of a touch. Developments in the past have included being able to make payments via the use of our smartphones and even smartwatches in some instances, however it seems we could be about to make secure payments while in our vehicles moving forward!

Visa announces secure payments in the connected car

While the automotive industry is one of the biggest industries around the world, it is also one that does rely heavily on technology, too. Many car manufacturers have continued to use technology for a range of different things, whether it be improving the user experience of the car, or in the form of entertainment. However, it seems Visa may have provided them with a new way to ensure their car users get the best and most enjoyable car experiences possible.

Visa is now working with organizations that operate in the automotive industry by helping to continue with the transformational change that continues to be experienced. They are doing this by allowing consumers to enjoy a secure and seamless commerce experience. They have revealed that it will now be possible to potentially make payments that can make drive-thru experiences a little quicker, or making it easier to pay for products such as petrol or for a car park space without having to go to the machine like we typically have to do so in the current day and age.

Of course, many will feel that this could potentially be a game-changer from the payment gateway, with many already using the provider for a number of different products and services in their daily lives.

Anyone that has one will know that Visa cards are among most popular payment method for many purposes including paying for groceries, take out, and even when purchasing items online due to the protections that are offered. Visa cards are also preferred by online gambling enthusiasts. Both sport betting lovers and those who play roulette, slots, baccarat, blackjack or online poker Canada choose Visa cards for the safety and speed of transactions.

Indeed, that trust that can be experienced when making payments is something that many want to be able to feel, especially given that it involves their hard-earned money and the sensitive data that can be tied to an individual’s finances.

A number of companies have already said they are on board

As a result, it is far from a shock to learn that there are a number of big companies that are already on board with the idea of providing secure payments in a connected car. According to Visa’s website, it would appear Honda have already partnered with the payment gateway as they look to make the Honda Dream Drive a reality. This is an infotainment system that integrates things such as commerce and rewards altogether within the confines of a vehicle.

They have also teamed up with General Motors, while Sirius XM has created an e-wallet that can be used that will be able to do a number of different things while in the car. This includes making pre-payments for goods and services, while also being able to locate certain services such as petrol stations and parking spots all in one place! Sionic Mobile and Car IQ have also teamed up with Visa to create futuristic ways of making payments.

Final Thoughts

It is clear that the future is bright and what might have once been considered rather impossible to achieve now looks to be something that will be a reality in a very short time. Indeed, as consumers, we all want to be able to make the payment transactions we need to as quickly and as smoothly as possible, and with many of us using our vehicles for a number of different daily activities, this update could be a real game-changer from Visa.

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