9 Things you need to understand about your dog

9 Things you need to understand about your dog

Do you know bad breath in dogs can mean canine dental disease? Yes, there are so many things dog owners are unaware of. Raising a dog is a responsibility. They are like small children who need constant love, attention, and care. Owning a dog and calling yourself a pet parent requires more than feeding or playing with them. Knowing a few things about them is essential to raise a dog in a healthy manner. It ensures your dog will live a long life without much trouble.

The following are a few things that most veterinarians think every dog parent will appreciate.

Bad breath is often a symptom of canine dental disease.

If your dog has had bad breath for a few days, go to a professional. Most of the time, bad breath means the pet has dental disease. It is something a veterinarian needs to check and treat. If left untreated, it can lead to severe health issues. The vet will treat the disease with radiographs, anti-inflammatories, scaling, polishing, and antibiotics. Also, remember, never give them sugar fresheners or mints. It has xylitol, which is toxic to all animals.

The dog harness should be perfect.

When you buy a dog harness, you see how it looks. But that’s not enough. Check to see how well it fits the dog. If it’s too tight, it can choke the dog or lead to rashes/skin tags. Also, it should be comfortable for the dog. You don’t want a harness that doesn’t fit well into the leash. Buying dog harness Australia requires quality, comfort, and style checks.

 Wash their water and food bowls daily.

You have a few things for your dog. This comprises their food, water bowls, bedding, toys, and more. Remember, they are a breeding ground for bacteria. So, if you aren’t washing them timely, it can make them sick. Also, hygiene is essential. Remember this:

  • Wash and clean water/food bowls thoroughly every day. Use hot water and soap after every meal.
  • Toys, bedding, and blankets also need frequent washing. Their wash cycles depending on how quickly your dogs get dirty. It is essential to clean them often. Otherwise, it will accumulate fleas.

Dogs need vaccines regularly.

Can you get your dog a vaccine and be done with it? Oh, you are wrong. Most puppies you adopt or get from a shelter undergo a few rounds of vaccination. Yet, dog owners are never free of vaccines. Getting timely booster shots and vaccinations is essential to ensure your dog stays healthy. Most of the time, a dog will need a booster shot every year.

Fully hypoallergenic dogs are a myth.

Don’t think that a dog can be fully hypoallergenic. It is not true. All dog breeds spread allergy-causing proteins via their urine, skin, and saliva. The fur of the dog carries these proteins. If you have a large dog, it will have protein in its fur. When it sheds, it will trigger an allergic reaction in a person with allergies. People who suffer from allergies can adopt a dog breed that sheds less or a hairless dog.

Dogs also crave routine and structure.

A dog, like all humans, should have a routine. Don’t relax the routine for your longtime pet for anything. A routine helps you have a well-adjusted dog who is also happy. Without structure and routine, dogs feel uncomfortable and uncertain. They may also hide away until they feel better. So be consistent and train your dog to wake up at a similar time every day. The training also consists of going on a walk every single day at the same time.

Dogs can get jealous.

Dogs are your best friends. But, like any other best friend, they get jealous too. So, be careful about giving attention to other dogs or creatures in front of your dog.

Petting a dog releases hormone

When you pet a dog or gaze into its eye, it releases a hormone. The oxytocin hormone is released in both dogs and humans.

Dogs can smell your feelings.

Yes, dogs can sense human emotions. For instance, when you are feeling afraid or nervous, you sweat. Thus, dogs can pick up on these feelings. It is why they give you an extra cuddle when you fear something.

Knowing these essential things or facts about dogs is essential. It can help you take better care of them. It can also ensure they thrive and stay happy and healthy.

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